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  1. Why no Mogamis in game?

    Atago gun placement encourage kiting play style which fit the ship very well (especially with the heal) Mogami gun placement aren't as kiting friendly as atago because the front 3 turret facing forward. but since the ship is fragile, pushing with mogami is asking for a quick ticket to port. It also lack heal. imo 20.3 Atago is better than 20.3 Mogami any day but if you are left alone and no one shoot at you, a 15.5 mogami can out DPM a 20.3 Atago. In short, 15.5 mogami is better if you are facing potatos. 20.3 Atago is better in all other espect (other than AA, which both are bad)
  2. fun fact: Tan Yang irl did not have any torpedo. Republic of China (Taiwan) was able to fit 2 Type 98 100mm guns (with selfmade turret armor) + type 89 12.7/40 gun on her and use the remaining IJN shells. But they didn't have access to the IJN 61cm torp which render the torp tube on Tan Yang useless (which later removed and add more AA guns instead)
  3. BB AP vs DD?

    I srsly doubt lowering DD armor is a good move. it will become less punishing for potato who just sail boardside. but not thing will change for those who are actively dodging shells. The shell can still go through the first layer of armor and hit the second layer and do double damage. on the other side, cruisers AP will be more effective against DD. It also creates a lot of unknows such as how it effects DD vs DD, CV vs DD etc. I hope they rethink it and rework the BB AP on DD mechanic instead of changing armor for DD this is what WG has always do wrong (Instead of fixing what is wrong, they try to work on something else so that the original problem seem solved, but at the same time creates more problems)
  4. Radar has ruined dd play

    radar........1 or 2 per team is good.... 3 to 4 requires some luck and skill to deal with..... but when you see each team has 2 missouri, 3-4 radar cruisers... some times you really want to just detonate your torp right away and head to the next match especially when both your guns and torp are shorter range than their radar
  5. The short gun range imo is a double edge sword to me. Indeed you can drop off quicker, but that also mean you engage things in a shorter distance. That's why I now enjoy Yugumo a lot, 12km guns vs 9.4 km guns. and unlike US DD...IJN DD can hit their guns even at max range. and I actually did think of buying the asashio not because of her torp but because that extra gun range (too bad she is off the store already...I almost pull out my credit card for that ship) I am a gun happy IJN DD, so a short gun range bugs me more than I like it.
  6. IJN DD..... tough, yes. Power creeded, indeed. but they can still be effective in the right hand. As for the Kagero, i have no idea how WG justify that 9.4km range. every other DD + - 2 Tier has better range. The Torp still pack a punch, so launch it smart will gain you some result. Get used to their speed and lanuch at those out of turn BB is great. other than that....really try to get your team to focus out the radar ship early game will help
  7. BB AP vs DD?

    despite that this news is not new anymore...I've heard that they are looking into the BB AP vs DD thing since last thanksgiving.
  8. Is there a DD line that is maneuverable?

    need to break down what makes a ship with good maneuverability. imo you need (speed) + (rudder respone) + (turning circle) USN overall has the best overall maneuverbility imo. while their average speed is not that much better than IJN's, and rudder time is more or less the same. their turning circle is pretty good. IJN is alright overall, they do tend to bleed a lot of speed when turning (might due to their narrow hull) German overall has better speed than USN / IJN. but worse rudder than USN / IJN. Russian is all about straight line speed...like a drag car. their rudder in general is pretty slow and turning circle is not good either. Pan asian as a line is a mix of US, Russian, Brit, and IJN ship...so it really depends. that being said. I'll say USN is a good pick as they are good in 2/3 of what makes good maneuverability ship.
  9. playing T8 already has a very high chance getting into tier 10 battles. In fact, I did a little data collection for my Harekaze before, there is around 45% of chance getting into a tier 10 match while being top tier is around 25% and mid tier is around 30%.
  10. Asashio has arrived

    It might be too early to tell, but since the update, i've seen CV in almost every single game, and each team have no more than 4 BBs. This might give Asashio a hard start imo. I am considering buying this ship...but with the recent MM. I might just hold off for a while and see how it goes. just a thought here so don't take it too seriously. wouldn't it be awesome if WG give her the ability to switch torp type during the match (just like how we switch between AP and HE) ? 20km deep water torp <--> 10km normal torp i guess that is too nice to have huh ?
  11. Help with Radar Cruisers

    I'll rank the threat level for T7,8 as 1. Belfast / Chapyev 2. New Orleans 3. Atlanta 4. Indianapolis Belfast is high on the list due to her concealment, smoke + radar combo. she is high on the my engage list as a DD cos if she doesn't get take care quick, she will post big problem Chapyev rank higher than New Orleans cos they tend to hit their shell more consistantly when they use radar New Orleans cos the long radar duration, but their high shell arc handicap them a bit Atlanta....the fire volumn is great....but I found many altanta players can not hit anything with those guns and Indianapolis the rate of fire and high shell arc are handicapping her just like new orleans honorable mention...Edinbrugh. AP only CL is not as scary imo. just don't go boardside to them and you'll be fine for the radar duration
  12. IJN Destroyers - Banzai!

    3 ships with the print "20" on their bow, which means the 20th DesRon / 20 Kuchikutai but they are not Fubuki, Shinonome, and Isonami judging from the newer gun turret. so they must be Asagiri, Yugiri, Amagiri, or Sagiri.... can't tell which 3 of the pic tho. some source says the pic is Asagiri, Amagiri, and Sagiri during 1941.
  13. Wanting to improve Torp DD guns

    Shiratsuyu indeed plays a bit different than Yugumo, Akatsuki, Kagero. I like to put a speed flag to makes her just a bit better in speed. her guns layout also limit they way you can turn if you choose to use your gun. a long gun fight is a no no for this ship. you can only do a few salvo, stealth back, and re-engage. Nice that her 5.8 km concealment is still good and workable. Her turning circle is small so thats good. a plus for her is she has better gun range than kagero (poor kagero) so longer fight is preferable. I still remember gunning down full health Sims, Mahan, and even the gadjah mada. positioning is really the key. its funny cos I found that gunning down other DD with IJN DD guns is fun and extremely trollish. and I make my every IJN DD able to do just that
  14. Wanting to improve Torp DD guns

    I’d say PT does open up your offensive option. It gives me a reference on should I pop smoke or not, especially I like to open fire quite a lot. Knowing no one aiming at me allow to to just keep firing without worry return fire. imo yugumo is the best IJN DD to try a more gun focus build. She has good gun range, good reload (for IJN 12.7 standard) other than yugumo, i’d say akatsuki / shiratsuyu can work too. My gun focus IJN DD gun down quite a lot of other DD tbh. The trick is to get in an advantageous position before open fire
  15. Wanting to improve Torp DD guns

    my IJN DD with 12.7cm gun run EM and BFT i didn't spend any capt. point on their torp tho (cos trolling other DD with IJN guns is fun) my shiratsuyu, kagero, yugumo, shimakaze build (with a 19pt capt) 1. PT, PM 2. EM, LS 3. SE, BFT, SI 4. CE