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  1. BBsquid

    Anti Torpedoes' Incoming?

    because torpedo countermeasures were next to non existent in the scope of the game? you'll note your link specifically says "how MODERN ships..." Homing torpedoes were few in far between in WWII.
  2. I could be wrong but, as many, many game houses, both PC and mobile, have resorted to loot boxes....I don't think they care. I think the money laundering investigations are far more important to the Feds and various European agencies. I think the view might be that loot boxes aren't gambling in that you do get a product or services for a monetary exchange. Maybe not the products and services you want or feel entitled to. Shady, but I'm not sure illegal. I'm also not well versed on the various laws and regs, either.
  3. Oh I'm all a-twitter to know exactly how you disagree.
  4. BBsquid

    A question on PR...

    Can I haz yer notes?? No...seriously...if youv'e got any tips...Im all ears lol
  5. My guess would be that, at least in my day, one is responsible for their own actions. The individual has the option to buy the loot crate or not. If said individual has impulse control issues...well....thats not WG's problem. They are a business, and the general objective of a business is to make a profit. How many minors are actually being seduced by the loot boxes? How are they obtaining them without a credit card? If mommy and daddy are buying them gift cards...in theory they condone it, or are irresponsible and not paying attention to what their kids are doing. If the kids are taking mommy and daddies' credit cards on the sly...well that's credit card fraud. Dont get me wrong...Im not a huge fan of loot boxes; as a STO beta tester thats one of the things that made me leave the game. its waaay wrose there than it is here. Having said that, WG produces a FTP game. They have to generate $$ somehow to pay the employees, and I would rather it be through loot boxes that a certain percentage get sucked in by, and premium ship sales rather than a monthly subscription. Isn't there an old saying? "a fool and his money soon part...."
  6. I think you are giving way too much credit to the perceived power of the forum dwellers. As has been stated a million times, a relatively tiny percentage of the player base frequent the forums. WG doesn't really care what you or the community in general think when it comes to a large segment of their revenue generation. There are enough new players coming in that WG also isnt overly concerned by legacy players migrating to other games or "uninstalling." As mentioned above, the only thing that is going to deter WG from their current practices is legal action from government entities. I do have to say Im rather tickled by how many seem to have an over inflated sense of self importance.... If every person on the forums quit the game--and not just ranted about doing it--I doubt WG would notice. Even if it they did, it wouldnt be long before the fresh blood replaced their losses...and then business as usual.
  7. BBsquid

    A question on PR...

    I started a clan when they first dropped. First season of clan battles was okay, but quickly devolved into a campfest for the most part. Boring as hell to me. That and the really poor direction (imo) the game has taken forced me to transfer the conn of the clan to a trusted member. its looking more and more doubtful I will resume the leadership role.
  8. BBsquid

    A question on PR...

    I totally hear you. My only real desire to fix the PR is 1) I know Im better (most days) then what they reflect, 2) too many of late seem to be fond of XVM or whatever, look at stats, and decide at match start that its a loss and dont try. They clearly fail to realize that stats show where you were, not where you are, and 3) we always want to improve, right?
  9. Okay sports fans...I need the help of the greater brain trust on this one... As a preamble, when you look at my stats, there is a select segment of the population that will recoil in horror and likely make inane, juvenile comments. its a gaming forum, so thats not uncommon. What I am looking for is the old timers that can give coaching to fix my issue. To be honest, when I started floaty boats, I was one of those (shudder) 'casuals' that logged in drove my boat, shot at stuff, hopefully blew it up, and invariably got smoked. Wasn't overly concerned with learning the finer points and nuance of the game at the time. Didnt care; "its just a game, right?" I also have vision issues, and more debilitating, a degenerative nerve disorder in my arms and hands (somewhat mitigated by cervical spine surgery, but still and impediment at times). I have used floaty boats as a digital babysitter for my 9 yo hanai nephew to keep him entertained while I was adulting and working on more pressing issues. The end result, predictably enough, is my PR is, not to put too fine a point on it, absolute garbage. Fast forward years later and I have learned much (and still learning), and before largely abandoning the game after the ridic grind for Puerto Rico, am significantly more focused on actually playing the game. My damage is okay to good ( i think), and because Im more focused the WR is coming up, but that PR doesnt seem to be doing much. I know with 3k+ battles, changes are going to be rather slow. My question is: what do I need to focus on to help bump that PR up? Any coaching or suggestions would be appreciated. Also...having served on a BB, I focused on BB lines (some obviously better than others), but am finding the play stale of late. Trying to switch to cruisers to mix things up. Not wanting to absolutely wreck matches, Ive started with Alaska and Congress (I know, probably gonna learn bad habits as they arent really cruisers, but have always liked the Alaska design). Thing is...I cant seem to make them work; cant tip that 55k mark. Any tips and suggestions would be appreciated, and any suggestions on which cruiser line-actual cruisers- would be the kiddie pool and a good intro to the type would likewise be appreciated. Thanks, and happy hunting!
  10. Fully aware of that. I was referencing the inference in the OP that Bearn carried P51 and P47, by my reading as part of an operational airgroup. Not gonna say the F4U was a bad bird, but if I had my druthers I take an F6F over it. I also think the P51D would give the F4U a run for its money in the title fight over best piston engine fighter. jmo though
  11. While holding 3.5 kilos of ice in your left hand, standing on one foot while face east...
  12. BBsquid

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    lmbo You sir win the interwebs for the day!
  13. BBsquid

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Its in their mobile game as I understand it. If youre holding out hope to see it here....I can sell you some glacier property here on O'ahu, dirt cheap and much faster.
  14. Or....maybe he's strong willed enough that he doesnt give a crapabout something this insignificant in an assinine video game. Has much more important things to worry about. April and the others...they have a horse in the race; they were harassed, ignored, and berated to the point they told weegee to get frakked. Good on them; they most certainly deserved better. The gnashing of teeth and the butthurtness of the player base, who, aside from being fans of the CCs, werent directly impacted by this fiasco (hard to imagine for some, I know, but YOU decide if you are going to buy virtual goods or not), yet somehow are making a mountain out of a molehill. This game has been crap-admittedly enjoyable crap in days long past-from jump street. Reading some of these posts one would almost get the impression that weeGee just now, with this one decision, frakked up the game. We all know its way deeper than that. I stopped playing this game with any regularity a long time ago; I can only handle so much stupid in a given setting with my free time. Rather than ranting on a forum that hardly anybody reads, wouldnt your protest be more effective if you stopped playing the game? There are any number of new players constantly coming in that will buy prem time and ships--you and a circle jerk of your closest buddies boycotting one wont even be a blip on the radar for WeeGee. Me? Well...while Im irritated with what they did to April...IF the game is even on my hard drive,m and not shut down pending all the law enforcement money laundering investigations currently on going, I **MIGHT** by Huron....simply because April put a lot of work into it. do what you will. To each his own and all that. Your level of bias and rabidity tells me you might be the one with a lack of of will power. Im sure Jim Jones and David Koresh would have loved having you around. Go easy, bro. Its a cheesy arcade game produced and managed by backwards, insecure Russians. Low expectations will likely make you happier.