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    Retired paramedic due to ill health.. extreme sports kite jumping I can't do that anymore..Making new friends and enjoying gaming with others.
    Just bought a oculus rift and loving it in a VR world - if only it was real but it's fun anyways.

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    1. Chien_Lu_Anderman


      Nice to see you back . One thing ; for me and some others ; is that our friends list no longer shows in our profiles . I have tried different things and can get it back temporarily . But as soon as I leave the forum it disappears again . It has been like this since Nov.13th ! So far as I can tell there has been no work done to try and fix it because " of priority for the CV change and other " things in development .  If they bring out an April fools event before doing anything about this tho I am going to start getting pissed . lol