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  1. Asashio... Just... NO.

    If you actually manage 1/10 hit...you actually have a 10% hit rate, and that is very good already...most ppl only average 7-8% hit. It would be great if a hit rate of 10% is the average for the players.
  2. get a premium account. use every single XP flag on the ship you trying to grind through (especially during weekend 100% /200% bonus). Get good and be the top players in every single game, win, win and win. since you post this on Destroyer, so I assume you want to get to T10 for DD. to maximize DD XP, you need to 1. cap , defend cap 2. engage and kill as much DD as possbile 3. if have a choice, engage higher tier ships to maximize your XP gain hope it help. not sure why you want to get to T10 that fast......usually I stay at a tier that I really enjoy and play at that tier forever
  3. change one thing ? one is not enough. but the first thing I wanted get change is radar cannot go through mountains. I think radar is neccessary to counter stealthy / smokey ships, yet sitting behind island and use radar for the team is too high reward with low risk. (I can't even count how many new orleans sit behind island doing nothing just to use their radar in the last rank season and stall out the whole game) second, IJN torp reaction time. 5 more kt can do the trick....they just need to be 5 kt faster (Lets be fair here, give them the same reaction time as the other nations) Third, BB super pen. German DD know how painful it is. but others get this as well......stop that 43% damage hit already
  4. and the Kami R and Fujin has the pre nerf high speed, low detection torp..........the good old IJN torp. srsly.....every other IJN torp need a 5kts buff to justify for the large detection
  5. except in game the Type 93 make a foam like wake behind its tail and thus get spot from space. I guess CO2 doesn't mix well with the in-game water......
  6. Upper-Tier Skill Wall

    The Akatsuki actually play similar to Shimakaze. Fast, 3 launchers, relatively large detection for IJN DD (tho Akatsuki is much worse) I'll say if you don't like Akatsuki, you may not like Shimakaze at T10....better off just stop at T9 Yugumo
  7. Asashio... Just... NO.

    I'll take Asashio with 10km Type 90 torp with smoke and TRB + 10.4km Kagero's gun. this make a fine T8 premium DD already. BB hitting only torp + LOL AA is just too gimmicky
  8. IFHE a must on Akizuki?

    also, the HE and AP damage for the 100mm is super close. I had many games which I hit as much HE shells as AP shells. the damage total is fairly close (around 400-500 per shell) IFHE really helps to get those penatration on angled enemy DD, not using it simply saying you give up close to 40% of your potential gun damage output. This is imo the 1 must have skill for Akizuki and Harekaze 100mm. but not really useful for other ships.... its better off WG just give those 100mm better penatrations like the German HE . I guess they just don't want Akizuki and Harekaze captain to have 4 extra skill points to spare~
  9. Upper-Tier Skill Wall

    even the same line has a slightly differently style kind of ship. IJN DD for example, Shiratsuyu plays differently compare to Akatsuki just cos the slow speed and turrent placement. Akizuki is totally different from the rest. sometimes its more important to just find the right ship to play and have maximum fun than to grind all the way to T10 and realise that is not even the ship you like to play. * That's why I like premium ships. you don't need to grind. buy it and play a lot of game in her to worth every panny. most of my most played ships are premium
  10. [Insert Clickbait Title Here]

    Harekaze.......cos I love weebo ship and under age girls as captain even with short gun range, rather slow speed, marshmellow torpedo (as T8 IJN torp standard), poor health pool. I still love how trolly this ship is. Like to blast those benson / lo yang who think he can take me while chasing. still remember those moment which I deal 10k damage to a fletcher and get 2k in return
  11. Hatsuharu trade a turret for that AA as well. Or do you want WG to make a side hull like the Farragut for the other IJN DD for more AA too? (which they did in the past, and no smart player would pick that hull)
  12. No one ever say this line is AA centric. don't let the Hatsuharu and Akizuki fool you. and btw only Akizuki is a true AA ship, yet WG still refuse to give her AA consumable (cos the Kidd took it, JK) I mean, we can still say Type C gun should count too even with a lower AA stat, and we can still ask for those pathatic 4 13mm but AFAIK WG have a habit to keep a "lower than reality" AA for IJN ships. and the current Shiratsuyu is already a surprise for me (as well as Akizuki, she actually has Suzutsuki final state AA) look at Yamato...she lost all her triple mount on her turret. Nagato also lost some single mount Poor Kongo basically got stripped off don't even get me started on Atago as her twin mount are all gone
  13. reason why Hatsuharu 12.7cm count is because she use 12.7cm / 50 3rd year Type B (which have a +75 degree despite super low rate of fire) Shiratsuyu on the other hand use 12.7cm / 50 3rd year Type C (which only have a +55 degree) While they can still kinda shoot at planes.....but the effectiveness is a lot lower than the already low Type B The in game Shiratsuyu already have some "over the top" AA guns on her. while not impressive compared to others, still a lot better than the other ship uses the Type C gun (ya....the poor Kagero, and the up coming Asashio <-- early stat leak says she only has a poor 7 AA DPS as a T8) The Shigure (last shiratsuyu class to be sunk in WW2) lost her single gun turret to get 3 3x25mm 1 2x25mm 15 1x25mm 4 1x13mm The in game shiratsuyu actually kinda manage arond a same level of AA power as the Shigure without losing her 2nd gun. i guess all you can ask is really those 4 13mm . which is, tbh, trash as they have a combined DPS of 10 for 1.2km
  14. Am I the only one don't want to see TRB on shimakaze ? i don't really like the idea of putting TRB on ships that don't actually have that feature. (unlike Shiratsuyu, Kagero, Yugumo, which actually have reloads on their ships) i'd rather see a cool down buff than a TRB on shima. also, not sure if losing .1 or .2 detection on their torp will do them any thing. The Yugumo and Shima's torp did actually receive a .1km detection buff a while ago, yet I don't see much help. imo, giving those torp 5kt more is better than just buffing the detection.
  15. Ranked Harekaze Builds

    a little bit off topic but this season show all the flaws within ship balance. IJN torp for example, getting 5 more kt would make them more compititive. Radar without Line of Sight check is just a cancer and promote all the campy play style (which ironiclly is the exact problem WG wanted to solve) - Radar CA hide behind island, no one can hit them but light DD out once a while ---> DD can't really push cos the risk is simply too big to push and suddenly got light up --> BB don't push cos DD is not pushing and no one screen for them ---- sounds like a perfect recipe for a campy play vortex. in fact, there are so many matches where both team have 5 ships left and time runs out. and team without a radar ship is most likely doomed unless the enemy screwed by unlucky RNG (like a detonation) Superpen from BB AP on DD is also a huge problem. 1 over pen + 1 super pen from Alabama took 8k+ health from a DD (which is around 50% of their health) and it is really not that uncommon. expecially at higher rank, people know how to aim. (I did it to an enemy DD with my Amagi too, and I do feel sorry for him) and there are also ships that simply don't bring any much benifit to team play e.g. Hipper, Eugen, Kiev, Org Back to Harekaze.... she is still a good ship imo, but always lacking that little bit to become great. that little bit can either be more hp, faster rudder / speed, longer gun range, stronger torp, or that extra consumable like the other premium DD have. sadly she is just 1 step away.