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  1. BBsquid

    Fixing Battleship AP

    In a real world setting, actually they would. Real DDs dont come stock with a nifty cloaking device that makes them pop in and out of view. Real DDs are plainly visible to the horizon--which is 12.4 nm (24k yds) from the bridge of an Iowa class BB. Multiple, devastating hits....probably not-but thats what the secondary battery is for. Dont forget, Iowa and New Jersey took Nowaki under fire from 35-39k yards, hull down, wildly maneuvering into a setting sun and recorded several straddles. But for dispersion and a little bad luck, they could have netted a few hits. At work atm but iirc, Yamato or Nagato got one or two mb hits on the DD/DEs of Taffy 3. Could be wrong. I suggest you famililarize yourself with the inner workings and capabiities of an analog FC system. Not read about it--hands on stuff. If you can make it out to Hawaii, with some heads up I can arrange a personal workshop and show you how the Mk 1A works. Worked with it for years on the Big J. Regardless...point of fact is DDs are undesireable targets for RL BB mb guns due to a host of factors...turret rotation speed and RoF being biggies. Its not that they cant hit one; its more the secondary batteries whole reason for being is to engage and counter light ships. Aloha!
  2. No crap. Three years on and they still don't have a finished or a 'live' product yet despite the 'live' announcement. Maybe they are starting to realize you cant slap some pixel boats on WoT and call it good. Im starting to seriously wonder if we will see a polished, finished WoWS 1.0 and 1.xx in my remaining lifetime. Its starting to remind me of a digital version of the elevated rail [edited] we are dealing with here.
  3. BBsquid

    Your very first Premium was?

    Very first? Def Warspite during beta. Played the crap out of her. Got her again during this ongoing "live" beta but dont play her much now. First post-beta premium, aside from the free Arkansas Beta an Albany was Scharnhorst. Scharn is my most played boat by a significant margin. She is currently losing play time to Massachusetts and West Virginia at the moment.
  4. BBsquid

    It's nice to be able to play JUST to play

    This. ^^^ Every now and then a campaign comes along that offers shinies I might want, but 99.9% of the time I play a ship I feel like playing. Im in no rush to grind out every line/nation to tier 10. I nor likely anyone else here cares how many t10 ships I have; similarly, I dont care how many t10 ships anybody else has. There is no t10 end game content that I find appealing. Play the game and have fun. Its entertainment...or supposed to be. If youre not having fun something is seriously amiss.
  5. Soviet style business model, comrade. Pound round pegs into square holes with large hammer until fit. Working as intended, yes?
  6. Gotta disagree, Davos. First, Kron and Stalin werent bought, and arent owned by any player. If anyone bothers to read the EULA, the best you have done is leased the ability to access content not generally available to the public. Even the tree ships are soley owned by WG. Now, if people spent real $$ to obtain the ability to convert XP and get the ship early...theres an old saying: " a fool and his money are soon parted." With all the premium ships I have in my port, that saying is pretty apt for me. This silliness is right up there with all of us who bought premium content expecting some sort of refund for all our hard earned dollars if WG tanks tomorrow and we cant play boats anymore. If you bought it but cant hold it in your hand, its not yours. To use a quote oft attributed to John Wayne : " Life is hard. Its even harder if you're stupid". To some degree, I think that applies to all of us that have invested real money in pixel boats. Some of us have spent hundreds, others thousands on digital crap we dont own. And we will likely do it again in the future. On something that could literally go away tomorrow. How does that make sense?
  7. BBsquid

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    Can you imagine FS with WoWS graphics and models?
  8. BBsquid

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    Agree with most of this. Where I disagree is that inclined armor belts were the exception rather than the rule in most of the tonnage depicted in game. The idea of an inclined belt was that it would deflect a shell away from the vitals and prevent direct penetration. Most of the ships we see in game, however, have vertical armor belts. We arent talking about shell interaction on face hardened battleship armor; we are talking about impacts against a fundamentally slab sided ship composed of relatively light structure being struck at an angle by a supersonic shell weighing in at over a ton. Im still fairly certain it would just be a blunt force crushing action that may or may not cause the shellto break up, let alone fuse it. Now if we were talking CA or below caliber weapons (or tank ammo, as this is WoT on water), i can see a shell weighing in in the neighborhood of the average man--or less-- careening off as it lacks mass in relation to the structure its hitting. Unlike what we see in game, CAs and CLs would never go 1v1 with BB except in extremis or when they got caught flat footed. In an arcade game though, we can tweak and warp physics in the name of balance and playability Just my $.02 though
  9. BBsquid

    Island camping

    I would say the yolo-happy BB is by far worse. Rushing agead with no support likely means he got an early return to port ticket. In the OP's example, the three campers may have been able to contribute later if a push developed.
  10. BBsquid

    Island camping

    Based on the XP numbers, it looks like more than just the BBs werent supporting you or the team. Typical random...12 SP games un the same instance. What happened to that St Louis? 56 xp?
  11. BBsquid

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    Its the same argument with the HOOD. For all intents and purposes, many view her as the first fast batteship; the progenitor of the post treaty fast battleships. I personally think this idea has merit. Conversely, the people that designed, redesigned, and refitted her always referred to her as a battecruiser. Whos right?
  12. BBsquid

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    Are you sure, SWO? Im thinking a 2700lb projectile moving in excess of the speed of sound striking a comparatively lightly built ship like a CA or CL is just going to Soviet-style blunt force crush its way through the structure, not magically ping away. Im thinking it will just punch its way through as a pass through-- there arent many CA/CL with the hull depth/hardend structures to prime the burster. Now...on NJ Ive seen us skip shells off San Clemente island, and Ive seen 16" AP 'skip' off the water at long range. Both of these however are much more solid at that range, velocity, and AoF than a CA or CL. I have played many a WW2 tactical naval sim, PC and Table top. In Fighting Steel, there was an add on that, post battle, would tell you what every hit did. AoF, AoP, pen, non-pen, and partial pen...even shatters and duds. It also recorded over pens and pass throughs. Even better, it would tell you the effect on the target of said hits (handling room hits, boilers, etc.) All very detailed. Nothing about bounces. As far as TT sims, neither Command At Sea, SeeKrieg, or the advanced TT miniature rules for Avalon Hills Bismarck and Jutland mentioned bounces...but they covered pretty much everything else. Just sayin...
  13. BBsquid

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    Lol there are those that misinterpret Holland's tactics. HOOD was making that turn to unwood her after turrets because Holland felt she had safely passed into the range band where her belt armor would protect her-as you said. The only angling HOOD did was the intercept vector Holland hoped would allow HOOD and PoW to cross Lutgen's T. The loss of contact borked the approach vector. There are also those special types that think Oldendorf was angling his Standard BBs at Surigao Strait. They were deployed in an arc to facilitate minimum tactical distances and maneuvering. Had exactly zippo to do with 'bouncing' shells.
  14. BBsquid

    16-inch AP vs cruisers

    Yeah...I was gonna mention the bassackwards bow on vs broadside length to target area aspect but I have explained it so many times Ive gotten tired. I just default to WG has no frakking clue when it comes to naval warfare.