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  1. NO...bad idea. Much like the insecure crowd that dont like sims because "OMG...who wants to spend 3hrs looking for the enemy to fight the battle" (Protip: Every naval sim I have have played, from Jutland, the amazing 5 part series Great Naval Battles, through Task Force 1942, Carriers At War and Fighting Steel up to Harpoon, Harpoon II and III, and now CMANO...all of them have long grind campaigns,, and quick battles that start as fast as random battles here). T12-14 and possibly beyond would involve missile ships, and hence require maps hundreds of kilometers in scale and take far too long for the instant gratification, must have now ADHD crowd that populates the gaming industry today. It is also likley well beyond Wg's capability to pull off if the CV rework is any indicator. There are also those in the community that may lack the rigs to process graphics loads like this.
  2. BBsquid

    Stuck on Authorization?

    IM on Spectrum in Hawaii. Same [edited] problem.
  3. BBsquid

    Merry Christmas

    Like a breath of fresh air...a genuinely positive post this patch cycle. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Likewise, be safe this holiday season, and have a great New Years!
  4. BBsquid

    citadels with the Gorizia, HOW???

    I actually....surprise of surprises..got three cits on another Gorilla with SAP as he rounded an island in front of me. We were literally at close to kissing distance though...
  5. BBsquid

    Stuck on Authorization?

    How dull does someone have to be to post this gibberish? Im trying not to be rude, but seriously, thats the same kind of "not my problem" attitude seen in the Soviet Union/Russia after Chernobyl. It seems to be a common refrain from WG that the problem is always on our end...until its undeniably proven to be their issue. Then we get some kind of watered down, half-assed apology. For the record, I have spectrum in Hawaii, never had any problems til 8.11, and Im pretty sure its your fracked up servers and/or your WGC (remember all the gripes and complaints before you foisted that on us?). Funny thing is I was playing Skyrim (or playing with; modding), playing a game from that other Russian company, and was streaming older episodes of The Expanse to catch up for the next season, all at the same time, with no issues. Except for your ridiculous launcher that either froze at authorization, log in, or at the battle loading screen so many times I cant remember how many unsportsman-like conduct penalties I have no idea how many days Im pink. Just a heads up...Webroot and Norton (on another box) show memory leaks and handler leaks in WGC... I have uninstalled and reinstalled at least three times since 8.11 and it hasnt fixed the problem. Me thinks that if I have no ISP issues streaming movies or playing other online games, but cant log into yours....well...just maybe the problem is on your end. Just a little heated. its actually kind of ridiculous, honestly.
  6. BBsquid

    Midway - the movie not the CV.

    This right here. The fine research done really dumps the American account of Midway on its head in certain areas.
  7. BBsquid

    Midway - the movie not the CV.

    Actually...while the angled portion of the flight deck does have cats, its not for the reason you describe. The angled flight deck allows the bird farm to launch and recover aircraft at the same time; CVs without the angled deck ( like Enterprise, Hornet, and Yorktown) cant launch aircraft if they are recovering and vice versa. While working with CV 41, CV62, and CVN 68 during Desert Storm, when we we surging every bird we could as fast as possible, I can count on both hands the number of times the bird farms used anything more than cats 1 and 2. You are correct that there have been many a plane that suffered loss of power on take off. What you are forgetting is that all birds on the cats ramp up to 'burner (VF) or full military power (VA/VS) while attached to the cat. The cat alone will accelerate even something as large as an F14 to a respectable clip. Standard engine casualty procedure on launch fell into two categories: if bird has sufficient airspeed/ altitude, pilot puts bird into a sharp bank to clear the ship and ditches. If bird has insufficient airspeed/altitude, aircrew punches out. In both cases the aircrew is retrieved by plane guard CG/DD(G)/FF(G) or HSL asset. In short...you are rarely using the angled cats unless in extremis, exercises, testing, or if the bow cats are fouled/inop. To the movie scene...yeah...a prop job failure on launch, that bird is getting run down by Mother. Apparently happened quite a bit in WW2. Hopefully the pilot was fleet of foot and could exfil the plane quick.
  8. BBsquid

    Unsinkable sam camo on bismark is broken

    No, but if Sam is on deck, he may be fouling the line of fire for the gun crews temporarily...
  9. BBsquid

    Really what's wrong with Russian bias?

    Normally, Haze, im right there with you. Have gotten a lot of good tips and insights from you. On Georgia...I disagree. I think its closer to whats been mentioned earlier: it has noting to do with being American, its that shes a fun boat that seems *relatively* well balanced. The speed boost is stupid, but the secondaries and 6 guns seem well offset by the fact that she is squishy and eats pens for days. As for the guns....well, the overall meta and game play have gotten so stupid as of late that I rarely play (compared to days past). I have no idea if there is any reality to my perception but compared to when I first got her, the adjustment to the guns seems to balance her out. Her guns seem kinda meh...not bad, not German, but nothing overly special. Disclaimer: I play her so infrequently that it takes me a bit to readjust to her guns, so maybe thats the issue. Secondaries? Again, as many have said, secondary builds are for fun. Stay outside secondary range and she loses a lot of power. Rush in to use those secondaries and her questionable armor opens you up for a serious paddling. IMO, not American bias...just a fun boat that can both do well when played well, and a the same time you see many get sent back to port for bad play quite quickly.
  10. BBsquid

    Italian boats player verdict?

    My clanmates and I can confirm your finding. None of us have one, but going against them we found that when rhey smoke up we lose them for 3-4 seconds and then they become completely visible again, even while in smoke. This is again outside assured aquistion and smoke firing penalty range. In fact, most Ive seen were trying to go dark but stay lit. Its like somebody forgot to charge the battery on the cloaking device.
  11. BBsquid

    Cruisers and Tin Cans

    This is a tired, canned response. Now Im not saying he was or wasnt out of position, but if he had 3 CVs dropping on him he's in a low tier BB. Two problems with that. First, hes slow. He cant stay with anyone because the DDs and cruisers sprint off to farm red BBs and glory. Second, AA? At low tier? On what BB exactly? For that matter, AA isnt exactly stellar in any type. Regardless, any "AA" ship certainly isnt going to.wait on a slow. plodding BB. This. Is.Not. A. Team. Game. Sure, it may be marketed that way. Being a.naval arcade game. one might be forgiven for even thinking it would be--ships after all work in conjunction, represented by task forces and elements. What it is actually. in close to 60% or more of matches. is 24 solo players playing loosely towards pre defined objectives with varying levels of sucess. I mean...how do you see this as a team game when all the rewards and achievements are based on solo play? How much xp have you earned screening BBs in your DD? CVs in your CA? If you see teamwork in some or most of your matches...Im jealous.
  12. I would say it depends on the BB. Bismarck and Tirp, just as examples, are generally near useless when firing at max range. Dont really play them but I have heard RU BBs are not so hot at max range either. There is a nominal sweet spot for BB gunnery to be effective and its normally not at the outer range band.* * Some exceptions apply. Mileage may vary. See an associate for details. Not valid in CA, IA, OR, and CT.
  13. BBsquid

    old pain still suffering

    By your specs you are running the game on a laptop (860m graphics), correct? If so, have you checked your video settings? My laptop is a step or two below the 860m. Used to run the game fine. Last week or so the damn thing looked like its having a stroke. Somewhere, somehow all my settings were ramped up to max. Check your graphic settings for a stealth tweak....
  14. BBsquid

    Realistic game.

    You are both correct. Gambit, BB caliber guns during and between the wars had a hit rate of about 3%, all things being equal. Washington topped the charts at ~16% during 2nd Guadalcanal, but she was firing at Kirishima from 4-8nm---spitting distance, essentially. In the case of DoY, its not the number of hits per se that's important; RL isn't a mouse-clicky video game. BB AP shells did MASSIVE amounts of damage through kinetic energy alone, and unlike the [edited] Russian naval fantasy we see here, you're not gonna 'bounce' a 1900#+ projectile. Aside from the shock damage from impact, once the weapon penetrates and detonates, life at sea gets considerably worse. Those 13 hits inflicted grave damage on Sharnhorst. Another perspective: BuOrd determined that approximately 7 16"/50 Mk 8 hits would be sufficient to inflict a mission kill on an Iowa; they further speculated that 10-12 such hits would leave said Iowa in a sinking condition. Having taken on Mk 8s during ammo on-load when I was stationed on BB62, looking at the size of those weapons compared to the ship itself always left me in awe. In another theater, Warspite's famous long range hit, hitting and passing through a funnel, may not have been especially damaging to the ship but it made the Italians disinclined to fight. That in itself is a huge force multiplier. All things considered, as RC said, I think its a fair assessment to say that battleships in the main did perform exceedingly well.
  15. BBsquid

    Overpen should cause flooding

    Only if the TDS fails. Unless you don't have a TDS. In which case...fish water in the people tank is always a bad day at sea.