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  1. Taco_De_Moist

    IFHE on Massachussets?

    If I had a 19pt captain instead of a 0 pt captain when I got the ship my avg damage would probably be 130k. 150k is pretty common for me and its rare for me to get less then 100k dmg in a game maybe only heavy T10 games. Currently sitting at almost 90k.
  2. Taco_De_Moist

    USS Massachusetts: I AM IN LOVE

    I use IFHE on it.
  3. Taco_De_Moist

    That "Useless team'" comment

    Don't you love it when you are pushing a cap in a BB with cruiser and DD support, then they just peace the hell out leaving you holding the bag? God forbid you guys get a scratch on your paint job.
  4. Taco_De_Moist

    Come on Fix the Dam Cv vs Shimakaze

    Seriously. Every damn ship has situations where it is annoying as hell to fight against and you may largely be helpless to do anything except try to escape. Recently I pushed into a cap with a DD in my mass, then the holy hell rain of fire from Wooster and DesMoines behind cover came down on me. In the time it took for me to vacate out of their range as fast as I could I was down to 20% health from 100. craphappens.
  5. Taco_De_Moist

    2 CV's per team is killing the game slowly

    I agree with limiting 1cv per side. " I'd rather have an opt-out MM option not to have any CVs in my battles, I'm willing to wait for a battle that I can actually enjoy. " However there will never be a cv opt out option (and seriously, there has been like 100 threads suggesting this). You wont be the one having to wait longer for a game, it will be CV players that have to wait...you are assuming just a small minority of players would "opt out" of CVs, I would reckon most people would, even if they didn't particularly mind them, its one less thing to worry about. No different than if they included an opt out for DDs or something, most curiser and BB players would be like, yes please!
  6. Taco_De_Moist

    Time to get to tier 10?

    One or two battles a day? It depends on how good you do, even then with no premium a typical decent game might net you 1500 base xp. You are probably looking at 500k xp roughly (varies depending on the class, but it wont be far off) to get to tier 10 from tier 6. So (this is a very conservative estimate obviously). Assuming you got on average 1500 xp per game it would take you about 167 games or about 84 days if you played 2 games a day. Really depends on how good you are, I would realistically increase that by about 1/3 even if you are good, with premium you could get there alot faster.
  7. Taco_De_Moist

    Hacks alive and well ??

    The game "mechanics" are on the server. Unless someone literally hacks the server they cant do things like increase their damage, detect you better, super reload times etc etc. It just cant be done because that stuff isnt calculated client side. An aim assist is about all you can hack. Torps through an island is simply a bug. There is nothing someone can do client side to make their torps go through an island....People that think they are being hacked this way that way or the other way simply dont understand how the software works. An aim assist is literally one of the only things I can think someone can be using simply because client side it is entirely possible to process the data from the server and estimate where you should shoot given a ships current course and speed. They cant make torpedos go through an island, they can make ships perma visible, they cant give them selves a .1 second reload, they cant give themselves unlimited consumables, they cant make themselves invulnerable to damage and on and on and on. " I've bombarded little ships that are basically made of paper, striking one at least 20 times with AP , the health indicator barely moved. " overpens and you can still ricochet and just damage modules....even on "little" ships. It is completely possible as a BB to put 20 rounds on a DD or cruiser that make contact and do little damage.
  8. Taco_De_Moist

    Hacks alive and well ??

    aim assists only good if the ship you are shooting at keeps its course and speed. If it doesn't well....
  9. Taco_De_Moist

    That "Useless team'" comment

    There is nothing more annoying when someone calls you out and berates your positioning when they have no context as to why you are where you are. I was in my Mass B, pushing into a cap getting utterly hammered by a demoines and wooster behind islands. I turned an ran, nothing I could do, If I continued to push or just backed away slowly I would be dead for utterly nothing. Once I got out of range some dead player starts calling me out for "sitting in the back" like...WHAT THE HELL DUDE, did you not see me push in, get [edited] by ships I cant do anything about and retreat...its so frustrating. I mean iff there is one thing I do in the Mass B its play aggressive, but I am not suicidal.
  10. Taco_De_Moist

    Disappearing Keybinds

    Funny it seemed they fixed that for me ages ago, way back when my keys would be unbound every time I loaded the game. Not sure when it got fixed for me, but it did. I dont currently have this issue.
  11. Taco_De_Moist

    That "Useless team'" comment

    There is a modicum of personal responsibility there. Whenever I play dd, which isn't often because I suck in them, I will usually get in chat and say he Im going here will anyone support me? If I get crickets in return believe me I will approach timid and bail when I meet resistance. If someone says they will support me, then dont, yeah they deserve being called out. It's the DDs barreling toward the weak point, then crying when there was no support when they made no attempt to ensure they had it. Alot of times teams are really hard on for just going for 2 points and if a DD goes to the third one, yeah you are gonna get left hanging. Have some situational awareness and LOOK at the map and see what your team is doing.
  12. Taco_De_Moist

    That "Useless team'" comment

    Pretty sure its supported by empirical evidence the most vocal complainers in a game are also the worst performing.
  13. Taco_De_Moist

    I propose that:

    The tirpitz main battery is just such a drag. My stats in the tirpitz are "good" across the board, but I average 30k more damage in the Mass B.
  14. Taco_De_Moist

    I propose that:

    Its the ship I've played the most and probably my best performing. I have a blast in the ship. It also holds my single game base xp record at 4434.