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  1. Ship Hull Numbers

    Except for the ARP ships, premiums, and one-off ships like Gneisenau, the tech tree ships represent classes, not individual ships. No reason to put hull numbers in. If you really want hull numbers, there are mods that allow for that, although only on client side.
  2. What did this guy do...

    Ha! I remember when, as a young and lowly wog- just a soft shell- on the Big J my Chief, bless his ever lovin a$$, recommended that I wash the CMC's coffee cup when I was cranking in the Chief's mess. The other clowns in attendance in the Goat locker that day also thought that would be a super idea. So I did. FCCM NEVER let me live that one down until we decommissioned. Evergy now and then on fb he asks if I remember washing the cup that had been unspoiled for 17 years and served on three prior ships. In my defense...it looked pretty gnarly. Much like the coffee cup sitting on my desk all these years later
  3. Yes the citadel is simply the armored box that housed most of the vital components of the ship. Hostorically, several ships took significant damage to the citadel and survived. The only thing that should cause insta pops on cruisers are mag dets. Even at that, Boise took a torp in her forward mags causing a violent but not lethal explosion.
  4. Stuck on a dam island

    As ships didnt 'intentionally beach themselves for cover', maybe WoT is a better venue?
  5. The problem with the Missouri

    I was an Operations Specialist. Initially I was working out of CIC up by Forward Main. Many of my liberty buds were FCs and GMs so I had several opportunities to fire from gun plot. My section leader (GMCM) was also the CMC so we worked out a deal wherein as long as I helped you knuckle dragging gun monkeys I stood no in port watches. Eventually I evolved and got into Tomahawk so I moved up to CEC. My original plan was to enlist as a GM but they didnt have any school seats that matched my ship date so I became an OS instead. Always tell people there is no video recording that does the 16"/50 justice. No way to replicate the sound correctly, and people just can't imagine the power of the guns when they fired unless they saw them up close and personal. Miss the Big J something fierce. Good times all around. We were all stunned and saddened when we heard the news on April 19th. Sorry for the loss of your--and our--shipmates.
  6. grosser Kurfurst gun is weak

    Weak guns? Surely you jest. I had a GK drop my Iowa from ~85% health to <9k hp in one salvo. Granted part of that was due to him catching me in a compromising position but much of it was a well aimed shot. What battleship in any tree has cruiser like dispersion? The bad dispersion offsets the massive alpha potential against targets caught within optimal range. The reload probably has to do with moving very large bullets. Don't have GK yet but know several that do and they don't seem to be hampered by the guns or reload at all. One shot the Hood? What color is the sky in your world? Historically, KM ships and guns were designed for relatively short range actions in the foul weather and often poor visibility of the North Sea and North Atlantic. If you have ground your way up the KM tree to GK you should know that fighting at max range in them is a losing proposition. If you catch someone at medium to close range you are going to mug them. While many ships carried multiple a/c, and yes it would be nice to launch them separately, you ask for a 1 minute cool down? Hahahahahaha. No.
  7. As Lert was saying, The US CVN's are a far cry from the biggest ships in the world. While the CVNs are bigger than we were, we were no small spud when I served on New Jersey. Or so I thought until we went into the Gulf in '89. There were oil tankers and bulk cargo ships that made us look like a bathtub toy.
  8. Is it really specifically designed for PvP? Anything in the EULA or its like that states that? If so I must have breezed passed it. Im more thinking that they developed a multi-mode IP to cater to the broadest player base possible...much like the Battlefield and CoD IPs. There is a PvP element for subset A, a campaign/Story/Coop mode for subset B. What many people fail to grasp I think is that this IP is already a niche genre; if you eliminated the coop side of the equation you would likely kill this game sooner rather than later. As to those you refer to that are huddling in a corner...are you referring to coop or PvP players? Both maybe, as the description seems rather apt for both groups that get this worked up over a video game. That said, I will agree with Max's broad theme...without a doubt the players that are unquestionably in the upper class of ability in-game should receive correspondingly better rewards. Extra effort (or a natural affinity) deserves recognition. While I don't place a lot of weight on virtual accomplishments (I'm more in tune with things that will better me in the non-virtual world), I respect the feeling.
  9. Glad you said it so we didnt have to. If you only ever learn by being insulted...that my friend should tell you that you have severe mental issues. I would suggest seeking professional help but if you get this worked up over a fantasy digital recreation of a bygone era of floaty boat combat, I dont think there's anything anyone can do to help you. You are most definitely a broken toy.
  10. yeah..I've found that that's the only way. If you keep locked on they will dodge most if not all no matter how ell the shot is lined up.
  11. Yeah..I think thats the only way to seriously land any torps on the bots. if they are targetd by you when you launch they dodge like cracked out ninjas.
  12. You should really take your elitist [edited] back to Tanks or whatever rock you crawled out from under. Pull your head out of your fourth point of contact and get over yourself. However good you think you are (self deluding or not), at one point you weren't all that. In case I'm not clear, as we used to say in the navy..unf*ck yourself. The mode people play is their choice, and no one is obligated to meet your standards. If poor, slowly improving, or flat out horrid players in A VIDEO GAME hurt your fragile ego, maybe drop back to SP games where you are always the hero and always nail the win. Consider that a large portion of the player base in this particular IP are older compared to may other titles. Some have disabilities, some have older rigs. Many that I have met, played with, and come to know over the years are more about having fun with clan mates or friends. Winning is great, but fun is more important.
  13. The problem with the Missouri

    Good to meet you shipmate...I served on the Big J under Captain Tucker in the 80's. I second almost everything you said. People on the small boys in our battle group were surprised at how nimble we were maneuvering (not depicted in in-game Iowa) and how fast we were--even if it took us a bit to get up to speed. The only place I diverge is that the Navy knew the TDS abreast Turret 1 was less than ideal but they accepted it. Likewise, C and R wasn't overly thrilled about sacrificing 10,000 tons for a 6 knot speed advantage over the South Dakota's..but again it was ultimately accepted. You have to remember that many in this game actually think angling and bow tanking were legit naval tactics. Sadly they are not. I think there is a disconnect in the idea that the hit rate was so low in WW II that you would maximize the number of guns on target to get max hits...unless you were in a pursuit or disengagement posture. Bottom line...bsbr is not the brightest crayola in the box. He doesnt understand how modern torpedoes work, and thinks somehow the Iowa's are more vulnerable to modern fish than any other ship. He's clueless and its best to just ignore him.
  14. The problem with the Missouri

    Ignore anything bsbr spews. Hes a mentally challenged half wit with a hard on against the Iowa's. He read some scathing critique of the ships written by some clown whos only qualifications are that that he writes childrens stories. Thats the basis and bible for his entire argument. He's jousted this windmill a couple of times on the forums now.
  15. While you are spot on with the overall idea...the IJN was a very competent sea service early war ( as the Solomons campaign attests to)...be careful with Hara's book. It has been widely discredited by some of his peers as overly self-aggrandizing and inaccurate. Overall I found it an excellent read zif for no other reason than it offered a different perspective.