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What do you get when you cross Floridian motherhood with Canadian Fatherhood, someone who hates both hot and cold weather and stays inside to play games and watch the most ecchi and stupid shows on both Netflix and Crunchyroll. I enjoy anything from House of Cards, to those ship anime shows/games. I play A LOT of World of Warships, I used to play World of Tanks. Also, Armoured Warfare, great game too. Single player games are always special (sometimes people in MMO's suck butt big time). I used to be in the Fleet of Fog, now I am in the Dirty Dozen, feel free to check us out if you feel it!  Also, my waifu is Atago from Aoki Hagane, NOT Kantai Collection. 


Now, I am not a superstar at any of these games, so help is always appreciated. Pleased to make your acquaintance.