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  1. Sere_Pj

    Clan Brawl

    Why would WG put the NA players on at 00:00 to 05:00 AM next morning to play clan brawls ? What do they think ? None of the NA players have jobs or families ? What a waste of time again .
  2. Sere_Pj

    Server down?

    Still down on East Server out of Baltimore East for some reason, got switch to another server in the middle of logging in. But still down.
  3. Sere_Pj

    Server down?

    Yes it is for some reason, right in the middle of ranked battle, thanks WG for no advance warning again.
  4. Sere_Pj

    Fixing the woes of getting up-tiered

    That's a great thought or idea, but won't happen. Yesterday I did 17 battles at tier 7-8, all battles I was up tiered so the MM in the game does not care what mods or options you have. Your going to get screwed by MM most of the time. Not a fair system for WG, but it is all we have. Needs to be looked at, very discouraging for players.
  5. I am hearing from one of our SUB-CLANS this morning that they are having to wait 5 minutes or more to play battles in Random at Tier 2-3 mainly and then it is mostly one vers one or two vers two players, these players have less than 50 battles, what happen to the statement of the rest of the players will be filled in by BOTS ?
  6. I have a lot of tier X ships, but refuse to participate in a one sided Ranked season, as well as my clan members that can't participate in clan battles or in this ranked.
  7. Just another bad decision on WG part, lets exclude the majority player base again that have nothing to do and no rewards for anything. Keep ignoring them and they will go somewhere else.
  8. Sere_Pj

    Tier 8 Clan Battles

    Thanks @BiggieD61 for the answer back, but that does not justify these Storm league teams making fish bait of us in battles, these battles we were focused down and done in about 5 minutes and not being able to kill one of there ships. We won't run our Bravo anymore in Tier 8 CB's just not fun or enjoyable at current Matchmaking.
  9. Since when does a Squall 2, Bravo team end up matched up against 3 times last night Teams that are in Storm 2 and 3 League ? Is this the norm or a screw up by War Gaming again ? This is a little upsetting to our Bravo team last night. This should not happen in Tier 8 CB's, but when War Gaming shows favoritism to the Big Clan's I guess all of us lower league teams are going to get screwed every time. It is just not fair play to do this. If War Gaming can't fix there match making like they say they are doing and have done then maybe we won't play CB's at Tier 8, last night we asked every team we were put up against before the battle started most answered us back what League they were in. The game is starting to get totally flawed here lately, what used to be fun is very frustrating now. Thanks, Sere_Pj / Bob
  10. Sere_Pj

    Clan Brawl

    Not going to happen for my clans, 5 days notice and it says 22:00 UTC ( 10PM EST ) I would guess but who knows from WG, family and friends are more important than this to soon to think about it no notice crap again.
  11. Sere_Pj

    Has wargaming commented on this disaster?

    @SweetsieYou are not the only one with said distrust in the game in general. I can no longer recommend it to anyone, as for my main clan of 40 players we are down to 25 now with the CV Crap and WG says it is working on AA, they are not so why buy spec ships with AA now, they don't do anything as far as shooting planes down and either we are killed by the CV's attack or we maneuver to avoid and end up BB fodder for a citadel. Makes no sense to me anymore after almost 4 years of being here. And WG has the balls to ask us to recruit and attach to amazon, not happening. I keep turning away new players that apply to our clan that are brand new, they have no clue what they are in for after I explain what WG is doing right now. I think you are right in your statements. Thanks , Sere_Pj
  12. @Avenge_December_7You are not the only one , we have been asking now since 2017 early 2018 for something for Mid-Tier but WG keeps ignoring us, it has got so bad since ranked went Tier X, I have lost 7 members at mid tier when they heard the news in one of my clans. WG has no idea what it means to keeping players at mid tier in the game, and now they throw out there the recruiting item, I would not recommend this game to a new player, no way in hell until WGing starts listening to the player base.
  13. Afternoon everyone, I just want to post this in Forums from last night's Clan Battles. Our Bravo team which is ( Squall 1 ) was matched up in a battle with a Team from ( Storm 3 ) league. This is out of the ordinary to me and should not have happened under the current MM and rules. And yes we did lose really bad, not one kill against the red team. Enough said about the subject. Thanks, Sere_Pj Commander Sea Mongerz Inc.
  14. Sere_Pj

    NA server login issues, -right now

    This turning into another Joke on WG's side, now we can't log into game, 2 days of CB's lost, premium time thrown to the wind. Really getting tired of this update bullcrap, more problems than it is good.
  15. Simple solution to the Treasury problem we are looking at is, we have one player in each of our clans that records our stats , such as clan battles, Google sheets work perfect, they record who plays in each division and who may be in Que waiting to play when we rotate out players, we also make a Google sheet for players that do not participate that are just sitting in discord, when we ask " Do you want to help us out in CB's " if they don't respond with two request's they are moved out of discord and put AFK within Discord. The system has worked well for two seasons now, and almost 30 of us have been together for 3 years now. We will do the Treasury the same way, if the list has all members of the clan on it the only ones that will be rewarded will be participating players, even if the player only up to tier 7 ships and is not able to help in CB's, if he plays and is productive daily he will be rewarded, those that don't will get nothing, it will weed out the straglers from the clan. Thanks, Sere_Pj