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  1. BBsquid

    Your thoughts on T10 Vermont?

    They really really shouldnt...unless they have a burning desire to tank their game. As if WG hasn't made enough ridiculously stoopid ship monstrosities...you really want to give the average mouth breathing window licker the ability to compound the stupid? Not sure how you don't see how ridiculous the game has become ...or how much worse it would be...but hey, you do you.
  2. You aimed at the waterline but, based on vertical dispersion, some of these shells may have passed through lightly/unarmored portions of the hull. Only thing that makes sense. You can often see the shells leave rhe guns at wonky angles, so even at 2km its unlikely all shells hit where you aimed. At close range your small caliber guns have more than enough energy to overpen light structures and unarmored sections of a BB
  3. BBsquid

    H-44 Super Battleship Project!

    Just what the game needs....more stupid fantasy paper wet dreams with ridiculous gimmicks that had way less than zero chance of ever being built. As if the glut of stupid fantasy Soviet cruisers isn't bad enough. How about we finish getting some of the ships that were actually built for a nice change of pace?
  4. This is very true; in RL a single DD against a BB was in for a very rough go. This isn't real life, it isn't a sim. Its a cheesy arcade game packed to the gills with ridiculous mechanics that reflects a glaring lack of even the basic understanding of naval combat. But hey...Russians, right? @Bogos_Ghost...my good man...this is a video game. Not worth getting worked up over that which you cannot change. Most of the people in these here forums either 1) accept the silliness for what it is and just play the game, or 2) Have since stopped playing said silly game and peruse the forums to keep up with changes and friends. Venting about aspects of the game may feel better at the time of posting but ultimately achieves nothing. Go find a game that checks all the boxes for you, and never look back. Fair Winds and Following Seas, sir.
  5. BBsquid

    Commonwealth tech tree line removed in 9.8 ?

    ^^^^This right here pretty much sums it up. Not taking anything away from what the CN did for the war effort, but its not like Canada fielded a battle fleet. Most of the ships that weren't outright RN transfers would be what, t1-t3?
  6. BBsquid

    How rare is to see Unsinkable Sam?

    On Bismarck you have to have the Sam camo on (sadly the one that puts the cat on the hull). He shows up forward of the 128mm mount and behind the forward 20mm. Runs around and disappears into the superstructure and reappears on B turret walking along the barrel. Rinse and repeat. Does this fairly frequently. He is small--being a cat on a BB--so you may have to zoom in to see him.
  7. BBsquid


    While it certainly wasnt a bad movie...it was definitely way over the top. Ive spent a fair amount of time in heavy weather but even I had to ask....how are those swabs staying on their feet? Agree with your overall sentiment though...convoy duty would have been intemnse and grueling. As far as best naval war movie ever made...Das Boot (The boat) has to be the all time #1. Greyhound simplified too many things, but it is what it is...a summer action movie.
  8. BBsquid

    Now I see exactly what Jingles meant...

    hows the 203 AP? Is she a better HE boat regardless of 155 or 203?
  9. BBsquid

    Now I see exactly what Jingles meant...

    is 155 Mogami >/< 203 Mogami? Personal preference? Is there any downside to the 203 fit?
  10. BBsquid

    How did they keep this thing from rolling over?

    By your question I'm assuming you don't understand how displacement works ..
  11. BBsquid

    Game design vs real design

    wow. No. Just No. The way the muggles play this game, they do not 'target better than modern systems'. You hit if you shoot well through muscle memory--you know roughly how much lead based on your target speed from repetitive experience. This game has almost nothing in common with actual early to mid 20th century naval gunnery. In your radar example, radar doesn't predict; radar tracks. Your FC computer predicts. Regardless, yes, the FCS would likely predict continued forward motion. Why? BECAUSE UNLESS YOU ARE A MENTALLY DEFICIENT RUSSIAN GAME DESIGNER...SHIPS DONT BACK UP AND PLAY PEEK- A-BOOM. The mechanics in game are a port from that stupid tank ARCADE game. If the goons at WG had half a clue about naval combat they might hit on the fact that it takes considerable time and distance to slow and/or reverse an 1800 ton ship. Multiply that exponentially for ships displacing several thousand tons. More to the point ...im alarmed that some wander thinks being able to click a mouse in a stupid video game is better than an actual FCS. Sweet Jesus.. this is by far the stupidest thing I have read in all my time on these forums. C'mon Skpstr...tell me you were drunk, high, or got hacked. You know better than this. I hope
  12. Sure..its all speculation. Bismarck suffered from a dearth of light AA. Her large caliber directors were incapable of tracking such slow moving AC. If you gave her, say, NC or SoDaks light 20/40mm AA suite...things are likely different. Could be wrong but I thought the Stringbag served a bit past VE day. Albacore was designed as a replacement for Stringbag but agree it was unsuccessful. As far as the Avengers...well, if my country is essentially broke...yeah Im getting some of these new Avengers from Uncle Sugar but I dont necessarily want to further break the bank when there is light at the end of the tunnel as far as war prosecution. Stringbags can still make things go boom. I have them in numbers...may as well use them, right?