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  1. I had a blast with Orion, and still do with QE. Love that ship, even with the god awful turret rotation. No, I don't spam HE with them, either. I find the RN BBs meh to okay as long as you can figure out how to make the AP work. For those that just like to sling HE...well, as many have inferred, thats just a bad game mechanic. KG V can be a fun bote, too, but she is a little more challenging. I do not like Monarch in any form, and will not be progressing beyond her.
  2. Might be your time zone or play days...I havent seen a t8-t10 match with less than 3 DDs/side in a month or so. Most DD players are finding out that many probably FXP'ed the new USN CLs and dont know how to play them well. Likie the two Seattle's that decided to take on my FdG in open water at 11km. At least from Honolulu...the high tier DD population is alive and doing very well.
  3. Regretting Alabama Purchase

    I have noticed that with Mass. Salvoes that would clearly be a miss or a near miss, even a few shots (snap shots mainly) in other ships magically score hits for me with her. Its like 6 guns are firing dumb rounds and 1 or 2 are using "fire and forget" ordinance. Always a surprise to see ribbons pop up.
  4. Regretting Alabama Purchase

    Oh. Wow. Cool. Thanks, Krim. Will drop my conceal and try that.
  5. Regretting Alabama Purchase

    Haze made a great post the other day that basically, if I digested it correctly, stated that there is little advantage to be gained ( mainly effective against t6 boats) by using IFHE on Mass. Aside from range and RoF, the secs on NC, 'bama, and Iowa are essentially on par with Mass. Seems like a waste of 4 pts
  6. Well said shipmate and some very valid points. I think thats another bone of contention in the BB v CA/CL v DD rant threads...all three see the map from completely different tactical viewpoints. CA/CL and DD like islands as cover because they are squishy. BBs don't like confined waters as it hampers their ability to maneuver and increase the vulnerability to torps. The other big problem is that communication and coordination is almost non-existent in many matches. How many times have you heard 'AB' or 'BC' and a cascade of 'wilco's...only to see that DD or CL drive alone to the A or C cap and die a horrible death? Randoms...gotta love them.
  7. Some good points here...we have all seen it. As far as picking the biggest island and going around it...is it an error in positioning, new(ish) players driving the low tier USN bricks and going the wrong way, or players intentionally avoiding the fight until the last minute? Hard to say unless you personally know them. You can safely think you know what is going on in their heads, but a lot is assumption. I can say calling them out in chat is like bitc*ing out the sales guy or the fast food clerk...they are given more incentive to do exactly what you don't want them to do. Your penalty system...in part I agree with it, but remember there are some who don't sail in straight lines, use WASD hacks, and know how to mitigate damage. If you were able to watch them and their game play for an entire match...that tells me you yolo'ed and got smoked early or something. Good possibility you missed something if you were in the thick of it. For those that sit on the J line and snipe (looking at you, Gneis), no more than 1/4 speed forward and full reverse all match until the team gets slaughtered...Im right there with you. there should be some kind of penalty.
  8. Not saying I played a flawless game, but at least myself and the small flotilla I was with were actually *trying.* Not much you can do when only 3 ships on the team are actually trying to play effectively against an entire team that's playing effectively. Again...this has happened a million times before, and will happen again. And again. And again. Some of us just need to let off steam now and then. Yep, we sure do. Point was confirming the sudden rise in the issue in BB captains. This here...this is what we call confirmation bias. You see what you want to see. If you are honest, or get more games in...you will see this is not a new phenomenon that only applies to BB captains. or you won't. Rock on. Not really looking to join a clan via an invite of someone who keeps irritating me, or who I apparently provide 'entertainment fodder' for. Fortunately for you...there a like dozens of clans. Find one that you gel with and I think your satisfaction in game will improve dramatically. Or find someone you can div up with regularly to improve quality of your game play. As my football coach used to say...if you give 110% and lose, its not a loss. Some days you are the boot, other days you are the ant.
  9. Maybe reading is OP. Yes...I have seen bone-headed BB play--h*ll, I stepped on my d*ck a couple of times today. What I added is that its not limited to a particular type of ship; BBs, CA/CL, and DDs...take your pick...you will see bone-headed play across the spectrum. You will also see phenomenal play, and many a "HOLY Fcking Sh*t!! Did you see that?" moments. As I said...its hard on BB players when the small ships arent spotting or screening, and its REALLY hard on the small ships when the BBs sit back and do NOTHING to help. Unless you are a re-tread account, you have a relatively low number of battles under your belt. Just wait...you will this problem continue indefinitely. I also realize this is a game, and bad play/bad matches irritate me, but I don't use the forum to vent. People that do...especially ones that point fingers and toss blame around in their rant...entertain me greatly however. Everyone who makes a post like this, the inference is that they played a flawless match and got hosed by the bad players driving XX type of ship. I have never seen anyone post a rant and say "well, my team hosed me because (reasons), and I tried to do (whatever), but I screwed up. These are pick up games of random people with varying skill levels and in various states of fatigue or sobriety. Its a game...some people (oddly) don't really care if they win or lose. Some people care way too much and get overly worked up about it. My best advice...join a clan, or div up with people you can trust. Above all...strive for the win, but have fun. My clan is recruiting if you need a clan. Some good guys, some really meh players. Overall though we have a solid cadre and have fun,
  10. ^^^^ This. Ive had DDs follow my Massachusetts (1 match) and Bismarck (a ton o' matches) into caps, waiting for me to flush the scary red DD(s) out...while our illustrious cruiser brethren are hiding behind rocks, rocking back and forth playing WOT on water. Funny thing Ive noticed...when all types work in concert rather than trying to play solo action hero...the win rates seem to go up.
  11. Ahhhh...how refreshing...yet another "its everybody else's/typeXXX drivers aren't doing their job" post. Now, don't get me wrong...I had more than a few bad matches today. One in particular where I watched three nearly full health BBs on our team blissfully sail away from the caps to the furthest map edge. I say watched because I got left out to dry by the DDs and cruisers I was pushing with, got focused, and burned to death. We had a good push going until the small boys decided to roll out and leave my slow, lumbering hulk to fend for myself. See, there are a fair number of CA/CL and DD drivers that cut an run as soon as they see red ships, or bullets start flying. In high tier matches, with the ridic preponderance of radar, I dont blame the DDs...much. Take your victim card and go elsewhere. People driving ALL types of ships screw the pooch. Just a FYI, sparky, New Orleans (Astoria), Phoenix, Omaha, Fletcher, Iowa...these are CLASSES of ships. Battleships, cruisers, and destroyers are TYPES of ships. Just sayin.
  12. From STS to HY-80 to the Iowa

    My Chief used to always tell us that he was responsible for everything he said, but NOT responsible for what we HEARD. I think this is a similar case. Fart gives us a run down on the development and use of STS, and "the sky is falling" crowd automatically see a post about buffing BB armor or some such. Edit: doh...ninja'd by the Duckman Edit 2: that ridiculous downvote also may have found its origin in that Iowa is in the title.
  13. From STS to HY-80 to the Iowa

    Good, but not accurate. There are many ships--not just USN--that are improperly modeled armor wise because WG does not see STS as armor. The way I see it, if you can make your [edited] Soviet laser railguns and paper ships, do us a solid and correctly model things that were actually implemented.
  14. New York is awesome

    I havent played her in awhile but New York is actually one of my favorite BBs...not superb, but if you know her you can do well in her. In any event I always enjoy my time in her.
  15. True...but the Dunk was designed to counter the Deutschlands and both are t6. The Admirals and the Mackensens would have been contemporaries so in theory they should be same tier. Kinda like the Big 7 are represented at t7. Is what it is though...wherever she would have ended up...Im gonna buy her.