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  1. Taco_De_Moist

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    Thunderer and Stalingrad were never sold for money. Good Luck.
  2. There is a comment on the reddit sub where someone posted a screen of MM with 5 radars vs 0. I got into it with a guy who was arguing "ships that don't have radar make up for it with other features". His argument was essentially "radar ships are so bad from a combat perspective their radar is a wash in terms of balance". Yes, the Alaska is straight garbage if not for it's radar. I mean...there's no arguing with someone that dense. Radar ships could get your whole teams DD's wiped in the first 5 minutes and you seriously thought the "power" of the teams non-radar cruisers is going to make up for that?
  3. Taco_De_Moist


    If this was a hardcore sim I can guarantee you I would not be here playing it, lol.
  4. I outlined above why the skill is meh. Unless you are spending at least about 4+ minutes in MOST games secondaries blazing, don't bother. That is largely the problem. It's very difficult to even put secondaries to use in the current meta. If it was a 20% buff to reload speed, now we'd be talking. In a solid to minutes of secondary fire (all guns blazing) in a Mass for example the difference would be 631 shells fired vs 789, thats a 158 shell difference. Right now in the same ship thats a 70 shell difference.
  5. Only if you are getting ALOT of time within secondary range. The reload on secondaries on say the massachusetts is .4 seconds with this skill. in 2 dedicated minutes of secondary fire its a difference of 4 rounds per gun. In 2 minutes (assuming every single secondary gun is firing) its only a difference of 70 rounds (i.e. 631 rounds fired without the skill, 701 rounds with the skill) and thats assuming ALL secondaries are constantly firing in that 2 minutes. The skills impact is lessened more if only one side is firing and you keep getting in and out of secondary range with a ship. Look at how many rounds on average you fire in a ship, whether it was mostly one side or not and that will give you a rough estimate as to how much time you actually spend in secondary range. The "activated" skill is even less beneficial and requires even more time to actually get any "extra volleys" out of it. It's a waste of 4 points.
  6. Taco_De_Moist

    playing lvls 2+ higher

    You've made the same thread like 7 times in the past week. The game got easier for me over time...I don't mind being bottom tier. Just because you still haven't improved after nearly 5000 games doesn't mean that is the case with everyone.
  7. This. Or even a player that is really good in a handful of ships and garbage at the rest. There are so many factors to consider if they try to MM by "skill". Even win rate. My 3 div win rate is very different from my solo win rate. So If I am playing on my own, my "overall" win rate is slightly deceptive.
  8. Taco_De_Moist


    Yes it only matters if ships are actually visible in their detection range. Which is why it is still effective even if you push up. Most non-BB's don't want to be frigging visible within a BB's detection bubble and I wish people would realize this and play accordingly...
  9. Taco_De_Moist

    major problem, post 10.0 the game just isn't fun

    That is what it is. The meta for the bots isn't going to change though. They will still just blow the whistle and charge.
  10. Taco_De_Moist

    major problem, post 10.0 the game just isn't fun

    It's not but you are blind if you haven't noticed the passive play being taken to a whole other level. I played 30-40 games in secondary ships following the rework. My performance tanked. I would have the odd good game, but seriously most were bad. The Massachusetts was arguably my best ship with the most games played. My PR dropped from great to very good. My average damage dropped by about 3000. I didn't just all of a sudden start sucking at the ship. It also has nothing to do with the "nerfed" secondaries. It has everything to do with being forced to play back even moreso than before, where the Mass's main guns are pretty much dependent on RNG. You can line up shots on ships at 17km+ all day with that thing doesn't matter if one shell hits the superstructure and the rest are a mix of falling short and going long and maybe one out of every 5 volleys will actually have a solid grouping. I've mothballed them for the time being hoping people ease back on this playstyle. I'm not going to bother with them when I can throw dead eye on my Amagi (which I did) and I can just sit here and obliterate people with the 410's at max range.
  11. Taco_De_Moist

    major problem, post 10.0 the game just isn't fun

    EDIT: LittleWhiteMouse already hit the nail on the head. She could say it's terrible and people will still use it. Her HE analogy was perfect. Furthermore it objectively, just, isn't a bad skill. What I hope people will realize is, you don't have to hump the map edge to use it. Seriously, play a game with the dead eye concealment combo, but pretend you don't have it. (Don't yolo charge) but move up at a reasonable pace and you will find, most other ships don't want to be visible in your detectability bubble. You will find you can reasonable push to mid range and will still benefit from dead eye. If the skill is here to stay I at least hope people realize that and stop with this OMG a ship is within 16km of me, better turn and kite crap.
  12. Taco_De_Moist

    Disappearing ships

    There is literally no ship in the game that can attain a sub 4k detectability. You are exaggerating. Or you could just post the replay, but nobody that makes outlandish claims ever does.
  13. Taco_De_Moist

    Disappearing ships

    This. All week and twice on Tuesday. So many requests for "gameplay changes" on this damn forum are completely self serving to someone's own playstyle/preferred ship type. I mostly play BB's, you bet your rear end I would like it if ships were "perma spotted" once they get spotted for the first time. No more getting harassed by DDs, cruisers forced to flash broadside in full view more often. I'm getting all tingly. I wouldn't like it at all in my Atago or Zao though, lol.
  14. Taco_De_Moist

    Please stop flaming Deadeye

    Yeah people won't play BB's anymore if they nerf a skill that didn't exist and nobody asked for, added to the fact BB's were the most played class pre and post rework. Removing or nerfing dead eye will not impact the BB population one bit. A lot of the "cancerous" HE spammers basically got their range boned in this update.
  15. Taco_De_Moist

    Please stop flaming Deadeye

    You are correct. 8-10 is where this behavior is most prevalent The problem RE: a lot of secondary ships (Georgia is a big exception here. That ship is amazing without a secondary build and in actuality is probably better that way.). The Mass is fine without secondaries (I've had many great battles in the ship without a secondary ever firing) but you need to have consistent play at, at least mid ranges, the shells are just inconsistent as hell at near max range. It's just hard to do that now until a decent amount of ships drop off the board, then you look oh the games going to be over in 30 seconds. There are just far better options to play if you can't brawl, i.e. if you ain't brawling an Alabama is a superior choice to the Mass.