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  1. utgotye

    New Jersey and Wisconsin

    South Dakota is another obvious omission. Given that she was actually configured differently than her sisters, you could find a way to differentiate her. Lower her AA values due the fact she had fewer AA guns and building something in to reflect that she was configured as a fleet flagship. She was Chester Nimitz's flagship at the surrender ceremony and was supposed to host the signing itself. It was actually announced as such but it was changed a mere five days before the event.
  2. Who pays hundreds of dollars a month? Often times a $50 investment in premium time around Xmas will last you the whole year. How many days a week are you playing and for how long per day?
  3. Got mine last year in a Xmas box. It's easily the most point and click ship in my port. Pre-subs, it was a guaranteed 60 - 80k damage in any coop game. Only time you didn't is if you were unlucky with dispersion in a game or when/if the bots all went to other way. Still got nice range but obviously you don't hit as often.
  4. utgotye

    New coal ships on the horizon?

    I would not be surprised to see Carnot or Tulsa be 1.5 million Free XP.
  5. utgotye

    Rediculous Mission Requirements...

    Then do those things and the potential damage will come. I'm pushing 15 million after getting the cruiser mission done Monday and snoozing my way through coop games trying the get MB hits. Finish that tomorrow maybe, but probably have a few hundred left for Thursday. Going into Friday's Naval Battles I expect to only need another 8-9 million, which is easily accomplished over the weekend by knocking off flakes for Anniversary tokens. At no point have I given more than a passing thought to that mission. It's not like I have to do anything other than press "Battle" in order to finish it.
  6. Tachibana L - $1 Smith - $1 Huanghe - $5 Texas - Can't recall (charity stream) Pyotr Bagration - (can't recall, maybe $40) LOVED everything about the Tallinn except the suicide torps. I'll trade one rear turret for 2x the torp range (and a heal) Most of he rest have been coal, free XP or via various boxes that I received or purchased at a discount. Others were purchased with doubloons I received in boxes or as compensation (tier V boxes, for example). I have also put some money into each dockyard to make sure I get the ship. Figure $150 for the dockyard ships and all of the associated goodies). The answer to the OP's question is don't pay full price for anything. :)
  7. I got it on pull 12. My dad got it on 14 so between the two of us we broke even on the cost plus we each ended up with 100 or so dragon flags.
  8. utgotye

    BXP Grind

    44k is basically get your daily missions every day for a week. Not really a problem, even in coop.
  9. Careful. You are taking a risky action in the hopes of a desired result.
  10. Your colloquial definition is meaningless. By the same definition, everything is life is a gamble. They should change the rating of the game to AO because that 14 year old kid gambled by sailing around that island without popping his radar or hydro first! He could have had his pixel boat sunk! Grab your torches and pitchforks! Correct, you are also paying for the opportunity to see the next bundle. You are not required to purchase just because the contents are revealed to you. It is not WG's responsibility to protect you from yourself. At some point personal responsibility has to enter the equation. And there's nothing wrong with that.
  11. Gambling involves risk of loss. There is no risk of loss in a lootbox as it will always have something in it. The current random bundles for Missouri are also not gambling, even less so in fact. You can see exactly what you are getting as well as what you are paying for it.
  12. utgotye

    Server stability is garbage.

    By the same logic, it makes no sense that thousands of other players have no issues whatsoever. Occam's razor applies here. I would suggest a clean install as well.
  13. The point is that the spade is not the spade as evidenced by the fact that there's disagreement. Since the legal definition is the only once that governs what is going on here (from WG's perspective), it's the only one I'm concerned with. What individuals think/feel about this mechanic is meaningless with respect to any action/reaction WG might take, as I mentioned above. Legislation or collective action by the customer base, without one or both, there is no reason to shy away from a perfectly legal way to make money (which is the whole point). Again, do like like the way the game has become overly monetized over the last...three years? Not particularly. Do I spend money on the game? Only for premium time when i feel I need it as well as some Xmas boxes. I am considering investing a modest sum in this endeavor because the math works out pretty well in my case. YMMV.
  14. Technically yes. You spent money and received something. If your ticket wasn't the winner, you received a slip of paper. There is/was no risk of loss. If you are not willing to receive that which has the least value (to you) you should not participate. The legal definition is the only one that matters. Don't forget, you have an alternative if all you want is the Missouri: complete the campaign and purchase her outright for cash. That might be what it FEELS like you are doing but it's not actually the case. You are paying 1500 dubs for the bundle in front of you as well as the opportunity to see the next one. Don't like the mechanic? Vote with your wallet. There are only two realistic ways to stop this sort of thing: legal/legislative action and a marked change in customer behavior. I don't particularly care for it myself, particularly when it comes to items that are "event-specific". With this one in particular, since there's an alternative way to get it without participating in the bundles, I really don't have much of a problem. At present, I have no plans to participate beyond completing the web campaign (to give myself the option). I will also pick up the tier II-IV container and possibly spend the 4000 dubs I got from the dockyard tier V container on 2-3 bundles. I may go up to the tier VI container (5500 dubs) because that's roughly the break even point doubloon-wise based on the rewards one receives, regardless of whether or not one ends up with Missouri. I would end up with more-or-less the same number of dubs I currently have, 100ish more dragon flags, and the opportunity to have seen about a dozen of the bundles (almost 30%). The tier VII box would cost an additional (net) 3500 dubs, not a ridiculous investment...we'll see. The tier VIII container is probably a bridge too far for me considering the ships I'm likely to receive. For 45000 doubloons (27000 net): Tier II-IV ship (2000 dubs) 4000 dubs 5500 dubs 8500 dubs Tier VIII ship (11000 dubs) Hundreds of dragon flags (60 dubs a piece by the math) I come up with 49000 dubs of value and I will see 3/4 of the bundles. You are guaranteed to get it.
  15. If the box in front of you has nothing of value, why would you buy it? To see the next one? Then that's what you are buying, the opportunity to see the next one. If you don't like what's in the next one...so? Either buy the one after that, or don't. Hell, even anteing in a card game isn't gambling. I am simply paying the fee required to participate in the next hand/the fee required to actually get cards, be they a great hand or not. I pay 1500 dubs to get something. I always receive something of value in return for my dubs. I'm not gambling on anything with the next box because I am assured that there will be a next box and I am assured the box will contain something of value. Whether that something is worth the 1500 dubs is a personal judgment. I get what you people think you are trying to say but I disagree wholeheartedly. There is NOTHING compelling you, me or anyone else from participating in this or anything else like this. You either buy 1, 2, 5, 18, 41...whatever bundles or you don't. Still want the Missouri but don't want to deal with the bundles? Due to the unending generosity of our benefactors (/s) you can complete the campaign and purchase her for cash. The bundles exist if you wish to purchase them with an eye towards paying less than full price while receiving other goodies like dragon flags or camos as well as tokens that can be traded for premium ships, commanders...etc. Should they ever be the only method by which someone can obtain and even related item such as Missouri? No, I don't think they should. Easiest way to change that is to not buy them.