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  1. I used to really look forward to Wargaming offers for Christmas. It's certainly affected my excitement going forward. From now on instead of looking forward to what they offer, my first response is gonna always be, What's the catch?
  2. You could have just said this and we would understand. Props on the mea culpa regardless.
  3. Tipsy_Seadog

    Dockyard event is insulting.

    I haven't read through the entire thread, but I have what I feel is a slightly different take on all this. Also note that although I only post VERY rarely, I have been playing this game since summer 2015 with almost 10k games under my belt. Anyways, here goes... I have noticed that almost every "incentive" Wargaming gives to players in WoWs involves receiving something (ship, flags, camos, doubloons, premium time, etc) for time in game OR for achieving a goal that requires playing the game. In other words, the (obvious) goal Wargaming is trying to achieve is to get the current player base to play as much as possible. Why? I'm certain they have a business model or some such that recognizes profitability for them is tied to average play time...something like that. Makes sense to me. So now we come to the 2019 Holiday event. And boy, do they lay out the requirements for playtime to receive the Puerto Rico. Now, I understand the more rabid portion of the player base is FURIOUS at the requirements (rightly so) but what about the silent majority...the ones who like and play the game but rarely visit the forums much less post? Their response will not be to rant, but...like the rabid portion...will simply be de incentivized to play the game during the holiday (at least to the extent WGing is hoping). In other words Wargaming, not only did you fail to increase average player time in game, you've managed to do something that will actually decrease player time in game. In the past, when the game objectives were realistic...I would put in the effort and TIME required. Now, with objectives impossible to meet I will simply play when I'm in the mood. I guess I should thank WGing for helping me to prioritize my Holiday time. And I do! I'm just not sure how this benefits WGing? Sincerely, A member of the (mostly) silent majority of players
  4. Tipsy_Seadog

    what just happened ?

    Our clan also got kicked in the middle of the CB. Some had to restart. Some can't reconnect. Some were just kicked to lobby.
  5. Tipsy_Seadog

    Playing against CV's just feels awful.

    Logged on to my Wargaming account for the first time in almost a year to say I can't STAND the new CV build. I wish to God I could just opt out of CV games. I would accept the longer waits in a heartbeat.
  6. Tipsy_Seadog

    Sigh, I just wish that...

    To have a truly balanced (well, as balanced as we can hope for anyways) game, player skill has to be attached at some point. I actually asked if "Ranked status" would ever be considered something they would include in Matchmaker. Their answer was a "more polite" version of...no, because we aren't willing to put in the work needed to create that sort of matchmaker" MM (unfortunately) is what it is. It's as good as it gets folks. Meanwhile, WGing has created a game that doesn't offer much in the way of teaching winning tactics or interesting META game. Games like Company of Heroes DESPITE its difficulties in balancing always had interesting Meta game alternatives that kept the game from getting dull. WoWs doesn't have that sadly and will be its end eventually as folks get bored playing the same game over and over and over.
  7. Tipsy_Seadog

    The Ranked Report

    How do people feel about the Stalingrad being included in Ranked? Since it is the only premium T10 ship, I find its inclusion to be unfair to teams that oppose it. Granted, it might be a small advantage it is still nonetheless an advantage. I think it should only be allowed if there are 2 queing so 1 can end up on either side. Am I just whinging too much or does anyone else agree? I got CRUSHED by this ship in my Des Moines and the only way we were able to take it down was for one of our BB's to ram it.
  8. Tipsy_Seadog

    How does one get the Stalingrad?

    This ship SHOULD NOT be allowed in Ranked. Period.
  9. Tipsy_Seadog

    Favorite ship from the WW2 Pacific theater

    USS Yorktown -- Shook off battle damage from Coral Sea, got into port for 72 hours and right back out to battle at Midway. Even withstood the fury of the best Japanese CV strike on her at Midway and if it weren't for a sneaky Japanese submarine would have made it home from that too. Unfortunately, she met her end there. But not without her squadrons helping to take down 4 fleet carriers. INJ Yamato -- Just for obvious reasons. The most impressive BB ever built and sleek lines make this among my favorite Japanese ships. IJN Oi -- Ask the op "Victory in the Pacific" why. LOL
  10. You have my admiration OP. Anyone that could stand to play the SC for 200 games is one dedicated .....err....Captain.
  11. ...that there is an entire subsection of this forum called "Surveys" described by WG as "we want to hear from you!" And yet, there are no posts. From anyone. Things that make you go hmmmmm. (just having a dig at ya WG. You know we love ya!)