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  1. JedMad

    Public Test - 0.8.9 - Bugs

    I don't know exactly why this happened but since the new update I can no longer sign in with my password or user e-mail, what happened?
  2. I have long awaited an upgrade in the carrier play. I am not entirely sure that the proposed changes are going to good for the game or a detriment to it. I will participate in the beta test to find out. A main part of Carrier defense in the real world was the ability to counter air strikes against your carrier group was by having Fighters fly CAP over the fleet. According to what I have seen so far it seems that they are taking away that capability and are going to use fighters as strike aircraft against ships only. I also thought that there was an issue with a carrier's entire strike groups being completely decimated either during a strafing run by a single group of fighters or during an attack on any higher tier ships with entirely too effective AA values. I will withhold judgment on the new changes until I have had the chance to try them out.
  3. JedMad

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    I bought "Arctic" and "the bottom of the ocean" camo as well and can not find them to mount them to complete the mission. Where are they? Also can you load these camo's on ANY ship or only the Edinburgh and the Z-23?
  4. JedMad

    0.7.8 Public Test Bug Reports

    I am currently playing the Public test ver 7.8 and I have had my screen lock up during an engagement. Also I have been both booted back to the Home Port screen twice durring battle and one time booted completely out of the game entirely. Just thought you would need to know this is happening so you could address the problem.
  5. Has anyone heard anything about any upcoming changes or enhancements on Carrier Play?

  6. I am looking for a couple of players to Team Up or Division with who are primarily interested in Destroyer or Carrier play.  I am ex-Navy (6years during the Vietnam era) and I have been a Naval war-gamer for the last 30 or more years, I started by using waterline models in parking lots on weekends when business' were closed due to the Blue Laws that existed at that time.   I am also a student of Naval tactics and history.  If you're interested in putting together a strong team/division let me know here.   I usually play using tier V to VIII ships favoring Japanese Carriers and Destroyers,  USN and  German Cruisers and Battleships.   I am also eager to play USN Carriers when they finally balance  the air-group and squadron load-outs.

  7. Hey Wacko17  JedMad here glad to make your acquaintance.  It looks like one of my fondest wishes is finally coming  true, the appearance in the game of the Yorktown class Aircraft Carriers.  I hear that the Enterprise will be a premium ship, no problem, it should be.  I would still like to see the Yorktown come in as an alternative Carrier at Tier 7 or 8 so those of us who cannot afford to spend actual money on the game can enjoy running one too.  I am a disabled Naval Vietnam Veteran living on a very meager pension, so the only way I can get into the higher tiers or get some of the newer ships is if I can earn them.  The other issue I have been concerned with is the non-historical plane load outs  on the American CV's.  The typical load outs are either (1F,1TB,1DB);  (0F, 1TB, 2 or 3DB); or (2 or 3F, 0TB, and 1 to 3DB).   Historically, No US Carrier at anytime was operational without any Fighters aboard  and smaller Carriers  in particular switched from carrying Dive Bombers to Torpedo bombers with a fighter squadron aboard as the war progressed.  You have accurately reflected this in the case of the Saipan.  Something similar should be an option with other carriers starting with the Bogue.  It would make Carrier play much more enjoyable and realistic.  What do you think would  help to rectify these matters?