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  1. thundercat_warrior

    New Milestone Reached

    Man you must have been playing wows since the dawn of man lol.
  2. thundercat_warrior

    The Colbert experience

    Just got it and love it. Still learning though.
  3. thundercat_warrior

    Calling Colbert Captains........

    Yup, I play lighthouse build with hydro and range mod, I seems pretty intense.
  4. thundercat_warrior

    Calling Colbert Captains........

    I played with John the ruthless yesterday he had the colbert and i had the smolley, it was evil. lol. i just got finished playing my Colbert and a yueyang and z-42 tried to sneak up on me and blam, i burnt both up.. We lost but the Colbert is a sneaky thing, I like it. Its an all or nothing ship and if you caan get behind a smoke dd or curiser you can actually support the team.
  5. thundercat_warrior

    If u play a sub u better play smart

    Good for you, .........wanna cookie.
  6. thundercat_warrior

    Everyone talks Tactics, but no one talks Strategy…

    I totally agree with you 100% for a cb, or competitve mode with drop sync comms, other than that randoms will never use this as it too selfish a mode. Imho.
  7. thundercat_warrior

    If u play a sub u better play smart

    You can't spot the subs...... period.
  8. thundercat_warrior

    Sub counter move!

    Often in games, I see players vacating the flank as soon as the timer starts, it sucks, but no one can control how another person plays and at this point it doesn't matter. I play the best I can and that's it, I don't get upset about it anymore, just accept it and move on. If that's the way the op feels that he should engage the situation more power to him/her, I'm not one to judge. I'm not getting paid to play so it's just a random game to me when I see it I just laugh and try to hold the flank as best I can. Several times during game a dd will try and cap and ask for assistance and get no reply nor attempt to help so i can fell their pain if they want to do that. Randoms isn't a team game unless you Div up , play CBs, or enter KOTS. in the new economy most players concern is to do the most damage you can to sustain your playertime. Subs, Cv's, hell spaceships who cares, I don't, I just play sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.
  9. thundercat_warrior

    Serious sub question.

    I just played match with an actual retired USN sub Cdr and guess what he stated, in this game, how do you spot the subs? This was a cv 2 sub 3 dd game, (Just now) and I stated, "You can't" and he then laughed. We both thought it was hilariously funny.
  10. thundercat_warrior

    2 cv's a side, WG why?

    Im starting to play cvs. Win or lose I don't care.
  11. thundercat_warrior

    Skip Yugumo?

    Don't do it, Yugomo is in maany ways better than Shima.
  12. thundercat_warrior

    A friend sent me this over win%

    Greatest quote I've ever seen on the forums, lmbo.
  13. thundercat_warrior

    4 vs. 4 Brawl With Tier IX Ships

    I've been having fun with Yolo, Benham, and Schroader so far
  14. thundercat_warrior

    Are Statistics All That It Is Cracked Up To Be?

    Where do you get these numbers from, just asking.
  15. thundercat_warrior

    Research Bureau Ships

    Save you rpts bruh, Gibraltar sux, Druid is too situational and Hector has better options. Jmho . Im in the same boat, have Ohio and Yolo and the rest are meh.