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  1. Sere_Pj

    Ranked Battles

    My last post on this subject about Ranked, It is a crap shoot. No skill level or battles grinded in ships, just let the player base all the damn ships they want weather or not they know how to play them. While the rest of us suffer the outcome.
  2. Sere_Pj

    Ranked Battles

    @scoots76 Don't get me wrong , there are some good players at the lower Tiers, but i have been here since 2015 Beta and when Ranked started there have been no restrictions on players like there is in Clan Battles. WG just wants the money from these players that purchase a Tier VIII to play. They don't care about the outcome.
  3. This is just my opinion and suggestions for the current Ranked Battles, First and foremost, we need a system that limit's the " new kid on the block " meaning a player that has never played a Tier VIII as of yet in the game and maybe only has Tier VI ships from buying a Premium Tier VIII ship and then trying to play Ranked Battles with other players that may have or have not ever played in Ranked. Second, just because a player is at Rank 15 and has 200 battles under his or her belt does not make them a complement to a team in Ranked Battles. Third, Make a player earn the right and grind to play in Tier VIII or even Tier 9 Ranked Battles. That goes for Clan Battles as well, too many potatoe players. It get's really discouraging to play Ranked when you win one battle and lose the next 5 because of players. Thanks
  4. Sere_Pj

    Gift Shop

    It does not show up, i have sent a ticket in on it. Thanks.
  5. Sere_Pj

    Gift Shop

    That's the problem the Gift Tab does not show up to do gift's.
  6. Sere_Pj

    Gift Shop

    Kind of a dumb question if anyone has a explanation, can we not gift premium ship in the shop to Team Clan Members any more. Been a long time since i have gifted a Ship or Anything else to a team mate.
  7. Sere_Pj

    Gift Shop

    Kind of a dumb question if anyone has a explanation, can we not gift premium ship in the shop to Team Clan Members any more. Been a long time since i have gifted a Ship or Anything else to a team mate.
  8. Sere_Pj

    Santa Crates

    Don't let War Gaming tell you that there is GREAT stuff in the Santa Crates, I just spent my normal $250.00 on Crates like i have done since 2017 back when you always got ships. This time no duplicates of ships or anything of any importance this time, I don't need Signals, Camo, Upgrades or even Gold, or XP. This is just the biggest SCAM I have seen since BETA.
  9. Sere_Pj

    NA Server Down

    Naval Oil Battles for Clans is also down this morning, does not even show up in the que, WG what are doing to this game ?
  10. Sere_Pj

    NA Server Down

    And it is still down this morning, can't even watch the Dasha update, blank screen. Game is going to hell really fast lately.
  11. Sere_Pj

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    @Hapa_FodderIt's really sad that this game i have been a part of since early 2015 is going in this direction, I feel the game in general is going to lose alot of Mid Tier to Tier 8 Player's in the base because of the increased cost. My two other low tier clans will more than likely just fold once this change hits the game.
  12. Sere_Pj

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.0

    I think this is a total slap in the face of the player base at Mid Tier up to Tier 8 and maybe even new Lower Tier players, is War Gaming that hard up for money ? 900K silver for a 6 point captain is a new addition, my guess the current 3 point captain for the new players is being tossed for 25 gold as well. And now they are raising the buying of a captain in the armory from 1500 Gold to 1750 what a slap in the face to the player base. Ans what happen to the retraining for a captain from what ever ship of the same nation ( DD, Cruiser, BB, CV ) for the 500 Gold, i guess that is going away also.
  13. Sere_Pj

    Santa Crates

    Christmas Crates have not been the same since 2017 / 2018 Season. Bought alot in 2017 but in 2018 saw what was coming as to nothing of any great importance in the crates. Since then i have not purchased any crates due to WG's lack of trying to be a Company that cares about it's player base.
  14. I agree , lessons learned. I will not purchase any Santa's or Christmas containers again this year. The problem with WG just seems to get worse every year.
  15. Flambass is correct about the Christmas crates, here again another year has gone by and just junk in the crates. I will not buy any of these again just like the past 2 years. Maybe we " ALL " should take a break from the game this Christmas. I am about done spending money on this game, It is just getting to the point where the price of everything keeps going up , but the outcome is always the same. And another sore subject to speak about, The Verizon Tournament. The people from NA server, they are the same group that keeps winning the Clan Battle Season. ( What gives ? ) makes the statement PAY TO PLAY even that much more true.