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  1. Pretty Sure the carrier in the fifth pic is Akagi instead of Kaga Only two front beams supporting the flight deck and the controlling tower is on her left which leads to my question,when is akagi finally going to be realeased since you have the model already...
  2. 10/24 update Added Italian Cruiser line Changed Illustration for numerous ships Support for the newest version of the game
  3. Work in Progress: None so far Previews: Port Battle result screen Tech Tree Downloads: Mod Files: Download PSD Files: Ship Icons: Download Ship Previews: Download
  4. Hi All,Welcome to Yuukikaze's Shipgirl Icons and Ship Previews. As a dedicated player of a few popular shipgirl games and Wows I always hated seeing shipgirls from the said games being used on the wrong ship in the game in other similar mods, So here is my take on making an icon set as accurate as possible. The process was quite painful since Wows had so many paper ships that it is impossible to actually grab accurate illustrations for each ship so a few compromise plans were made to ensure this mod doesnt end up with only a few ships with illustrations. Again, PSD files will be attatched down below in case I somehow disappeared in the void and people want to update the mod for the community. Installation: 1. Download the zip file from the link and extract the content to the following path in the WoWs root directory: res_mods\<game version>\gui 2. Use these files at your own risk and Always backup your res_mods folder before installing new files. Doesnt like my take on the icons? Check out Noacuracy's Shipgirl Icons Anime shipgirls not your kind of dish? Check out Panzerschiffer's Historical Ensigns Contour Icons instead. Reminders: ►This mod is not for profit and never will be. It is for entertainment purposes only. ►I own none of the Illustrations used in the mod and credits to all artists where they are due.If you are an artist, and you are not okay with your artwork being used here, by all means, Please contact mt and let me know. ►You are welcome to request custom icon sets of certain ships using illustrations you want, more illustration sources and advices for better illustrations for each ship to use are appreciated.
  5. DD__Yukikaze

    [ALL] Yuukikaze's Historical Paint Bucket

    Not really :3 been working on skins for other ships and remade the weathering made other measures for fletcher and changing ships names of the fletcher class to match the round superstructure... new skins coming some time in the future
  6. DD__Yukikaze

    [ALL] Yuukikaze's Historical Paint Bucket

    maybe it's just gray overall...I tried to search for its underwater remainings' photos and nothing stands up
  7. DD__Yukikaze

    [ALL] Yuukikaze's Historical Paint Bucket

    I was asking about the camoflauge nagato was wearing,I guess I can do some research later and yes I was talking about Hibiki :3 too bad no photo of her in soviet service remained thanks for the american period photo,gonna add it to my to do list looks like the same period as the yukikaze one the soviet one....hmmm...do you think you know what hull number it had wore?
  8. DD__Yukikaze

    [ALL] Yuukikaze's Historical Paint Bucket

    thanks in advance :3 oh that sounds fun but was there something special the big 7 was wearing during the operation? found this with writings on the A turret....
  9. DD__Yukikaze

    [ALL] Yuukikaze's Historical Paint Bucket

    not really sure...those skins were,as i said,done for a rendering I guess I'll first do the foreign navy looks for the fletcher class on Chungmu then some post war looks of some of the IJN DDs Planned to do these two for the new Yukikaze for now Wanna do a Верный skin for the akatsuki but i cant find any photo of that ship in soviet service...
  10. DD__Yukikaze

    [ALL] Yuukikaze's Historical Paint Bucket

    Hiya,thx for comin by :3 hmmm that is a neat looking scheme,it seems USNA_76 had done that already in 2018 ,but I cant find it in the dl maybe we shall bother him a bit for this to be released