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    Idea for new design on Subs

    True but it would be rather boring to play and to play against, at least this gives some activity while under water and gives rise to new mechanics and strategies around the submerge mechanic
  2. shirokitsune419

    Idea for new design on Subs

    To be fair what you described is basically the way I see them working but without any ability to ping targets, no bearings of the sub, the option for the dive depths to not be nation specific options and changing the dive ability into the new oxygen mechanic. Also no seeking torpedos The reasons why I feel I wanted to do these changes are: Ping Targets - They have already made this a feature and by submarines nature they are effectively blind so they either detect by passive sonar or they have to engage active sonar, so you'd be able to see a bearing of any ship in earshot range but if you want to confirm it (spot it) youd engage active sonar (ping) thats a bit nerfed as you have to hit the target. Bearings of the nearest vessel - Just to assist in the ping feature and gives other vessels a chance to counter the increased stealth of the sub. Depths of nations - Mainly for flavour as some of the dive depths could allow for the same ship to play differently if picking different dive options and it simplifies the UI since its just a single button to engage and stop the function of an ability. Changing the dive ability from oxygen to a normal skill - Just to keep it simple for new players, keep the UI the same and just to ensure consistency between ship types. No Seeking torps - This is why they wouldn't have that by default, only likely tier 10 ships will have it and they will only have it as an optional ability like engine boost etc. One Thing I did like was the idea of British torp launch as standard for subs, I think that would be good or give British subs that as a unique mechanic instead of the alternative dive depths. The main reason why I want the changes to be brought in that I've suggested is to give subs a reason to be on the surface more and to scale between more selfish and team optimised play, e.g. pinging a dd in smoke or being able to detect submarines under water for friendlies to attack at the cost of giving away your bearings for some time. Also I like the idea of flavour in the way of sound as that's one of the most important aspects of a submarine so features that play on that would be cool =)
  3. shirokitsune419

    Idea for new design on Subs

    Summary I'd say treat subs a bit like stealthier / more selfish torpedo destroyers with a unique mechanic By default every submarine will have access to a dive mechanic that will have unlimited uses, it will have say a 5 second activation time before submerging, 90 second submerge duration and a 90 second cooldown with the dive having an option of being cancelled early for a reduced CD respective to the dive duration, e.g. a 45 second dive incurs a 45 second cooldown. (take the numbers with a massive grain of salt) Have a new detection range ("Ear Shot" Range) that will give ships a bearing of any submarines that are within "ear shot" while they are moving so basically they haven't spotted you but they know the direction you're in because of the noise you're making, this expands to your sonar range when you fire any sonar pings. While submerged (by default) you cannot visually detect vessels but can see any ship spotted by a nearby friendly ship and you can share any ships detected with Hydro with your team. You will also have reduced speed and obviously cant shoot your guns Sonar Pings - Spots enemy vessels when hit Submarine unique abilities Homing torpedo's - Fires 2 torpedo's that bypass any armour and are attracted to the nearest pinged vessel - 120 second CD, 3 Charges. Emergency Dive - Instantly / quickly starts to dive the submarine Air Support - Calls in patrol fighters at the current location Rapid Charging - Like a torpedo reload booster but for diving Going Silent - After a 5 second activation time, for 60 seconds enemy ships will be unable to take a bearing of your vessel but you are unable to use sonar and your speed is reduced by 25% with a 150 second cooldown Hydro acoustic search - Same as normal Torpedo Reload Booster - Same as normal Engine boost - Same as normal except only works while surfaced. Main Battery Reload booster - Same as normal (basically a deterrent for low health torpedo dds) Unique passive effects for some nations as optional choices for their dive mechanic Deep Dive - Reduces the damage taken from depth charges by 50% and reduces base earshot range but reduces the range of sonar pings by 25% Periscope depth - Allows for the sub to be submerged and still spot enemy vessels at the cost of still being visually detected at a reduced range and increases your earshot range Snorkel - Allows to stay submerged indefinitely at the cost of still being visually detected at a reduced range and increases your earshot range Silent operation - Reduces top speed and increases reload time of torpedoes but removes the earshot range while submerged. Well that's my idea anyways, basically just making subs a cool new DD class.