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  1. Taco_De_Moist

    Anyone else running their ships naked?

    I intend to. I actually prefer the look of the plain jane ships.
  2. Taco_De_Moist

    How much did you make selling consumable camouflages?

    Apparently that is all consumable camos now. That's why people are selling them, they no longer do anything but make your ship look different.
  3. Taco_De_Moist

    Easiest way to get tier x?

    Coal as far as F2P. You are probably far more likely to get enough coal for a T10 between missions and daily XP crates that you are to grind straight to a T10. I think I bought my last coal ship the Napoli a couple months ago and I don't play a ton (probably play 10 games give or take a session once or twice a week) and I already have 100k coal again. Thats basically about 30k short of half way to a T10 coal ship. There is no way I would be that close in the grind to a T10 tech tree ship starting from scratch with the amount of games I've played in the last 2 months.
  4. Taco_De_Moist

    Penalties unfairly applied

    I've seen somethings in my day, but seriously, AFKing out of a game and logging back on to find out you got 2 kills, is like the one time in college I took a summer class, forgot to drop it because I was going to be too busy with work, obviously never showed to class or did any work and I got an A in the class, lmbo.
  5. Taco_De_Moist

    Penalties unfairly applied

    You are just considering the things happening to you without considering what you constantly getting disconnected from matches does to your teammates. "are applied is unfair for players like me who are at the mercy of their ISP and the internet connection." If you know your connection is unstable and you are likely to get dropped from games and still choose to hit play in random battles. You are being inconsiderate of other players, one could say "unsportsmanlike". When you have these situations. Don't play. They don't want you to keep joining matches, dropping from games and hindering your teammates. WG rightly doesn't care what the reason is for that because the reason is your problem not anyone else's and will therefore take measures to ensure ONE person isn't ruining the games of the MANY. It's a utilitarian and correct approach.
  6. This exactly. They arguably have the best secondaries out of any BB at T9/10. DOUBLE SETS of 10km torps on each side. Like come on, if they had GK/Freddie armor they would pretty much be superior to the main German BB line in every possible way.
  7. Taco_De_Moist

    Wows Ignoring Veteran's Day

    I hear you. As an American and Army vet, I get so freaking tired of the military worship. Like I know when I go on facebook time to prepare for the military jerk off session. I should play a drinking game for how many times someone posts something something "freedom isn't free". From a bunch of "I was going to serve, but...Charlene done got pregnant and I couldn't" types. There's nothing wrong with being proud of your military service or supporting the military, but good lord does the US dial it up to 11.
  8. Taco_De_Moist

    Easiest way to get tier x?

    what is your definition of rich? If being able to blow $100 here and there is rich in your book, what the hell is Jeff Bezos? Jokes aside. When I first started playing I was after that holy grail T10 thinking once I got there it was gonna be all T10 all day and thats all I would play. Now that I have many T10s. It's probably my least played tier outside 1-4, with T8 being my most played tier.
  9. not grinding through a ship you hate to play. or using it for research bureau.
  10. I think that's where my argument lies "intention of competitive advantage." That is absolutely the purpose of a lot of these mods, even though they are not cheats. A large portion of the casual player base is likely unaware of them and doesn't use any of them. Is ignorance an excuse? Maybe maybe not. Since they are allowed and everyone has access to them it's hard to say anyone has access to anything no one else has access to and is therefore doing anything no one else can. However, given two players of equal skill with one having using a HUD that displays all sorts of helpful real time information like, armament, ship angles etc. etc. and one running vanilla, its hard to argue that the one with the HUD doesn't have a competitive advantage in that instance, even if it isn't some sort of huge advantage.
  11. one research point. if you have the T10 in the line you don't need to grind like a half a million xp to unlock the super ship. You can literally unlock it for one solitary xp point. (It will still cost silver as far as I know though).
  12. When they are ultimately added to the tech tree, they will cost 1 research.
  13. While I don't think mods that feed you information about enemy ships are necessarily "cheating". I don't think people should be expected to have to memorize the characteristics of every ship. HOWEVER. I think knowing the specific loadout a ship is running, before it's "exposed" in game, is borderline cheating. i.e. if I Shima gets spotted at 15km out and due to the mod I know he's running 12km torps. I'm going to be moving with more confidence than if I think there is the possibility of a wall of 20km torpedoes already on the way. At the outset of the game its arguably impossible for me to know which specific torps said shima is running without the mod. I can't pull up google and figure out which torps IPewPewPhalluses666 is running in this specific game. So to me, being privy to information you can't possibly know at a certain point through normal gameplay. Is arguably a cheat? Thoughts? Agree? Or think it's not impactful information?
  14. Taco_De_Moist

    5 Epochs of the Navy campaign question.

    Ah the Nelson. First ship I broke 200k damage with.
  15. Taco_De_Moist

    Happy Birthday USMC

    Jarheads. Those guys are dense.