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  1. I am just Pissed right now @CAPTMUDDXX, my clan does not exist anymore and I have members asking me where the clan went to and all there oil. No sense in this [edited]..
  2. I just look over the info fro the PT Server it does not say anywhere in it that they are taking your clan away, when I look for my clan to join it says does not exist, bull crap.
  3. Here is a general Question for anyone in WG WoWs? I just logged into my PT Server that had 19 members from my Clans in it last time I played. Now my Clan and base are gone a complete base that was built back in 05/15/2017 and I am the commander of it, now if WoWs has decided to steal our complete Clan Bases and all of our oil and disrupt my clan members you can keep your PT Server, I won't play a game where the company steals from its players and once I spread this info and the screen shot of before and after, I think more players may be relucktant to play on the Test Server, just a bunch of thieves you WG..
  4. Ending of Clan Battle Season...

    We from [SMI] Sea Mongerz Inc. want to thank everyone that participated in Clan Battles this season and those that we did battle with on a nightly basis. Had a lot of fun this time, more players in Clan this time as well as more players owning there own Tier 10's. We had a great season, finished higher than we thought we would. Persistance and practice in the training room pays off. Thank you all again for a GREAT Clan Battle Season... Sere_Pj [WCA][SMI] Commander Sea Mongerz Inc.
  5. Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    Now going on 2 HOURS , 36 MINUTES for a 45 Minute UPDATE, what the hell WG, give us a update to this problem !!!!!!
  6. Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    @_irony_Good morning, this update this morning at 06:00am EST which was going to last 45 minutes stated is now going on 2 hours and 20 minutes, WHAT is the Problem, I have over 60 players in the NA server that can't play due to " technical issues " hear is a idea update your news to the player base. A lot of Premium Time being wasted again due to WG problems. Sere_Pj - [SMI] Commander
  7. Matchmaking update

    I don't mind the Tier 5 against Tier 7 that much, just yesterday was 27 battles everyone of them I was up tiered by two tiers ( WHY )? Did'nt matter what tier other than tier 9-10 but come on WG give us a break for once.
  8. Server Issues

    Just got logged back in, now to see if it counted.
  9. Server Issues

    I have two clans running tonight, so we thought, only players still logged in are in the southern Unites States. But still down !!!!!!!!
  10. Server Issues

    Yeah it's down again right in the middle of a battle we were winning, What The Hell War Gaming !!!!!!!
  11. Clan Season 3

    This is not going to be pretty, I have read all the notes for the update, and the surprise announcement of the Clan Battles starting on the 30th of June. WHY, most of the WG Devs and the testers ( Beta,,, Alpha, Super testers ) have been teasing all the forum players for 3 months now about CB's starting in July, unless this was on purpose to throw players off, it stinks and flat out sucks. I have players in three clan that have grinded and paid hard cash to get to tier 10 to play clan battles, now since they are not close enough for the tier 10 they have to resort to playing damn rentals again. And what happen to Camo that was leaked for rentals this time? guess that was a lie also, as was the one about 2 Battlleships, guess War Gaming needs to keep it employees in check more often than they have. And since this is only going to run one month, I guess there will not be a lot of the player base on, you just have to make it difficult for players to participate, even though you say you are thinking of them, bullcrap. My clan will more than likely sit this CB out, you will not get our hard earned money fro grinding and then throw us under the bus, not happening again. Thank You War Gaming for nothing again, Sere_Pj Commander- [SMI-1-2-3] Sea Mongerz Inc.
  12. Looking for a Large Clan

    We have room for approximately 10 players in one of our clans [SMI-1] Sea Mongerz Inc. We do have discord and are playing Clan Battles, we don't care about win rate or Stats, we have fun playing together. If you think we might be a fit into your playstyle come join us. Thanks, Sere_Pj - Commander [SMI-1-2-3]
  13. Premium account and doubloons unavailable?

    Myself also, WG what did you do now, my whole clan is down right now. What's Happening @Radar_X ? Sere_Pj
  14. @Sylverin You more than welcome to come join us , we are a casual clan, don't care about win rate or stats, just for the fun of it. We do participate in Ranked and Clan Battles and use Discord. Apply to [SMI-1] Thanks, Sere_Pj
  15. Don't know about this coal & steel idea yet, no specifics in Arsenal yet on how it will affect CB's. there is one thing not mentioned from one person yet? We know you will be rewarded with coal & steel in containers , weather regular or super, but in CB''s what happens to the Rental Players that play maybe 10 battles in one evening and only win 3 of those or none of those. How is WG going to justify the new system with coal & steel? With none being by rental players what is the point of playing CB'''s then? I have one High Tier Clan and two rental clans, how do I justify to them that this is a good idea? My main example to this is you are up against a Non-Rental team and they have updated there Arsenal Mods, WHICH Team do you think will win? Another unfair advantage in CB's. And what happen to the Global Clan's War for players in different time zones and different countries? Guess they are not so fortunate either. Thanks , Sere_Pj