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    Heroic Achievements?

    It seems what has some confused is that the Completion criteria contains the Co-Op emblem, when in fact it should not be there as Heroic Achievements can not be earned in Co-Op. It would thus be assumed this is an error. Now that said this is a rather bad deal for Co-Op players, and yes there are some who only play Co-Op, to complete the first two where Co-Op is playable then not be able to finish. As for getting Heroic Achievements yes I haven't gotten one in a long time, it does seem harder.
  2. I see a warning symbol show up when selecting certain skills but don't see what the problem is. I outline it in the picture. Please explain it.
  3. Cynthiathegoat

    Public Test 0.9.8

    Concerning Asymmetric Battle, it's a bad idea in my opinion. It's about the same as going into a random battle only to find over half your team is AFK. As I heard the huge enemy fleet say "It's like shooting in a barrel", And I agree. When I'm on the large team side that is exactly what it's like, I don't feel challenged in that you feel game is about won even before you start! Trying to be like real world? mmmm no, In the real world such a huge imbalance would only result in the small patrol not engaging but monitoring, no country is silly enough to try with such a high risk of losing expensive assets in that manner. Pay to play? why? and you lose more than you gain. It's like the house always wins. Count me out of Asymmetric Battles
  4. Cynthiathegoat

    Sound Changes in Update 0.9.6

    I got the userMusic to work for me by moving the "userMusic" folder to Games > World_of_Warships_NA > bin > 2666186 > res> hope this helps.