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  1. @MaxL_1023 Nicely put, did not think about the change ( if it affects the Crusier Line ) and if WG implements this mess.
  2. I just read this message on Ship Comrade from @WG_Lumberjack And can not fathom such a change in the game, DD were nerfed when they took away the snipe shooting while in smoke, now they are proposing downgrading AP rounds on BB's that shoot at DD's and destroy those DD's. Now here is my question, what happens to My BB with it's AP rounds when I am shooting at a Crusier or another Battleship ? ( Less Damage ) It better not WG. If this is a ongoing effort by the DD community to make there DD's better, I am not buying it, I have nothing against DD players I am one of them, but this is just a stupid idea to even be thought about by WG. Thanks, Sere_Pj
  3. I would love to see a Night Operation, maybe with the Mines we had in the Dunkirk Operation thrown in for more excitement.
  4. A stronghold battle on any map for Mid tier players, lets try to get them involved in something, similar to WoT has had in the past. We keep excluding the bread and butter of the player base at tier 4-5-6, let them go after it, either a Prize can be anything to Premium time, to a Special Flag or even a free Premium Ship. Thanks
  5. Afternoon @Pigeon_of_War, just a request today, could you say something to marketing about putting in some more Type 59 Camo and well as the New Commanders ( Tan ) Camo to sell in the premium shop this time, we need to stock up again, they both make boat loads of XP and Coin. Thanks
  6. @Spyde Most of my clan members started complaining about 19:10 est, they were getting kicked out of battles and could not get back in. Kinda a pain in the you know what, I hope it does not affect CB's tonight.
  7. This is not what we players need tonight, I know there are 3 NA servers, so I hope this is not another node problem for WG, there will be a lot of upset players here tonight for CB.
  8. @SansPeur, yep, two games now in a row, well I guess this count's the CB's out for the night, I m not chancing it with my clan, the amount of money lost for a disconnect in a battle is huge, WG better get there crap straight real quick, there will be hell to pay.
  9. A server reset in the middle of my battle at tier 10, thanks WG for more bullcrap, hope this does not translate to Clan Battle tonight, there will be hell to pay from someone.
  10. Oh I forgot, everybody a Wiki is 100% accurate and correct all the time, give me a break.
  11. @Doomlock As to your rebuttal in my info about the USN Crusier split, if you had done your homework you would know that it was leaked and announced in June 2017, so your theory is totally wrong again.
  12. Well this the perfect time and most preferred for our Academy clan of new and lower tier players to do battles, the more newer and less experienced players is great to fight against, and yes it is a learning experience for them. I see where some players think the weekend is a not the most pleasurable time to play, but in our case it works to our advantage.
  13. @Sub_Octavian, In a way I agree with you, but this and the USN Crusier split has been going on for about 5-6 months now, seems to me WG is just dangling a carrot in front of the horse so to speak. In my observation I think it would have been better to plan future ship placement into the game a lot closer to the date of release not 6 -8 months out like the current forum threads and testers are talking about and making videos of, your teasing the player base to much with the hope of something coming soon and then in fact it is not, I would just make the comment that WG should be more mindful of how it puts information out in whatever contributing platform to be more accurate and time conscious. And yes there a lot of USN ships to pull from that are not in the game, why they are not I have no idea, seems WG is more about putting out paper ships in the game than actual real ships, don't understand that at all. Thanks, Sere_Pj
  14. Just another promise broken by War Gaming, I am guessing if the USN Crusier split is going to have the same outcome, pretty nice that they said it was going to happen, everybody goes out a buy's Clevelands, Pensacola, New Orleans Baltimore, nice money grab in this more than likely fake suggestion also by WG. When we the Missouri leaving next week and NO premium Ship, ( ie Massachusetts, or even a New Jersey or even the Alaska ) false hopes from WG and the people it supports to make videos and show testing of said ships, I am tired of the paper ships in the game, and your original trailer when the game was first advertised on TV, it said THE MOST REALISTIC SHIP BATTLES on line, nothing about this game is realistic anymore.
  15. @wildcat18 I am trying to my friend, biting my tongue right now because I have a lot of respect for Radar X, and borrowing one of Pigeons Quotes " I don't want to be that guy ", but it is a advantage over the player base that uses no mods at all and we bust our asses to play in battles only to be destroyed by some Cheat Hack with a Mod, that today is legal.