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  1. [-I-] Impact Is Selectively Recruiting.

    We have begun recruiting again! Send myself or even better send jcf150 a pm or contact us through discord! What we are looking for has been updated.
  2. Premium Fuso

    I would gladly accept a Yamashiro at tier 6... the old Fuso stock hull was so painful.
  3. As a CC the one thing i can tell you is love what you do and show that in what you do =).
  4. hi kami....nice to speak to you sir!.....we shall welcome many to the KILL CLUB

    1. KamiSamurai


      Nice to speak to you BEASTY!


  5. KillClub

    There hasn't been something this glorious for the forums ever!
  6. KillClub

    Definitely like him more than others..
  7. KillClub

    hello WARBEASTY! I gave you your first upvote!
  8. Can i get some of those binos? Make sure they have the telescopic lenses!
  9. Finally I saw a DRAW!!!

    Draws used to be pretty common in the infant days of ships. =)
  10. SALTY, K, MIA, SF, CUTE, APOC and ZR off the top of my head would be some of the clans that I run into that are a challenge if red and good teammates if green =).