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  1. Havent had this issue, are you sure your last game didn't complete the second tier? I don't think it rolls stuff over to the next tier if you have excess upon completing the the prior tier.
  2. Taco_De_Moist

    Win/loss streaking is outrageous.

    I was averaging a 40% win rate for a couple days, then the next day I put up a 70% win rate for the day, just how it goes sometimes. Generally, once I lose 2-3 battles in a row with the same ship, I hang it up and play a different ship. I refuse to continue losing hoping to snag that first win of the day in a ship.
  3. Taco_De_Moist

    fix the game mechanics for overpens

    His stats arent garbage so I am inclined to agree, but I've seen some people with 10k+ games and their stats are like....just...how, how do you play that much and just never get better.
  4. Admittedly, Im not hot in DD's or CV's, but I have played both classes. I have a handful of games in CVs pre and post patch. Don't find them fun in either case. DD's I have fun playing them sometimes, I have good games here and there, but overall I don't find playing a DD as it should be played, consistently rewarding, for the damn near game long stress fest. I don't particularly "main" cruisers or BB's. I play both fairly equally.
  5. Taco_De_Moist

    Alternate british battleship line

    No nation currently has 2 BB lines, so I wouldnt imagine this would be any time soon.
  6. Taco_De_Moist


    In his case:
  7. Taco_De_Moist


    I dont think Ive run into a situation in all my games where I thought a player I was up against was using any sort of cheat. The only thing I have seen is people running bot programs, which are hardly a "cheat" because they sure as hell arent helping you win. EDIT: checks wows-numbers. I think hacks should be the least of your worries. You may be playing a big part in your team getting roflstomped. You have a T3 with better avg damage than a couple of your tier 9's, 8's and 7's.
  8. Taco_De_Moist

    fix the game mechanics for overpens

    I have never had a game with this inverse of a hit to damage ratio, you have got to be doing something wrong. Also, no way those are all "overpens" either, you would have had more damage. How about you upload the replay so we can fill the holes on the missing information. One screen shot doesn't irrefutably support the idea you did everything right simply because you say so.
  9. Taco_De_Moist

    we are not a tester WG..

    Its a free game so....
  10. Taco_De_Moist


    I dont think its being out of touch, more just reacting to the whiners on the forum with the constant confirmation bias of allegedly being focused and sunk by a CV in "every" game and demanding WG nerf CVs. ..
  11. I doubt he cares if its worse. He would probably rather they just take cvs out of the game. Im personally indifferent, Im fine with cvs the way they are, but with a cursory look at this forum and most of the posts, I dont know what possessed you to think CV players would get any pity. They don't want you tweaked, they dont want you balanced, they dont want you nerfed, they want you GONE.
  12. Taco_De_Moist


    I mean, I'd lay money down after the patch drops this forum is going to be flooded with posts complaining CVs are still OP.
  13. Taco_De_Moist

    Hey...Surprise...New Maps!!!

    Because I am sure they want to deal with forum posts with people complaining about one side being OP compared to the other. You know damn well that would happen.
  14. CV players I think you may as well give the people what they want and stop playing. I can guarantee this isn't the last nerf bat CVs are going to get hit with and when the patch drops tomorrow there is going to be a new flood of forum posts complaining about CVs still being OP. I personally have no issue with the current meta, but plenty of people seem to still be enraged merely seeing planes fly around in their game.
  15. Taco_De_Moist

    The Problem, In 3 Pictures

    The better you are the better your win rate is, but only to a point. It's weighted. Yes an individual playing well impacts the ability of his or her team to win, but the worse your team is, the better you have to be to make up for it.