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  1. BBsquid

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Yes...because the island humping and bow tanking passive meta at high tiers requires sooo much skill.
  2. Hmmm. I know plenty of DD drivers, both in my clan and not, that have no problem with radar. Based on your post, either your chin strap is loose or maybe you yolo if its a problem? I can send them your name; im sure they would be willing to coach you.
  3. BBsquid

    BB secondaries are worthless

    Would absolutely love to see the research you did to come to that conclusion. Even if all BBs had Mass/KM secondaries, your theory doesnt hold up. Many play cruisers and destroyers because they like nimble ships that contribute more to the match. Many dont like large, lumbering boats with ~ a 30 sec reload and a comparatively glacial turret traverse. Many like the challenge rhat comes with playing and doing well in "squishies". Maybe follow your own advice when it comes to posting?
  4. BBsquid

    BB secondaries are worthless

    Cant speak for Spud but I collect secondary kills from tier 6-10 on my US and KM BBs. Edit: frak...he beat me to it.
  5. BBsquid

    BB secondaries are worthless

    Lol easy there, Haze. On the flip side its a refreshing change from the 'git gud' responses that live on the forums.
  6. Only a helmet wearing window licker would think DD survivability should be on par with cruisers and battleships. The disparity in displacement and th3 fact that two of the three types have armor plating would tell most people of at least middling intelligence that one is not like like the others. There is a reason DDs have stupidly low detection.
  7. BBsquid

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    First off, aways remember the Russians have been predominantly a land power. Navies really werent their thing despite the dreams of Peter the Great. If you look at NavWeaps, the commies did have a penchant for designing and producing stupidly high MV guns. Some were paper fantasies, but the CL guns as fitted to the Sverdlovs (and prior) entered service. The problem is that in RL, the guns would 1) have such a high overpressure rating that they would likely blow up the mount and kill the gun crews ( not like the Russian military is known for caring about their men), or 2) have such a ridiculously short barrel life that it ceases to be an effective weapons system. This isnt RL; its a game. If the Russians need artificially inflated performace from pixel boats to make up for the fact that the Tsarist and Soviet navies were pathetic (until ~1975)...give them their wooby. Just you wait until they unveil the glorious Soviet battleship line.... Havent played it, but I hear WoT is the same way: everything Russian is the best thing ever, for...reasons.
  8. BBsquid

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    Cuz RUSSIA, comrade....
  9. BBsquid

    Save Old Carrier Gameplay

    Well...that's it then. Stop the presses! Shut off the lights, lock everything up, WG. All the money and man hours you spent on the rework--forget it. Just roll everything back. If you dont... well, golly, DestroynYou might not ever play carriers again. Hell, he might not even play the game again. The horror!
  10. Hey Don...good to see you again. Still driving your Colorado these days?
  11. Yet another pretty snowflake that thinks he's so special we all need to know that hes quitting. Nobody cares if you quit, bro. Seriously. I also seriously doubt you, like all your predecessors, intend to quit. Especially to play a game like War Thunder. Even if you are serious, you will be back in short order. Trust in that. While admitting that trashing the IJN line has apparently become WG's personal crusade that they undauntedly pursue...I know tons of people that do just fine in IJN torp boats despite the radar heavy meta. The question to ask then is: is it the platform, or your inability to play the platform effectively? DDs are hard. IJN DDs may be the hardest to master. Some self reflection may be in order. A better approach may have also been something like "Hey...Im having a hard time in {insert ship/map/mode here}...does anyone have any suggestions?" vice the "eff this grind, this is [edited] Im gonna go play WT..." Just sayin. Maybe a different line is more your speed?
  12. BBsquid

    What is your "Dream Boat"?

    As she was my first boat after boot camp and 'A' school, and the World's Finest battleship...my vote is for the Big J...USS New Jersey (BB 62).
  13. Well said. As Nelson said, with some modification: "When I am without orders and unexpected occurrences arrive I shall always act as I think the honour and glory of TEAM demands. But in case signals can neither be seen or perfectly understood, no captain can do very wrong if he places his ship alongside that of the enemy".
  14. Not sure if you bothered to actually read my post, or just skip past it and take what you needed to bolster your 'cruisers and battleships abandon at first contact' argument. A re-read will show I said low to mid-tiers, and I had hoped the reference would allow people to key on the zero to low radar range. I fully agree that radar as implemented is beyond borked. However, as wonky as some mechanics in the game are, there are counters...even for radar heavy matches. Namely, coordination--If the DDs hold up and wait for support rather than rush caps, work with the friendly cruisers and battleships to locate the red radar ships*--their survival might increase. As I have said for ages now, too many people play randoms as SP games as WG has made a team based game reward seemingly solo play. I disagree with radar that see through islands, and radar that lights up a DD for every ship on the map. I think, however, WG implemented it that way (and refuses to change it despite vocal protest) to try and steer players into working as teams. Whether the player base wants to do that is neither here nor there. Could be wrong. * Yes, I fully realize too many BB and cruiser drivers will key off on the angled enemy BB 18+k away despite the soft, juicy cruiser @ <10km ranges, but its not everyone.
  15. Haha! Leaving the DDs out to dry? Hmmm...smallest detection in game, generally fastest ships in game, and normally fitted with smoke. Sounds to me like a poor tactical choice, at least in low to mid tiers. Conversely...as had been mentioned in this thread at least a couple of times, what I normally see is the small ships bail at the first sign of contact and leave that 21-23kt BB hung out to dry. I do see DDs in mid to low tiers be the first to die a lot. Mainly because they yolo'd to the opposite caps the team is pushing and get ganked because they dont fall back. Or they charge the cap the team is pushing and dont go dark. Many a DD I have seen apparently believe you HAVE to take that cap in the 1st minutes and die trying rather than reposition and contest the cap under more favorable odds. Couple of the guys in my clan are excellent DD players. Almost without exception they are among the last (if not the last) players alive, have taken multiple caps, have multiple kills, and end up top 1-3 spots of the scoreboard. Why? They know the ships they drive, and they know when to fight, when to run, and when to go ninja and spot. I think too many DDs try to BB.