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  1. @JollyRoger6969, @iEarlGrey, @iKami, Will do our best in both of my Clans to help out, myself being a 30 Year Vet, and some of our members are 70 Years old we understand to well this time of the year, Thank You for bringing this up to our attention gentlemen. Safe Seas, and Happy Holidays, Sere_Pj
  2. @Vulgarr You are correct sir, I do agree with your statement, I bought two sets of Mega Santa Crates, a lot of camos and signals, but got the same two ships in both sets ( T-61, Molotov ) twice, really. Just I wish they would give us a return on the Dollar amount for the crates. Thanks, Sere_Pj
  3. @Xanthro I have to agree with you on the Super Container thing there, I have never got a FREE ship in a Super in 3 years since Open Beta, and I play everyday, I mainly have to buy crates or purchase premium ships to get anything. I normally spend about $200.00 US a month on this game, don't get me wrong I love the game and my two clans I have and the friendships I have made. But WG needs to start rewarding some of the die hard player base a little better than they have. Thanks, Sere_Pj
  4. Sere_Pj

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome @iKami To this band of misfits we call forums and War Gamings hangout. Thanks, Sere_Pj
  5. Sere_Pj

    Clan Wars??

    Another option for players to know more about announcements ( Hourly, Daily ) up to the minute is by joining the Clan Embassy, most of the delegates found out within 30 minutes from ( Crysantos, Fem, Little white mouse ). Very informative group to belong to. Thanks , Sere_Pj
  6. Sere_Pj

    Clan Commander AWOL

    In General Players, there is nothing you can do if the Commander goes AFK, he or she owns the rights to the clan, either try to buy the clan from that person, ( witch WG frowns at ) or leave and start your own clan. I had a similar situation last Dec. 2017 in a clan, almost 30 of us had to leave and start our own clan due to the same situation. Thanks, Sere_Pj / [WCA-SMI] Commander
  7. Sere_Pj

    0.7.9 - Public Test Feedback

    I am just Pissed right now @CAPTMUDDXX, my clan does not exist anymore and I have members asking me where the clan went to and all there oil. No sense in this [edited]..
  8. Sere_Pj

    0.7.9 - Public Test Feedback

    I just look over the info fro the PT Server it does not say anywhere in it that they are taking your clan away, when I look for my clan to join it says does not exist, bull crap.
  9. Sere_Pj

    0.7.9 - Public Test Feedback

    Here is a general Question for anyone in WG WoWs? I just logged into my PT Server that had 19 members from my Clans in it last time I played. Now my Clan and base are gone a complete base that was built back in 05/15/2017 and I am the commander of it, now if WoWs has decided to steal our complete Clan Bases and all of our oil and disrupt my clan members you can keep your PT Server, I won't play a game where the company steals from its players and once I spread this info and the screen shot of before and after, I think more players may be relucktant to play on the Test Server, just a bunch of thieves you WG..
  10. Sere_Pj

    Ending of Clan Battle Season...

    We from [SMI] Sea Mongerz Inc. want to thank everyone that participated in Clan Battles this season and those that we did battle with on a nightly basis. Had a lot of fun this time, more players in Clan this time as well as more players owning there own Tier 10's. We had a great season, finished higher than we thought we would. Persistance and practice in the training room pays off. Thank you all again for a GREAT Clan Battle Season... Sere_Pj [WCA][SMI] Commander Sea Mongerz Inc.
  11. Sere_Pj

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    Now going on 2 HOURS , 36 MINUTES for a 45 Minute UPDATE, what the hell WG, give us a update to this problem !!!!!!
  12. Sere_Pj

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    @_irony_Good morning, this update this morning at 06:00am EST which was going to last 45 minutes stated is now going on 2 hours and 20 minutes, WHAT is the Problem, I have over 60 players in the NA server that can't play due to " technical issues " hear is a idea update your news to the player base. A lot of Premium Time being wasted again due to WG problems. Sere_Pj - [SMI] Commander
  13. Sere_Pj

    Matchmaking update

    I don't mind the Tier 5 against Tier 7 that much, just yesterday was 27 battles everyone of them I was up tiered by two tiers ( WHY )? Did'nt matter what tier other than tier 9-10 but come on WG give us a break for once.
  14. Sere_Pj

    Server Issues

    Just got logged back in, now to see if it counted.
  15. Sere_Pj

    Server Issues

    I have two clans running tonight, so we thought, only players still logged in are in the southern Unites States. But still down !!!!!!!!