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  1. SnowHeader

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    Even CCs who literally plays the game for living with all the flags and camos will have serious trouble finishing it for free as advertised by WG (even a unicum like flamu), if that doesn't tell you how bad it is I don't know what will. By your logic, I am guessing you would probably still support WG even if they advertise giving you a 'free' ship but it will take you playing the game 12 hours a day for 100 years because it was 'esigned around the historical performance of the player base with the stated intent to reward players that play a lot (PR)'. Your logic with players who 'play a lot' is absolutely brilliant, your standards are so high that you actually think this means people should be playing this literally half a day everyday. Why must we tolerate these kind of business practices ? If a business is scamming the hell out of you, would not rise up and speak out against it ? Honestly people like you are just promoting these kind of crap behavior in the gaming industry with microtransactions and loot box mechanics.
  2. SnowHeader

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    DId you even read what I wrote? The synergies between the missions are not even great to begin with (as in concurrent in your words) and gets worse and worse as you go through the directives. In fact you can already see it in directive 3, 'a series of devestating blows' and 'secondary armament expert'. You would want to use a CA or a DD to farm the first mission but a BB for the second mission. So tell me, how do you justify this running 'concurrently' ? And don't forget this is the directive where you earn Gorizia F2P.
  3. SnowHeader

    EU server just got nuked by all the hate and salt.....

    If it was designed for ~4 hours a day then there would be no bloody problem. The problem arises when WG designed it with such a horrible constraint and with basically no synergy between the missions AND to get PR F2P you need to complete EVERY SINGLE DIRECTIVE WITHIN 72 HOURS OF IT UNLOCKING. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1baoHtLjX4gP8kbpuhR3zgWGSA0CaGgbSWe4HT0v6jkM/edit Thats not even accounting for the ludicrous missions within the directives. Take the 'wisdom of the ages' mission in directive 2. You need to earn 85,000 base xp. Even say you are a unicum and you can earn 2000 base xp every pvp game, you will need to play 85,000/2000 = 42.5 games. Say that on average each game last 15 mins, you will need to spend 42.5 x 15 = 637.5 mins, or 637.5 / 60 = 10.625 hours. So 10.6 hours JUST to complete this one mission, and thats not even counting the fact that this doesn't synergize well with other missions that would work better in coop. THIS ONLY GETS WORSE IN LATER DIRECTIVES. If you are crazy enough to try this mission in coop, averaging 500 base xp per game and even manage (amazing if can do this) 6 mins per game. You need 85,000 / 500 = 170 games, equaling 170 x 6 = 1020 mins = 17 hours. 17 HOURS FOR ONE SINGLE MISSION OUT OF MANY IN A SINGLE DIRECTIVE If you think this is bad, don't go even further than the 2nd directive. I really don't see how you can justify and even support this kind of business practices where WG advertises you can get a ship for free but you would literally have to spend almost half a day playing the game. To add to that DURING CHRISTMAS SEASON. Oh you finished this mission? Congratulations, you only need to complete 4 more for THIS particular directive. If WG really wanted to make money then they should have just bloody put it on the prem shop instead of scamming everyone with the sunk cost fallacy and gift players a 'free' ship if they manage to avoid eating, sleeping, spending time with family and friends and any free time they might want to have. You should really inform yourself about these events , or anything in life for that matter before forming your own opinion This is just a pure, blatant outrageous cash grab by WG and they should not be praised for it.