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  1. Sibbour

    -BRS- Is looking for You

    We highly enjoyed our clan battles against y'all. Congrats on reaching Typhoon early in the season.
  2. Sibbour

    [ES] is Seeking Experienced Captains

    Thanks Nukes! It's always a blast to play against y'all.
  3. This is what to expect if you join [BUNNY]
  4. Sibbour

    In the Market for Semi-Comp to Comp

    Check us out at [ES]. I think we have what you're looking for. One caveat though is that your WoW stats profile doesn't show you as having played a tier 8 DD or CA/CL. Therefore, I can not guarantee you a clan battle spot in the current season since it looks like you'll be exclusively playing BB, of which there is only one per team.
  5. Take a look at us in [ES]. We've got a wide age range from one guy under 18 to another who is over 60. We also have around 7 active players in the clan who are military veterans or active, although we're not a military veteran focused clan. We do have a minimum stat requirements, but I checked your stats and you meet those. We are clan battles focused, but you won't be forced to play in them or be on a certain night if you don't want to. It's just heavily encouraged as part of the wider clan participation.
  6. Sibbour

    [ES] is Seeking Experienced Captains

    First two nights of clan battles this season and we're into Gale now. We've had enough to run two teams a couple of times, but we're usually one or two people short for that. Join us and there's a strong chance you'll be playing regularly if you meet the requirements. We swap out members every 3 games if we have players waiting unless it's a league promotion battle.
  7. Sibbour

    Looking for competitive clan

    Check us out at [ES]. I think we have what you're looking for.
  8. These guys are a great clan and we run scrimmages against them frequently. Definitely would recommend.