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  1. HullBuster1970

    Remembrance Day Request.

    Today I was shown a plaque of all the church members who lost there lives in world war one. There were 94 Names on that plaque. Just think how many gave the supreme sacrifice. We will never forget.
  2. HullBuster1970

    Remember the fallen

    Remember veterans day. 100 years ago world war one ended. The war to end all wars. Wish that was true.
  3. HullBuster1970

    Special Testing - Public CV Rework

    Just saw my email to test your new carriers gameplay. While I was waiting for the game to install I started to read the forum comments. By what I read the new system gets a 3 out of ten so I aborted the installation. WG while this concept has its merits. listen to the feedback and continue to develop this Idea but add a key to switch back and forth from cv control to plane control on the fly. I have played the cv and I am one of the 5 percent that enjoys playing it the way it is. do some major rework using the forum feedback as a reference then do another beta test. It is not even close to public testing.
  4. HullBuster1970

    Kitty Purrfurst #3 Code

    go to premium shop and input code in redeem code. THANKS FOR THE CODE.
  5. HullBuster1970

    Remembering me Father.

    Back in 2010 Dec. 2nd I lost my Dad to Cancer. He was in the Navy during Vietnam. When I play wow I remember and think of him. Thanks, WG for this game.
  6. HullBuster1970

    Saving Transylvania may be a pain...

    Had fun playing it. didn't get much for rewards. halloween camo. that's it. Have not received tier 8 Hard level 5 stars yet.
  7. I have a question. Is the public test client Deferent that the Beta test. If it is what site has the Beta test client Download?