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  1. overall view from me. sub torps even with double pings a human player even a battleship can evade the double ping torps if they watch the map also the torpedo reload for such low damage is really extreme. dds vs subs well i was getting hit by depth charges from a dd from 2.5kms away. i like the new consumable on the subs. pinging against real players also doesnt help because 90% of the time they will dodge the torps and afterwards they will know your location. anyways my opinion is subs can be into the game they have potential but it still needs a lot of rebalancing looks like.
  2. Nishimura_1

    Summer Sale: Today's Deal!

    Does anyone know why the Perth is not discounted in the tech tree as well? Our doubloons don't have the same value as they used to? @Kami , @Radar_X , @FemennenIy , @Gneisenau013 ?
  3. Jean bart? Where did it go? Instead of giving it reload booster that makes it super strong just remove the reloqd booster give it 2.0 sigma and decrease a little bit the horizontal dispersion and also this is OPTIONAL: Give it a 40sec cooldown heal like it had on the first iteration but for me jean bart will be still perfectly balanced even with a standard heal cooldown.
  4. Nishimura_1

    Next steel ship?

    i think bourgogne will end up like salem. In the arsenal for coal. The rest will be obtainable with real money the alaska and jean bart will be with free xp (or probably with coal also like musashi) and maybe the PEF will be with coal also like the aigle for the cossack... i dont know.. porbably with real money only.