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  1. Sere_Pj

    ST: 12th Ranked Season!

    Just heard from 4 other clan's this morning, they would prefer going back to tier 7 and let the base player population have a special event for them to play in, my guess there won't be a lot of clans playing this other than the big clans with hundreds of seal clubbers and stat padders. They can have it.
  2. Sere_Pj

    ST: 12th Ranked Season!

    Just to say this is a JOKE is a understatement, WG you are already losing players in the game, why do you want to alienate even more of the player base, you need to do something for the Mid-Tier players which you have seem to forgot about. When you put such events out of the reach of the everyday normal play, they get frustrated and leave the game. My two clans will not participate in this season of Ranked battles. Sere_Pj / Commander ( SMI ) Sea Mongerz
  3. Sere_Pj

    State of the Game: It's Wargaming Fault

    @Phil_Swift_With_Flextape Well said sir, I think a lot of the player base are a little confused as of lately with the game. It is like WG does not ask or want to hear our opinion of things, they only listen to the chosen few in the game.
  4. This idea of Introducing CV's to Clan Battles is not a good one, my two clans will not participate in CB's if this goes forward WG. Sere_Pj
  5. Just from my stand point @Counter_Gambit, does not matter to me anymore. After playing almost 30 battles yesterday at Tier 6 thru 10 never saw a Maskarado ship on either team. So I really don't care about these events anymore.
  6. Maybe you should have stated that ( FIT A CERTAIN APPLICATION CRITERIA ) When you put the announcement out there when you ask the players to participate, and I wonder what the certain criteria was, guess we will never know.
  7. We know what you posted Fem, unless you are hand picked from the certain few and the numerous friends on facebook or in forum or a CC or ST you don't get anything in this game and those are your words.
  8. Never ever been banned in forum for 3 1/2 years, or banned from or served any penalty from the game, it is just a one sided street in WG for events, and yes I was in the Corghi and Turkey shoot event.
  9. 3 Spots open for the event ( Maskarados ) do you think any of us players that were asked and put our info in on time will ever get picked? I am not holding my breath anymore.
  10. Don't feel bad Guys, I didn't get picked either and I applied to help with this way ahead of time and nothing again, 3 1/2 years of nothing to participate in, just more of WG propaganda in who you know in the game I guess.
  11. In my and a lot of my 2 Clans, the general opinion of Ranked Battles at tier 9 was great for the high tier player base only, which I am one of them. It should and maybe WG needs to rethink this before they make such a bold decision without the MID-TIER Player Base that makes up the majority of the game. Tier 8 was fine, but Tier 9 is just a slap in the face of the Mid Tier players. Needs to go to Tier 6 or 7 that would bring in a much larger player base and more people purchasing Premium ships and not breaking the bank.
  12. Sere_Pj

    As a DD I now feel sorry for CV's

    I am a DD player as well, in a battle this morning and just as I hit battle button within 17 seconds a Enterprise CV had Torp Bombers within 6 km of us, I feel sorry for the two ships that were slow loading in they were torped, I guess this is my question how is this fair to players that have different speeds of game loading, it is not fair. there needs to be a time limit to CV's sending planes within the first 10 seconds of the game starting.
  13. Sere_Pj

    To Sub_Octavian, From The Silent Appreciators

    To @Sub_Octavian I appreciate all the help you have given players in the game and to myself over the past 3 years, take some time , reflect and come on back to the game with us, You have always treated and spoke from the heart about GOOD & BAD changes within the game, keep it up sir. Thank You from the members of the [SMI] Sea Mongerz Inc. Sere_Pj / Bob Commander
  14. @Gneisenau013 More than likely the best part of this last update has to be Clan Battles for both of my Clans, Main Clan has been together for almost three years, ( Alpha, Bravo ) both made it to Gale 1 league has never happened before, mostly this time due to training Room and everyone has there own Tier 10's now, Our other clan made it to Squall 1 league, a major improvement for rental players. I am very proud of all my Members in Clans, they are a great bunch of friends.to each other and normally have no turn over with members in our clans. The Update 0.8.0 will bring some good and some bad I think from what I have seen and read already, remains to be seen , I am sure it will be a work in progress for a long time to come. Thanks, Sere_Pj
  15. I really like how @_RC1138 Calls all DD players REJECTS of ( Call Of Duty ). Did you hear that War Gaming ? We are all rejects that play DD's in this game.