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  1. The base question is kind of inane as it lacks proper context and opens itself to bias and nation-centrist self affirmation. RL ships are not built with the confining restrictions of a game that has to be balanced. Different nations had different strategic and operational goals hard wired, and their navies and individual ships were built to meet certain tactical parameters and doctrines. Ship design is a careful juggling act of multiple trade offs. A requirement for high speed results in sub-optimal (not necessarily bad) fire power or protection. Interchange any of those three and get similar results. it is impossible to build the 'ultimate warship' at a realistic cost or on a feasible displacement. With few exceptions, a ship was not designed to counter a specific foreign counterpart; they were built to fulfill a specific mission.
  2. is it me or is Gneis horrifically worse gun-wise than Bayern? Bayern has treated me both very well. Gneis? Only a handful of games with her and I gave up. Really glad I got Bismarck in the campaign and didnt have to grind through Gneis...
  3. Well....@#$#, Zoup...this one is tuff. There are several people that have given me solid advice and tips. The short list: LittleWhiteMouse..amazing dedication and contribution through her reviews, and never leaves a question unanswered. Lert...for much the same reason HazeGrayUnderway-great patience and advice for approaches to various ships. TenguBlade for the same reason. Too many others to list but hopefully you know who you are. Then there are these guys like Jingles, ATSF,Notser, and this Zoup dude that take time out of their day and give us informative and entertaining vids. No experience with WoT or their forum, but I can say here...here we have a few snobbishly undesirables but over all the community is super.
  4. Might want to put the lid back on that Sharpie...I think the fumes have muddled your comparison. RN armor was not made of Stalinium.
  5. Nobody assumed anything; I simply asked a question. I have seen a bazillion threads complaining/positing/asking for a slight buff to what many consider needlessly gimped guns. When I pulled her out after a hiatus, things seemed significantly different. In retrospect it was probably due to many matches with ships firing much faster shells. Keep spouting off with less than helpful input like an arrogant little pi*s ant, though. Everybody has to have a niche.
  6. But...but...arent the US BBs the original get up close and punch people in the face brawlers per national flavor? Why would they want them to stay away?
  7. oh yes...I know that pain. Plenty of dead fish but whiffed on stationary target. Im having the same issue lately with Scharn after I dropped the secbatt mod and returned to ASM 1. Never noticed it when I originally started with ASM 1 but now....?
  8. from what I have seen in game it hinders or hobbles a team no more than than the guys that YOLO off on their own and get erased <two minutes into a match, and this seems to happen FAR more frequently then these nefarious, "fun and engaging" mechanics.
  9. I wouldn't necessisarily go that far. I know several BB drivers (including myself) that "wut" (from the sudden surprise) and then LOL our way back to port or observe the match and offer suggestions and observations. I think this mainly applies to "muh statz....woes me, muh beloved statz" clique that fret over the loss of production--esp. if its an early det-- and thus a hit to their WTR. Don't get me wrong..there are those 'grrrrr' moments when you get nuked and you've tricked out your pony with all the bells and whistles. Not worth all the salt tho imho.
  10. I like to tell them I am sending messages in metal bottles....
  11. I used to have the entire set that I found at Jelly's (a used bookstore in Hawaii) once. Paid $20 for the whole thing, all in excellent condition. Unfortunately after a bad break with the girlfriend I discovered 2/3rds of them had been canned while I was at work.
  12. Not if you look at the historical torpedo hit rate for surface and air launched torpedoes. Torpedoes are straight running from start to end. Your target can maneuver. Even a single hit can mean death for the ship at best, or making the player pop a repair and be vulnerable to follow on fire and flooding damage at worst. A hit is a hit, and far better than a complete whiff.
  13. Why are you so salty about this? Yes...this happened to real ships 70+ years ago. The game models, and not as a sim, facsimiles of said ships. Its not like you only have one pixel boat to drive. If you go 'boom', either stay in match and assist your team or go to the port and take another ship out. Im really not seeing the problem here, and I have been detonated more than once myself. Its a frakking game, for cripe's sake. Move on and have fun.
  14. I would disagree with the assessment that the Nazi Party was rooted in Marxism; National Socialism was ultra national in ideology and believed that the masses should subsume themselves to the greater good, in this case Germany as a whole. Likewise, from what I gleaned from Mein Kampf, AH was vehemently opposed to the idea of Marxism and Marxists as a whole. As far as he religion comment I made earlier, I was talking Germany as a whole. Germans are Christians, and Germans took the Jewish problem to the extreme solution with the holocaust. It wasn't just Nazi's that took part. As an aside, Germany was far from alone in persecution and pogroms against the Jews, however. The UK and Europe, as well as Russia, had little love for Judaism. Germany just went to the extreme after Hitler's syphilis sent him speeding down the tracks on the crazy train to Nutsville. As far as the genocide, you have a point. Not that it matters but I have always associated Voelkerabfall mainly with Engels, as I think Marx was more concerned with the economic impact. Fully admit I may have interpreted that incorrectly. As far as Islam...painting everyone that adheres to a particular religion with a broad brush is pretty ignorant. In my travels abroad in the Navy I have met and worked with many Muslims and I can assure you they were not hell bent on smiting the infidels, or wearing suicide vests. Likewise vilifying a religion while overlooking travesties of another is equally ignorant. The common side effect of ignorance is that it breeds fear and misunderstanding. There are zealots and radicals in every religion, and if the flock chooses to hang on the wrong interpretations without critical thought, bad things happen. To that end, I have read the Koran, and while not a theologian, there is nothing more calling for violence than what one might find in the Old Testament. Hadiths? There is compelling evidence that many if not most were not originated by Muhammad. Muhammad likewise decreed that Jews and Christians, being Peoples of the Book, were protected classes. They had to pay a tax, but they were protected. My final thought is: if you get any two people ( or a Catholic, Lutheran, and Protestant) to read any book of the Bible, you will likely get different interpretations. The same can likely be said of the Koran or the Torah. Priests, Imams, Pastors, and Ministers can teach love and compassion, or hate and intolerance...all drawn from the scriptures and their interpretation. Just my take.
  15. Likewise Morison's History of United States Naval Operations in World War II, if you can find all the volumes, is a must have. Only $850US on Amazon right now. Series is broken down into regional and theater level events, so if your local library has them, you can grab the volume that strikes your interest.