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  1. KamiSamurai

    Why Are German Battleship Guns Useless

    Well, The Gneisenau is known to be one of the more inaccurate German BBs in the game. This is due to 6 guns and average at best dispersion. The ship is not designed to sit in the back and snipe (most German BBs aren't) but the way the game is right now, it is hard to push with German BBs and be successful. You have to use cover and good timing to get really good results in German BBs. You just need to pick and choose your spots and engage. You will never "out snipe" nations with more accurate guns. Good Luck!
  2. KamiSamurai

    Purple clan seal clubbing divisions

    Haha, I am still alive. I just don't frequent the forums unless I get alerted to dumpster fires that threads like this are lol.
  3. KamiSamurai

    NA KotS XI Finals -- is on!

    Shirt and tie always @SeaRaptor!
  4. KamiSamurai

    Purple clan seal clubbing divisions

    There seems to be a common denominator in those games and it is not the unicums. JS =).
  5. KamiSamurai

    What Unicum players bring to the table

    Unicum players are the worst :). Let’s just say this, don’t complain about poor play from teammates if you aren’t willing to learn yourself. There is a reason unicum players are good at this game. They take the time to learn from their mistakes, ask for advice on ship builds and do their best to win. If you aren’t willing to do that yourself, then the problem isn’t with your teammates but with the person looking back at you in the mirror. A little advice: instead of bashing players that are better than you at a game, learn from them and ask questions. Many Unicums are more than willing to help you out! Good luck out there!
  6. Hey all, Thank you all for the kind words! Please continue to be awesome members of the community and support World of Warships through good patches and bad patches =). Please don't be too tough on Fem =). Feel free to stop by the stream or message me on the forums, I would be glad to talk to y'all! Again, good luck and fair seas!
  7. KamiSamurai

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    New Episode today! WOOOOOOOOOO!
  8. hi kami....nice to speak to you sir!.....we shall welcome many to the KILL CLUB

    1. KamiSamurai


      Nice to speak to you BEASTY!


  9. KamiSamurai

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    Big_Lou that is a valid suggestion.
  10. KamiSamurai

    Calling all YouTubers! NA only

    I guess I should add here as well =). https://www.youtube.com/channel/kamisamurai
  11. KamiSamurai

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    WE are CCs! =p.
  12. KamiSamurai

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    Thanks @JojoTheMongol we are glad you enjoyed the cast! We are doing our best to have casts that have real life heroes and then game coverage as well!
  13. KamiSamurai

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    THEE Mighty Jingles!
  14. KamiSamurai

    Master List of Podcast Episodes

    We have A LOT of exciting things coming in the future! Thanks for all your continuing support!