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    Random chat ban

    For some reason, I have been banned from typing in chat until the 16th. I can't remember saying anything that would result in a ban, or having received any warnings about my conduct in chat either. Has this happened to anyone else? I saw the notification after I logged in this morning, as I didn't play yesterday after the update had finished.
  2. I actually like by VU. Her dispersion reminds me of the pre-global nerf Nikolai. Whenever I take her out,, I'm often landing half or 3/4 of the shells I fire, if I aim them right (More often than not, it's my fault I miss because I sometimes have trouble leading targets). I forgot to screenshot the results, but I had a game where by just going bow in, I held off a push on the C cap of Fault Line. I ended up with over 1m potential damage on her, used up all my heals, and only died because a destroyer got around behind me and got his torps off before my teammates could put him down. My damage wasn't spectacular (I think something like 60K, IIRC), but I was shooting at cruisers and destroyers, so lots of overpens. Yeah, she's slow and has next to no AA, but I can work with that. I just play her as a second-line ship, usually div'd up with another battleship or cruiser who will stick by me and give me a little AA cover (For all the good it does these days, even Texas' AA has it's issues with range and damage)
  3. Sergeant_0ddball

    Is there any point in going for the Pan-Asian DDs?

    Torpedo Protection System, IIRC. It replaces Target Acquisition system, and vigilance ups the range to around 2k, IIRC. So you're sailing around with a permanent Hydro
  4. With the upcoming new module that will detect torps from 1.5KM (IIRC) away no matter what, and stacks with Vigilance, is there any point in going up the Pan-Asian DD line now? They are outclassed as gunboats, and now their biggest advantage, the stealthy deepwater torpedoes are getting a hard nerf. Honestly, I'm having a hard time seeing a reason to go up that line. By "outclassed as gunboats", I don't mean they are unviable. I just mean there are better ships out there if you want to go the gunboat line.
  5. Sergeant_0ddball

    Wargaming - Let’s start 2020 off right!

    The main reason I have next to no steel is that Clan Battles are at awful times for a lot of people. I got to work an hour before Clan Battles start on NA. I wish WG would add some more hours to the CB, like a "midday weekend" time for those of us that either work nights or have odd schedules.
  6. Sergeant_0ddball

    Will WG nerf OP premium ships ?

    Once again, I'd like to remind people that WG's idea of "rebalancing" GC was to move it up a tier and do nothing else. No other changes. I would be fine with minor changes to stats, but to just move a ship from one tier to the other with no changes is a major issue.
  7. And this is why I wish WG had kept the individual circles for the different AA ranges
  8. Agreed on that last point. Changing to stop a new plane dropping in would also make a fighter consumable a little more useful. It's one thing to see "X planes shot down by fighter", but not know if they were shot down after the drop or before, because you still got hit by a full-strength run unless the squad started out understrength
  9. Honestly, I just wish that, if you knock out a plane on an attack run, the attack run would continue without that plane instead of a new one magically diving in mid-run to drop it's payload. That would make all the difference to me, IMO. Kinda frustrating to have my Texas shoot down 3 planes in an attack run and still get hit, instead of stopping THAT run. The CV would have more planes to try again, but would have to come around and try the attack.
  10. I have maybe played 4 or 5 matches since the rework went live. The AA Nerf hit my Texas and Atlanta hard. When a DD is shooting down more planes than a battleship that is literally bristling with AA guns, there is a bit of a problem. I am tired of feeling helpless when wave after wave of planes is sent my way. I can no longer scout like I used to in a DD because of planes just loitering in an area, the radar meta kills me any time I fire a shot, and I can't respond to being HE spammed to death in a BB when a cruiser is hiding behind an island and lobbing shells over it. There have been a lot of reasons that I have scaled back my playing, but the AA rework is what killed this game for me.
  11. Sergeant_0ddball

    Who have you seen in game

    I ran into @LittleWhiteMouse a few weeks ago on Twin Brothers in her Belfast. I came around the corner in my Benson, saw a Belfast, dumped my torps and pulled a 180 under smoke and speed boost.She ended up sinking me, but I got the last laugh. She had popped her smoke and either didn't see the incoming torps or just didn't have time to maneuver. Shortly after that, another ship got sunk by my torps, earning me a double strike. I didn't notice the name attached to the Belfast until I saw the kill notification.
  12. nice Conrail U-boat