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  1. You guys are mean for keeping your discord private, I promise I have many many many good pics and memes if you let me in C:<
  2. Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    I don't mean to be a [edited], or an [edited] about this, but the Nicholas, Farragut, Mahan didn't have the mark 38s, they had an older version that led up to it. :P p.s. good review :)
  3. Hangout by the Sea

    This is hilarious, I love it!
  4. Mogami Fan Club

    I need to rebuy the Mogami.
  5. This Article is Created for General Use for Everyone. Warships is by far the slowest of Wargaming's World of- franchise, with this comes a lot of room for planning and implementing successful tactics upon your foes. Now, I am not a Uni player in WoWs, but I do have a relative idea on how to play the majority of ships. Here, we will be discussing how each mechanic and ship function is vital to your team and achieving victory. Comments are appreciated, but try to keep hateful comments away. Be supportive! Let us get started shall we? Part 1: Team Etiquette: Before we figure out ship basics, working as a team is the most important key to success in this game, just ask countless blue and purple players about it. Another thing along with teamwork, make friends and form divisions, working with even just a small number of people, may be enough to carry a team. When playing solo or even in a division, try communicating with your team. Even if its just simple commands like: Cleveland escort a BB, or we need a CL/CA to protect our carriers, and so on. Be quick and to the point, and you will be surprised on who will listen. Remember this, everyone wants to win so use that argument. Next segment, if your team doesn't take your advice or some do and some don't, then all is not lost. You are still in the battle to make a change. When soloing or in a division left to your lonesome, take every precaution necessary to not die if you can win by points, if not, always look for advice via your fallen comrades. You can take new information too (works both ways). In short, you will become a much more successful Captain if you work like a real fleet. Part 2: Ships in General: This will be short and concise, each ship class plays very different from each other so finding your mojo is important. Playing a ship you don't like puts you at a disadvantage, so learn to be better in it (I will discuss later) or stop playing it entirely. Warships is all about how good you are at holding up your end of the stick. When playing, never over exert you ship beyond its capabilities, for example; try not to engage a battleship in a light cruiser on your own, yes you might win, but you stand a high chance of dying. A dead ship is not a fighting one. Always make the decision that best fits your ship, some ships are much more versatile than others, so find your niche category. Part 3: Cruisers: Ahhh, the first ship you ever touch and the most versatile of all the ship classes, the mighty cruiser! Cruisers in short play like support ships, you never want to soak the damage (battleship), nor can you do a massive ton of damage (most likely up to tier 7) like a destroyer. Cruiser play an important role in Warships as they can give support to friendly battleships by shooting their targets and doing indirect damage via fires and floods. Being shot at in a cruiser should only happen if you are alone, to far front or making yourself easy to hit. When playing most cruisers, your guns are your best ally, so using them at appropriate times is key, for example; helping your battleships with pesky destroyers and aircraft, wolf packing enemy battleships with cruisers and destroyers and protecting carriers from incoming air attacks. In short, cruisers can be a variety of roles and in numbers, they achieve true strength. Part 4: Destroyers: Probably your second class of ship to play with and by far the most varied internally. As a rule of thumb across all destroyer lines is that you are the scout and silent enemy (this comes with exceptions, but those are the exception not the rule) A spotted destroyer is a dead one, so being perceptive is key to your destroyer mastery as you do not have the health to take hits nor the numbers (generally) to wolf pack together makes destroyers one of the better solo grinding ships. To start, find you destroyer's niche, if US, gun boat is your best bet, Russian? Gunboat and small cruiser may work for you, IJN? Never be seen, ever. These are basic guidelines, gunboat: hunt other destroyers as you primary objective (specifically IJN ones) and give assistance in covering capture points and so one. Gunboats are best working together to better chances. Silent hunters like the IJN destroyer line, are the solo ones. For these destroyers, hunting the enemy big game such as battleships and carriers are you priority. When you reach about tier 7, you do gain a small gunboat ability, but only use it for self defense if possible, you torpedoes make you dangerous, not your guns. Now being perceptive means, to always watch for other destroyers and aircraft. Keeping yourself hidden until you are ready to attack can prove to be game changing. Also, look out for other torpedoes and note suspicious things, as you should be furthest up. In short for destroyers, hunt other destroyers and fish for the big game. Part 5: Battleships: Battleships, the most frustrating of all the classes in my opinion. Battleships are almost useless except for two things, really big and long range guns, and a lot of hp and armour. This makes you a priority target on the "hit list." In battleships, always stick with others. If you don't, enemy destroyers can get to you, better enemy BBs can hit you or you could be mauled by 4 different cruisers. Suddenly that 60k hp disappears and you are dead. When playing BBs, always fire AP at your targets (switch to HE when dealing with DDs or heavily angled BBs). AP can cause citadel penetrations which can give you a boost in you fighting. When using AP, aim for the waterline of ships, and actively dictate how much lead to give a target. To add with the AP ammo, it will definitely not give cits every time, that is just RNG. So from ammo we move to mobility, always vary your speed and course (turn periodically). Especially do this when you KNOW torpedoes are coming, listen for the indicator and turn and slow down. Right click to temporarily look around in third person to find the torpedoes. When engaging multiple targets and you are the last one alive in that fight, try to create a "Rear War" or run away and keep them at bay with your rear guns until you can make it to others or others make it to you. This tactic best limits your ship size to hit and solves most torpedo problems by heading away from them. Also in battleships, get cruisers to help you. Like in the cruiser panel, they can help in all the roles you can't, like killing DDs and providing AA. In short, use your BB appropriately at times, brawl when necessary and have help. Part 6: Carriers: This is my last part for this section, if it becomes popular enough and garners support, I will try to do individual ship help. Anyways, carriers, the hardest and the most important ship to play. Carriers range in roles, but it mainly boils down to two, Air Superiority and Strike. The fore includes fighter heavy loadouts to deal with enemy carriers in battle. The majority of AS CVs lie in the USN line. To use your AS abilities, fighters will be your attackers and since most carry a squad of dive bombers, they will be you scouts. What do you mean dive bomber scouts??? Well, let me back up. Carrier basics, press ~alt~ key for alternative attacks (fighters get strafe runs, Dive and Torpedo bombers get manual selection). With AS loadouts, drop your Dive Bomber payload into the ocean, but instead of them resupplying, have them scout out enemy planes and capture points/ships. You will notice that they have a significant increase in speed. After your bombers distract the enemy CV (he doesn't know they are empty) use your fighters to attack. Now those were just the beginning, when fighting an enemy, fighting in your territory always brings a home team advantage. In WoWs CV gameplay, make the enemy CV bring his planes to your ships. They will provide you AA cover and piss off the enemy plane pilots. I cannot tell you how many times I have lost an entire squad due to an AA bonus for my foes. Also with AS CVs, protect your ships and yourself, the enemy CV might try to get you. Now before we jump to Strike CVs, cruisers come back to help once again. When driving a CV, don't be afraid to ask for CA/CL escort for the first few minutes. Enemy CVs (especially IJN ones) my try to strike you down near the beginning. A tell tale sign for this is, if you do not see his planes, run! Moving along, strike CVs are important to keeping surface ship balance. Using your torpedo bombers are a very important thing, their is a time and a place for everything and in TBs use the ~alt~ mode and manually lay your target area, especially with BBs, instead of one or two hits, you may get three or four. With DBs, try to set up the ship lengthwise rather than sidewise on. More of your bombs will land this way. When moving your planes, keep them close to friends to keep the enemy CV from shooting them down. In short, CVs support surface vessels in strike formats, or deal with enemy CVs that can pose a risk to surface ships. This for the most part concludes my first strategic guide, it may not be the best, but I tried working as best I could. If you would like me to do specific classes and ships, just show your support in the comments, thank you and enjoy!
  6. I find this really, really important. Try playing with others, when your team won't listen (It happens more often than not), having trustee partners who work and provide ideas to go about things is really important. Whole team working is better, by any means, but three is still better than one. One twig = Weak, Two twigs = Strong, Three twigs = Stronger, More twigs = Strongest.
  7. Interesting, to say the least. My stats are average pretty much across the board except battles and average xp. As far as getting better, I am trying to learn how to play the different classes better. This has helped me tremendously, in your case, you are average and well above it. Don't worry about what others say. To be bad at something at first is how we learn, when we learn, we get better. Good luck!
  8. Mogami Fan Club

    I just got my hands on the Ibuki and..... wait for it...... It is a Mogami with slightly better armour, double the AA, tad slower, gets more range, BB repair and...... thats it. Oh torpedo arc is a "little" better and you do get 67 knot torpedoes instead of 62. Other than that, read my earlier posts on this to see how to play the Mogami and you will know the Ibuki as well. Good ships if played to their strengths.
  9. Fubuki is my home ship

    I am having the same problem, the 15km torps I find a little too slow. Still not sure whether the speed upgrade over range is worth it in the long run.
  10. Furutaka = crap

    I see a little team damage done on that first screenshot
  11. Mogami Fan Club

    Well I have had the Mogami for a while, started hating it even more when I got the Fubuki. After I had two absolutely terrible Fubuki matches, I did two in my Mogami. The first was a defeat, where I did over 83k damage and got my second witherer medal (my first was also in the Mogami). The next, I ended up killing a Yamato and a Montana class T10 battleship and survived to the end. The latter was a good match, but I was still outclassed by my team's superstars. Sorry, about screenshots, I have them if anyone wants to see. The website say they are too large to upload.
  12. Mogami Fan Club

    I have a real love-hate relationship with this vessel. When I first got it around November last year it definitely a different style of ship compared to the Myoko (Which I thought was great, but still no Aoba!). I felt the 155mm guns were alright, but the rate of fire felt low for a cruiser of her tier to be using those guns. Anyways, I got AFT and starting liking the ship a little more, because I will trade RoF for range almost any day on cruiser. When I got ship to elite status, I switched to the 203mm guns and felt them under powered in the AP sense and the HE was alright, but I had neither the range or RoF, like the 155 ones. When AFT was rebalanced, I switched exclusively to the 203 guns, and gradually started liking them more, adjusting for my passive/aggressive playstyle and using my "teammates" for targets and then wailing on them as a result. Also, torps really save me while playing in this thing. Ever since the AFT, I have come to really like ship now. And this is the reason why the Mogami will never be sold like my Aoba and Myoko. (Plus I have a really flipping cool Suzuya skin for it with awesome turret writing)
  13. Please Help me with Mogami!

    I am stuck on the Mogami myself, and too be honest, I dislike it to the Aoba and Myoko. Since I still need about another 30k for the Ibuki and the AFT nerfed made the 6 inch guns nearly useless, I have been perfecting a new style to play this vessel. When I play the Mogami, I mainly use HE with the 8 inch guns, seems off but I will elaborate a little later. Since the Mogami is insanely fast compared to her other cruiser counterparts, filing not far behind destroyers can be a good tactic if they are aggressive. If not, then sticking with other cruisers is an almost necessity. The Mogami's lack of armour and easy to hit citadel make it a juicy target for battleships and other heavy cruisers. Too counter this, having team-mates "willing" to get hit closer to the enemy is something needed. This allows you to not be shot at and still rack up the damage points. Another limiting factor of the Mogami, are the guns. Before the AFT nerf, the 6 inch guns were well worth using, but after the nerf, each is about the same. Niether are great in reload or range compared the Myoko. With this, having team-mates getting hit for you a plus. Now the Mogami has craparmour, so brawling is a last case scenario and for some reason, it is a real heartache to get any sort of damage done with AP on the 6 or 8 inch guns, HE is about the only consistent ammo choice. When brawling, you will suffer serious damage because of your lack of armour and horrendous rate of fire. Now, the trump card, the torpedoes. I feel the torpedoes are about the only thing that makes me come back to this otherwise sub-par ship. Torpedoes are great for covering a retreat against pursuing enemy vessels, considering you can launch up to 16 of them. When brawling, even you time your torp attack correctly, they will hinder your enemy greatly. I find that this ship becomes much stronger as time goes on in a battle. Using its speed to keep up with the more slower destroyers and versatility of being nill-strong in anyone category except maybe torpedo armament, makes this ship a very hard ship to master. By the time you read this, you may be already past it, but it works with other similar ships (i.e.) Pensacola, New Orleans, Ibuki.