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  1. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    Just got my second one. He was in a Roma and I got him with a triple citadel in my NC. When do we get the rewards?
  2. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    Just got Corgi 168. He was in a Moskva and I got him with my Ibuki.
  3. Release the Pups!

    I just took out Corgi 168. They were in a Moskva and I got them with a lucky fire kill with my Ibuki flamethrower. I think four different ships were shooting at him at the same time but I came away with the kill.
  4. British Aircraft Carrier lines

    They are saying the fact its not a STOBAR is something not to like about it. Which is true considering being a STOVL limits the kind of planes it can use. Then you have the fact that what planes it can deploy have a limited amount of weight they can takeoff with. Which means a pretty significant reduction in fuel and ammo for your airwings.
  5. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    I like how Lockheed was like "We stuck a bunch of hellfires and a laser on it." Then you have the Independence class that just has launchers strapped to every inch of spare space they could find. I think Navantia's looks like the most standard and probably reliable design.
  6. Naval and Defense News (cont.)

    Getting a laser and serving as flagship during RIMPAC. Looks like the LPD Portland is going to have an interesting year after its commissioning. https://news.usni.org/2018/01/10/lpd-portland-selected-host-onr-laser-weapon-demonstrator-serve-rimpac-2018-flagship
  7. We Should Be Ashamed

    Then you should prove us all wrong by buying the ship yourself and being the first to show us how not horrible it is.
  8. We Should Be Ashamed

    You and I clearly have different opinions on what an ok game is. I suck at CV and shudder to think how I would perform with the Graf Zeppelin if all these reviewers are having so much trouble with it.
  9. We Should Be Ashamed

    I've already watched his review and a half dozen others, and I stand by what I said. He has no reason to apologize because the ship is not a finished product, and certain WG employees deserve to be demoted or terminated for this mess.
  10. We Should Be Ashamed

    Try telling this guy the Graf isn't bad.
  11. #ChaseGate

    Haha, they got rid of the thread about alternative games to play after like two replies. My comment isn't even in my profile anymore.
  12. In the past year or so they have lost $150 premium time, around 12,000 doubloons($51), and the Enterprise($60 I think). So that's around $260 they've convinced me not to spend on this game since last summer.
  13. We Should Be Ashamed

    iChase has zero reason to apologize to these fools, and they deserve every bit of criticism they have been getting.

    If I performed this poorly at my job I would be fired in a heartbeat. So why should they not be criticized?