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  1. utgotye

    Holiday event 11.11 details

    Just going to work. With all of the people that will be off, it will be like free money. Online shopping and youtube for at least 6 hours, depending on exactly who is here.
  2. utgotye

    Black Friday stuff... when?

    Should be tomorrow. Last year it was Nov 17.
  3. I feel you. I'm hanging on because I have gotten the daily every single day for the last 14+ months without fail. Once that streak is broken, I'm sure I will taper off noticeably.
  4. Agreed. This is a key point. Seems like it's usually July/August. Ships added in/after those months would not be in said years Santa crates.
  5. utgotye

    Changes to the Santa's gifts in 2022

    A quick check reveals 30+ ships that might be available. There are a number of questions marks though. That said, having a few more tier IX ships added to the tier IX container bodes well for their addition to Santa crates. Malta - No Alvaro - No Forrest Sherman - (Q1 2022?) - maybe Black - (Q2 2022) - No Dalian (Feb 2022) - Yes Giuseppe Verdi (Dec 2021) - Yes Iwami (July 2022) - maybe Carnot (Sep 2021) - Yes Kearsarge (Oct 2021) - Yes Tulsa (Nov 2021) - Yes Aquila (July 2022) - maybe Anhalt - No Hornet (April 2022) - Yes Hampshire (Aug 2022) - No San Diego (Jul 2022) - maybe Toulon (May 2022) - Yes Collingwood (July 2022) - maybe FR 25 (Q1 2022) - Yes Rio de Janeiro (Sep 2022) - No
  6. utgotye

    Changes to the Santa's gifts in 2022

    Wait for the information before making any decisions. The list of ships will be the primary thing for me. There are eight ships on that rare/removed list that I don't have and I really don't care about the Immelmann. Hayate, Salem Neutrashimy and Marceau I can get whenever I choose. That leaves Smaland, Jean Bart (have the B version) and Kutuzov. It's unfortunate that they removed the Kamikaze, Kamikaze R and Fujin. Those are ships I might actually be interested in. If WG continues with the apparently policy on not including ships released in the last 3-4 months on (say Aug and later) in the Santa boxes, the list of added ships shouldn't be too big.
  7. utgotye

    Thanks bunches for the tier 3 Halloween ops......

    Play in a division and you can still choose the other operations.
  8. utgotye

    Puerto Rico Dockyard(2) Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Benham + Okhotnik for torp mission Smolensk + Yoshino for fires. US + German secondary BBs for potential damage mission
  9. utgotye

    fix the indianapolis

    I think I'm supposed to tell you to "just dodge".
  10. utgotye

    Puerto Rico Dockyard(2) Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Torps mission was Benham + Okhotnik. Think it took 7-8 games. Stalingrad took care of the cruisers. Think it took five games but there were two games were I only got one each. Ohio + Kurfurst knocked out BB mission in about 6-7 games. Free XP is half done in two days, credits is 2/3 done. Finish those by tomorrow night and just plod along on the base XP through the weekend, perhaps into next week if I find something better to do. Easiest ones yet.
  11. utgotye

    60G for this program

    Why? Drive space is cheap. Hell you can easily get a 1TB SATA SSD just for your games for $60.
  12. utgotye

    W.O.A.T. Ship

    Tier for tier, this can be no worse than top three. I can think of tier VI BB's I'd rather be bottom tier in than play this as top tier.