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  1. Then you should prove us all wrong by buying the ship yourself and being the first to show us how not horrible it is.
  2. You and I clearly have different opinions on what an ok game is. I suck at CV and shudder to think how I would perform with the Graf Zeppelin if all these reviewers are having so much trouble with it.
  3. I've already watched his review and a half dozen others, and I stand by what I said. He has no reason to apologize because the ship is not a finished product, and certain WG employees deserve to be demoted or terminated for this mess.
  4. Try telling this guy the Graf isn't bad.
  5. Haha, they got rid of the thread about alternative games to play after like two replies. My comment isn't even in my profile anymore.
  6. In the past year or so they have lost $150 premium time, around 12,000 doubloons($51), and the Enterprise($60 I think). So that's around $260 they've convinced me not to spend on this game since last summer.
  7. iChase has zero reason to apologize to these fools, and they deserve every bit of criticism they have been getting.
  8. If I performed this poorly at my job I would be fired in a heartbeat. So why should they not be criticized?
  9. Rage on my brothers! Really though its sad to see how bad things are getting. Looks like I'm going another year without spending money on this game.
  10. I haven't been able to justify spending money on this game in over a year. The Enterprise was the one ship I was going to buy this year, but they really turned me off from it.
  11. Since they couldn't dodge a ship that takes miles to change course I'd say their level of seamanship is pretty obvious.
  12. F35 demo at the Paris Air Show. Its flight envelope is still limited to 7 Gs here, but its getting closer to its full 9 G envelope.
  13. The Ford completed its first launching and landing of an aircraft.
  14. Its RT the one place you can find more scumbags than Fox.
  15. She still wont be deployed until the early 2020s.