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  1. KM BB have been powercreeped by CL - wooster and smol in particular. Closing to secondary range? Not happening, HE spam and fires will 100-0 you before you can get within 11km - notably, though, you will bounce every AP shot fired at you unless it's from a Russian ship because those things have enough accuracy to hit your turrets/barbettes and citadel you. Now, if KM BB were somehow very fire resistant and or had superstructure armor that couldn't simply be HE damage farmed? They'd be usable. As is right now? You can't use their secondaries and their main guns are... ridiculously bad - like miss a broadside Yamato at 3km bad. For a line advertised as "close in an punish your enemies", there sure is a huge problem with the "close in" part.
  2. reaper_swpz

    Designer Hatred of Carriers and Air Wings?

    The primary issue I find with CV is that since the rework, CV are unable to influence the outcome of any match. Pre rework, the alpha strike allowed CV to dispatch high value targets through well placed manual drops. This in turn allowed one's team to follow through. Same goes with fighter cover, a good CV player would be able to defend one's team at the same time. CV no longer have any of these. No damage, no spotting ability, no ability to defend teammates. They're basically a point and click class who's only function is to attack DD who are dumb enough to have AA enabled. The rework made it idiot friendly, so anyone can use some rocket planes, take off and do "some" damage. Where as before, if you couldn't fighter strafe, you lost the match automatically. Now, doesn''t matter how good you as a CV player, you can't influence the outcome of a match that's going south. Before, at least you could take out the 1-2 players on the other team who were doing the majority of the damage to give your team a break. RTS CV were fine and all that was needed to go was the fighter strafe function. But that's not how WG rolled, they basically spent a lot of money into redeveloping a class only to make it utterly useless a few updates later. Strange business decision for sure.
  3. reaper_swpz

    WGing needs to redo their AA ratings

    My 7.2km range 1k DPS builds on Iowa would beg to differ. 100 meant 100 - ie, a no fly zone.
  4. reaper_swpz

    Screwed up CVs

    Air spotting needs to be increased. CV half the time can't even see their target before AA kills half the flight. Then of course, you can either circle back and lose more planes or F and launch a new attack guessing at where they will be (you have a better idea this time). It's funny WG spent so much effort into reworking CV only to make them useless.
  5. There is, it's called a paid hack. You know, those people shooting behind mountains perfectly on first go? Yeah., those guys. Basically what used to be the aim assist mod that bots have.
  6. reaper_swpz

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    Mass runs at 28.9 knots with flag. The guns are fine. 1.1 is hardly enough to outrun her reliably before those secondaries do significant damage. Then there's the issue of having to turn around, that turn, could land you in trouble as it is unless your starting position was pointed away from the Mass at which point I'd have to wonder what you're doing in a brawler BB but ready to run away from the fight. Bismarck class is gimped by the 15" main battery which can be bow tanked by certain CA. The South Dakota class has no such issues in comparison as the 16" is enough to overmatch anything short of a BB bow. The former has to rely on secondaries to whittle said CAs down while shooting at other targets or changing to HE. If you're facing something like a DM though? You're screwed. Neither Mass nor Alabama would be screwed in such a scenario, rather the DM would be headed to the bottom in short order if they were bow tanking an advance.
  7. reaper_swpz

    Nerf CV AA

    I'd say nerf everyone's AA. CV lose far too many planes simply to attack, deal far less potential damage than guns or torpedoes and take 1-2 minutes to "reload" - that is, to fly back. As it stands they're nothing more than a nuisance on any ship - even a BB like Musashi (rather notorious for having no AA) can simply laugh at CV attacks with impunity. Bar some very lucky DoT activation, the BB won't die. On AA ships, say an Alabama? I can face down a Midway/Hakuryu, shoot down enough planes for an air defense medal - and not die. Hell, I'll wipe half their attack before they can even drop and kill another 25-50% after the drop. Pair that with another Alabama or a Massachusetts? Completely invincible. Don't even need the flak, 2k damage a second will melt any tier of planes. Every class has a distinct threat that can either melt you down incessantly or dev strike. In short, they're actually threatening to be attacked by. DD: invisible torpedoes/torpedoes/HE CL: HE/AP/torpedoes CA: HE/AP/torpedoes BB: AP/HE (RN & secondaries)/torpedoes (some) CV: 1 attack run of 10k damage every 2 minutes? -- I'm a BB main by the way. And yes I want all AA nerfed, including BB AA.
  8. reaper_swpz

    CVs, a serious conversation.

    I miss the old RTS CV. I'll take cross dropping 2+ squadrons of TB on DD over whatever these rocket planes are - they're just not as good.
  9. Anything based around "brawling" is a stupid idea in the current state of the game. The prevalence of HE spam makes it impossible to fight at anything but max CL range - which is about 20km.
  10. In this game, ships with fewer numbers of larger guns with a slow ROF are eaten alive by ships with larger numbers of smaller guns with a high ROF unless the gun disparity isn't large enough to matter. Not the other way around. I question whether or not Siegfried will even be useful given 6 guns in tier 10 when every other CA/CL has 9-15? Add in Russian imagination of "German accuracy" and we're sure to have a winner. Historically the idea behind big gun ships was that even if they had fewer guns, a single hit from a large projectile would be more devastating that even a dozen hits from smaller projectiles. For example, a single 15" shell would doom any CA/CL yet those same ships could take multiple 8" hits and still stay in the fight. This was the logic where the twins being upgunned would be equipped with 6x15 rather than 9x11 - but in this game, obviously 9x11 is superior because damage per shell isn't realistically scaled.
  11. reaper_swpz

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    Torpedoes in the current day HE spam everything doesn't do much anymore. Tirpitz was good in its day, it's one of my best ships - before HE spammer CL became a major thing. I'd settle for less derpy guns, rest is fine.
  12. KM BB should be given the same accuracy buff the Russians get at close range. They're brawlers, that can't hit the broad side of barn at brawling range. In lieu of an accuracy buff, improving the secondaries (Massachusetts stats and +1km range?), maybe giving them better fire resistance or damage saturation on the superstructure that's realistic and not 75% of HP? So they can actually close the range without being shredded by HE spamming CL. It's quite disappointing to try to close in as a KM BB only to lose 80% of your HP in short order and be forced to back line snipe because 20km range CL is apparently a good idea. Alternatively nerf all those 130+mm CL ranges to 15km and remove the ability to mount a range module. Without CL HE spammers, brawler BB can actually survive to move up. This might be the better route as the existing balance of most other ships wouldn't be affected as they might be with a blanket KM BB buff.
  13. *Fires salvo* *Visibly misses on every shot due to RNG dispersion* *BOOM!* "wut."
  14. Good, this way a CV can't boost and instantly spot an entire enemy fleet and their deployment before anyone's even moved into position. With the delay, almost everyone will at least have had the time to split into their preferred locations without the CV being immediately able to identify where the other team is headed. I imagine this has less to do with damage and more to do with the instant spotting issue. What's the point if a single CV can instantly spot everything making it moot where you go?