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  1. @SuperSpud1In a way yes , we still have to many campers in the back in Random Battle, WG said two updates ago they were addressing this, but did nothing. It's a Arcade game, and maybe 1 battle out of 5 you will have players that unite to get the job done, but the other 4 GOOD LUCK trying to find anybody going near a cap. Just the nature and progression of the game, Smoke is Redundant anymore, don't even use it. Thanks, Sere_Pj Commander [SMI] Sea Mongerz Inc
  2. @Gneisenau013 Download went fine, but will not start as of 09:34 am EST. My guess like in the past it normally starts at 11:30am EST. But maybe another bug on the RU side.
  3. @Chaos_EN2 Gets my vote, I have been saying this for 2 years now, they ( WG ) exclude the majority of the player base, which is at mid tier 5-6-7, and yes I do have tier 10 ships for CB's, but would enjoy it a lot more as would most of my clan members, it could included members that feel left out of Clan Functions to play by them selves with no reward or self satisfaction from playing with friends. WG could do this, but will not, the larger CLANS that dominate everything in this arcade game run everything anyway, if it does not suit them ( The clans that have tier 10 ships only clans ) every one else need not apply, this is who WG listens to only about specific battle events, has been this way for 2 years and will always be this way. Even though I agree with everything said here and would stand behind it 100%, and love to see this happen, it won't. Thanks, Sere_Pj / Commander - [SMI] Sea Mongerz Inc.
  4. The Pigeon's Mess

    Happens to the best of us Pigeon, mainly in Ranked though.
  5. Clan Recruitement

    Good Morning , we are looking for New Players for our Academy Clan [SMI-3] if you are just starting out in WoWs and want a place to start learning how to play and move your way up in Tiers and ships, We can help. We have three very highly skilled players in this clan running it, they will teach you the ins and outs of playing better and moving up. Just apply to [SMI-3] Academy Sea Mongerz Inc. We also have openings in [SMI-1] High tier, [SMI-2] Mid to High tier players. Thank you, Sere_Pj Commander Sea Mongerz Inc.
  6. Fed Up With Ranked

    @neptunes_wrath, @BrushWolf, I don't have a problem supplying a ship's for Ranked Battles, I do have a lot of ship as well as a lot of tier 8 thru tier 10, I am just making a statement about players that play above there tier and no captain skill to match that. I can pretty judge that by performance after the battle if we lose, if I am scored number one and have killed only one ship and everyone else has not killed anything, then I can put too and too together, just happens a lot this season more than the last one. gets frustrating at times. Thanks, Sere_Pj
  7. @Pigeon_of_War I beg to differ with you on the Clan Members Sync Dropping together in Ranked, it happens everyday, and either they use a Alt ID from a sister clan or from no clan at all. When you see them talk to each other from one side to the other or even on your team by first name and that name is not even in the line up it is kinda a Dead giveaway. We see it everyday multiple times, but if we put a ticket in to support we are told is has forwarded to the Development Team , and then told it can't happen, we know better. Thanks, Sere_Pj Commander [SMI-1, SMI-2, SMI-3 ] Sea Mongerz Inc.
  8. Fed Up With Ranked

    Ranked Battles this time are a little different than the last time, now we have players that are at Tier 3-4 that buy a Tier 8 Ship and think they rule the world, but in fact have no idea how to play a Tier 8 ship, as long as WG allows this to happen, there will be more useless teams in Ranked. And as far as the MM goes for Ranked, that is another problem area, when you have a player with a 6 point captain in a BB, or CL, DD and they go up against a 16 point captain guess who wins that battle. This is problem that has been around since Clan Battles and rentals. So, if WG does not think they have a problem with Ranked right now just wait another week, it will get worse. Thanks , Sere_Pj
  9. To me this update just flat out sucks, don't care about the conduct of being PINK or ORANGE, does not happen to me, but the disconnects from the games is just stupid, 3 times in a battle tonight and it is not my internet, done putting tickets in, tired of the same old song and dance script from support, its pretty bad when have the team in a Ranked gets disconnected twice in a battle, and WG says there is no problem, give me a break. Fix this now.
  10. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    And now even more problems, half the team in the Ranked battle get disconnected twice, wth War Gaming, and you can say a damn word that you have problems tonight, you get disconnected in port for just sitting there after 3 minutes. Fix this problem. You give us 24 hours of premium time today for moving up a rank and then now we have to waste it by not being allowed to play a battle, give me a break.
  11. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    Done reporting bugs today, nothing but disconnect after disconnect in Ranked battles tonight, fix the damn game at your end WG, come on, I never get disconnected ever, done putting support tickets in too, no response or the same old script to read to you.
  12. Clan Recruitement

    Good Morning, Sea Mongerz Inc. is now recruiting for new players to the game with lower tiers for our Academy Clan, SMI-3 that will be starting on 05/04/2018. This will be our 3rd clan now, we still have opening's in SMI-1 High Tier players, and in SMI-2 Mid - High tier players, we do Ranked, CB's, Special Ops missions as well as have a PT Server for all 3 Clans. If you would to join a group of happy go lucky players that have been together for 3 years, come join us, Discord is our preferred communication for all battles. Thank You, Sere_Pj Commander [SMI-1, SMI-2, SMI-3] Sea Mongerz Inc.
  13. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    @_irony_ Guess this won't get answered then, I have sent a ticket in with the players name, so if you don't call it a bug I will, guessing WG will lose players over this stupid idea, and it is great for those players that abuse the system I am all for it, but not the way it is being implanted now. Thanks for nothing, Sere_Pj
  14. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    This new issue with the Pink system already has my blood pressure up, While in a battle this morning after the update I was spawned next to a player in a Colorado, the battle started we all moved away except him, I messaged him and he said he had not completely loaded in yet, and with in 3 minutes he was turned pink for what he said inactivity in a battle, now if this is the way this arcade game is going to treat players I want no part of it and neither will my two clans. Not everyone in this game has perfect ISP providers and perfect Computers to play this game, if WG thinks this is the way to go, then think again, this is just trival Bull ****. When you have players with slow DSL or Ethernet why penalize them for that, they will load with in the next couple of minutes, so give them a break. If WG thinks this problem will fix itself, think again, either that or you better hire more support people to read from the script you give them to read to we players when we send a ticket in . Thanks, Sere_Pj Commander [SMI-1 / SMI-2 ]
  15. @Chaos_EN2 Sorry about that Chaos, I would have done the same as you just posted about a year ago also, I do like the game, but I think it is going in the wrong direction for me and evidently a lot of the player base. I have to try to manage almost 60 players in my clan's that are anywhere from Tier 3 up to Tier 10 which is about have of us, I don't mind spending the money, that's not the issue if it helps out our newer players progress in the game. I am starting to like playing battles more at the lower and mid-tiers right now when we are teaching the new players how to do things within the game, weather it is In Co-Op or Training room. A lot less stress full and more enjoyable. But at the higher tier's it is becoming a Dog Eat Dog World out there, CB's, Ranked, All Special Operation, Senerios, these are fun but relegated to the higher tier players, they seem to leave out the lower to mid-tier players as usual. I don't play as much as I used to 6 months ago, it is just getting to the point where, what's the point anymore, WG does not care what I have to say about anything. Thanks for letting me bend you ear again Chaos. Sere_Pj