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  1. BrokenGamer

    Reporting Ships and Captains on Principle

    Eh, I can say it can be difficult. But not to the point that it makes it impossible. A lot of people get a case of new ship syndrome and will just focus on that instead of the objective. "MUST. SHOOT. NEU. BÖTE." I've gotten more wins that way. Not fun for me personally, but a win for the team. I can live with that. I just shake my head and move on. I've got work to do - dwelling on things like that is a waste of time for me. At least we can talk about what we drive now (with mentioning that it's a work in progress), that cuts down on a lot of the salt I used to get.
  2. BrokenGamer

    Reporting Ships and Captains on Principle

    And there's the folks who do it when we're testing ships, and reporting just because we're running test ships on the live server. Sad, but true. One thing I've learned in being a supertester is not to be too fond of my karma rating. At one point it was at zero. If I go full potato (which happens), I expect it. But I suppose I look at it differently than most.
  3. BrokenGamer

    Premium Carrier Review (Part One): Introduction

    Huh. Well that would explain why Saipan and I don't get along very well anymore. It's going to be "fun" relearning it.
  4. BrokenGamer

    "Hurr durr playing DD against CVs is just fine"

    It does indeed have smoke. Not so much on the speed boost. She's not exactly well endowed in overall speed either.
  5. Pretty much my thought. I'd say he's got a legitimate complaint. I've had that happen a couple of times myself doing the same thing. I get more excited over a coal container that's nothing but coal than I do with a SC. "But it's free!" Yeah, so is pulling my finger and cracking off a growler. It doesn't make it pleasant. But hey, it's free! Flatulent remark aside, yes; one would think that picking one category would result (possibly) in a supercontainer with contents from said category, or a ship. It's become a joke in the discords I'm in; when we get one, we post a picture of it with the caption of, "Place your bets!" Inevitably most replies are "Det flags" or "Ocean Soul" (I remember when that was something to celebrate). So I get it. And agree with it. Free doesn't always mean good. Although at least it isn't always a total waste of time. That little glimmer of hope that occasionally pays off can turn a day of crappy matches into a decent one. However, in the grand scheme of things, it's a very minor annoyance compared to other things going on right now from a game perspective. I don't see container changes becoming a priority anytime soon.
  6. BrokenGamer

    Holy Mother Of Ping 2k+

    Okay, good to know it isn't just me then. 1400 ping time, 5-8 seconds for the guns to fire after I click. Evidently Hosho carries Harriers now.
  7. BrokenGamer

    Exeter missions - an interesting imbalance.

    Can't argue with that kind of logic. Well, you could. But it would be pedantic and rather silly. It's only a model! Shhhh! I didn't take that route, simply because I haven't had the time to pay a lot of attention to ze sheeps of war these past few weeks. Although I'd have been happier if I'd had the option of just the ship in question instead of having to grab everything else and said boat. Ah well, such is life.
  8. BrokenGamer

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    Don't give them any ideas.
  9. BrokenGamer

    Trying to down load update?

    Nah, I had the same problem this morning - I thought maybe it was my network settings; but even after modem reboots I got the same problem. I just left it and went to work. Came home to it being complete, so I sadly can't tell you how long it actually took. Hope it picks up for you, Jags.
  10. I'm picking it up once the client updates- simply because I don't want it showing up in a SC. I'll read this in more detail once I get home, but from what I did manage to glean from a skim, it's pretty much what I expected.
  11. BrokenGamer

    Free exp ships

    I had totally forgotten about this. I've been so busy working on Halsey and Old Man Yama that it slipped my mind completely. +1 for you, ser!
  12. Yes. Yes you have. Terrible, Le Terrible things...
  13. I do believe you have it surrounded. Or rather, got it in one.
  14. Heh. Yeah, that was some clickbait to be sure. I was prepared for another rant. I feel somewhat cheated for not getting it! Be careful out there, and good luck to you.
  15. BrokenGamer

    Oh, the sweet, sweet booze, part 2

    Hope it doesn't disappoint - I wasn't expecting much out if a 40$ bottle of scotch, but I was pleasantly surprised.