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  1. Same. My Montana is full AA build, and she's going to be put to good use until WG gets their act together
  2. Exactly my point. Even with a good concealment rating, you're SOL.
  3. They're giving CL and DD Captains the third finger.
  4. They didn't just step in it, they dove face first.
  5. The most epic of facepalms to Wargaming on this one. Leave it alone. Nothing was wrong with it. Or are you giving those of us that play DD's more reason to be annoyed with you?
  6. Talon1170

    Gearing — American Tier X destroyer.

    The Gearing class DD's are fun, but highly dependent on situational awareness for players. If you're alert to your surroundings, you can blap an unsuspecting BB with torps without even being detected. The recent radar heavy meta does make it difficult to play them as easily as before though.
  7. Talon1170

    Montana — American Tier X battleship.

    Same. She's a beast of a ship. Caught a full health Minotaur broadsiding at less then 8.5km, poor Mino had zero chance of survival.
  8. Talon1170

    Alaska price confirmed. 1 mil free XP

    Bout time we hear details on her!