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  1. BBsquid

    Border humping still being exploited??

    LOL not sure why you are so sensitive but, hey, you do you. The comment wasn't designed to illicit a [edited] measuring contest. My comment was simply directed at your allegation that he YOLOs and then casts blame when things go sideways. Not the case with him at all. He knows the game, he's a better player than I am (as are you), and like many here he offers reasonable and balanced opinions. He's also pretty good at getting back to people, again like many, with tips and advice. To the main point though...Like many have said here, Im not sure what the issue is with hitting border humpers. It used to be much more difficult. Now? its *almost* just point and shoot. Maybe in the heat of the match you are over thinking when it comes to these particular targets? Who knows. Im not big into stats or stats shaming; the only use stats have for me is to measure whether or not i am improving, plateauing, or regressing. For too many in the community stats seem to be a significant measure of their self worth and associated self importance. About the time a person needs to lord their accomplishments in a cheesy video game, and denigrate others for not reaching their lofty standards is about the time I think people need to get a life. To make that more clear, compared to what I have done in the big, unfair and unbalanced real world, Im underwhelmed by small people that get a superiority complex based on what they have done in a game based primarily on exploitable mechanics and cheesy gimmicks. Conversely, I am more than willing to get advice and compare notes with people like Crucis, Haze, LWM, and a plethora of others. They may be better in game than many, but I have yet to see them be condescending or denigrating. Hell, if you are open to it, I may-despite my physical limitations-hit you up one day for some insight or tips. You never stop learning, and you can learn things from people both better and worse than you at a particular task. Happy hunting!
  2. BBsquid

    Border humping still being exploited??

    HAHA! Clearly my good man, you do not know Crucis, or his play level. Thanks though...gave me a good laugh.
  3. has anyone considered that the DD torp hit rate is low might have something to do with spamming 'walls of skill' in an area denial mode like cracked out ADD kids? DD guys in my clan have much better hit rates on their torps. Then again, they actually hunt their prey rather than pray and spray. @Smthkd...this isnt a sim, and that open water concealment, while annoying at times, works for you to. If you position wrong and get focused...unless you have grievoulsy overextended...stop shooting and let the concealment allow you to go dark. Heal up, reposition, and get back at them. In a 1000 battles or so you are gonna look at this post and get a good laugh at how silly it seems then. Happy Hunting!
  4. snit is broken all right. NY, NM, AZ, and WV cant defend themselves against anything with wings. Nothin but pinatas since the blazing 15-18 kts (cuz BBs dont sail in straight lines, amirite?) ensures you cant hope to krep up with anyone with any AA. Agree though in spirit...watching Notsers AA analysis vid...if nominal AA is going to shred planes like tthat.. either regen times need to be adjusted, or plane hp does.
  5. BBsquid

    The date the rework needs to be done by.

    you have a really good point, especially re: Cruise as Jack Reacher. I agree there it was a pleasant surprise. As far as Woody...knowing how the serious roles Ive seen him undertake were underwhelming as opposed to his comedic roles, I just have doubt. Hopefully Im surprised again. To who I would suggest...no solid candidates, but maybe Chris Evans?
  6. BBsquid

    The date the rework needs to be done by.

    No...thats the original Midway, and if people were smart they would watch that rather than what will likely be some PC white-washed rubbish. Woody Harrelson as Chester Nimitz?
  7. Ha! haven't you ever heard the phrase "A happy sailor is a bit**in' sailor"?
  8. BBsquid

    12 Shells, 3 Kills, 45 Seconds

    For the love of Buddha...nicely done, Soshi!
  9. BBsquid

    Bring back turrets blowing up

    I was actually surprised this week. In back to back matches in Georgia yesterday I lost turret #2, once to gunfire, once to AP bombs. On Tuesday I lost turret Anton on Scharnhorst to one or the other. Its been a loooong time since that happened.
  10. BBsquid

    Time to move on

    HaHa! the entitlement...thats rich. Newsflash, cupcake...WG owes you nothing, and the only rights you have are to play THEIR game ( note I said theirs, not yours), or go play something else. I understand frustration but...please
  11. BBsquid

    WG you want Balance+Happiness?

    here it was kinda both but NF2 really stands out as a stinker to me honestly
  12. BBsquid

    So stupid and illogical!

    but if its rare and hard to do consistently in randoms...wouldnt that also apply to the special game modes too? Until Duck mentioned it, I hadnt even thought about it. It is an interesting point.
  13. BBsquid

    So we've been beta testing for 6 months.

    This...this made me smile. Well done!
  14. BBsquid

    So we've been beta testing for 6 months.

    This is a game, bubba. While their are a surprising amount of nuanced factors that make this game far more complicated than it appears on the surface, this isnt rocket science. Doesnt take a whole lot of brain power, nor actually playing ship type xxx, to intuit and understand that there is some seriously broken snit in this game right now. Well, at least to most people. Clearly others take different paths to learning and comprehension.
  15. BBsquid

    So we've been beta testing for 6 months.

    did I ever mention anything about a sim? With the cheesy mechanics and ridiculous gimmicks embedded in this game, only a complete moron would think WoWS is anything even remotely approaching a sim.