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  1. Missy82_TFW

    Naval Oil Battles

    What gives WG ? you changed the Naval Oil Battles a couple of weeks ago to an Engagement style against a group of clan's for position. Now i see it is back to way it used to be ( One on One ] make your damn mind up WGaming, would be nice if you could announce changes to the general player population or is that to difficult anymore ?
  2. Missy82_TFW

    What Does the Future Hold?

    Be careful what you say in this post please, i am a Veteran of 27 years and have been to China, Kosovo, Somalia, Kiev, St. Petersburg. You never know who's prying eyes are watching this arcade game and all the post's that are made. Since this is Russian sanctioned and produced. Just be careful with what you post.
  3. Missy82_TFW

    Submarines in Random Battles

    Just another nail in the coffin for War Gaming, they just do not listen to the player population. My wallet will stay shut as well as about half of my 3 Clans.
  4. Missy82_TFW

    Submarines: 2 weeks of Random Battles testing

    So, the way i have read the changes for subs is nothing will change, time to say goodbye to this game for good after 5 years.
  5. It's as if War Gaming has put Super-Cavitation Torps from modern times on to WW2 subs, that is about as absurd as it can get.
  6. Missy82_TFW

    the game is an arcade joke of its former play style

    The game was fun to play back in the day when open beta started, all that ended back in 2018 and 2019. The days of taking my Massachusetts out and having a AA build and shot down 200 planes has long been gone. Not fun anymore. They have introduced to much crap into the game , how does anybody keep up with any of it now ?
  7. Missy82_TFW

    the game is an arcade joke of its former play style

    During WW2 Torps fired from subs ( Mainly German ) only got speed max of 50mph and had no Homing Technology. So yes War Gaming is in it's fantasy gaming mode.
  8. Missy82_TFW

    Sick of all the Hating for new things

    As to this post and reasons for hating this or hating that, it is up to each individual player to make the decision. I have been here since 2015 used to play alot when it was fun. Clan battles were a good time for everyone, back then we could laugh and joke with each other, no problems. Since then the game has gone from being semi realistic to just completely arcades style, makes me want to go to game stop and buy some old stupid game that compares to this situation. I see alot of players that have alot of games played, maybe you don't have a life outside of this arcade game, maybe you do. I do have a life outside of this game, being retired Military i have extra money to spend on this game, that came to a end last year when War Gaming pretty much shows they do not listen to the player base. My wallet shut at that time but i still have 3 clans that mostly made up of young players and they like to play. More power to them. I can leave the game at anytime i want, but i am here for my clan mates. We have fun playing training rooms and operations. Weather sub's or CV's make a difference in the game i don't care. But the blame game will continue for as long as there are players that gripe about them back and fourth. I just play as much as i want to and don't care what other players have to say to me in a battle.
  9. What is this crap tonight saying the server is overloaded for battles ?
  10. Missy82_TFW

    Chat server down?

    Here is what it looks like tonight on down detector for all the problems we have tonight.
  11. Missy82_TFW

    Chat server down?

    Your not alone @ForeverZeroI can't look at new clan members in the in game clan search or bring up Premium or the Armory and in game chat is hit and miss right now, all i get is the WG spinning.
  12. Just noticed that the Armory and Premium Shop as well as looking up Clans while in game just gives you a spinning WG, never connecting. Did the purge of cache and cookies as normal but still have the problem.
  13. Missy82_TFW

    Problems with mutiple accounts

    I can also state i have the same problem with my 4 accounts ( 2 NA - 2 CIS ) when trying to use the premium shop, been going on since the last update with MasterCard. Game can't process the transaction, and i have change from Bank Card to credit card, same problem just with MasterCard.
  14. Missy82_TFW

    BOTS are better players than Real Players

    @shinytrashcan I agree with you, so i put it to the test about 10 minutes ago, i asked my daughter to make a account in ships, she just played her first Random Battle after 5 co-op battles. I was surprised how accurate the bots are with there guns, and they do dodge shots and torps pretty well. Don't remember it being that way back when i started playing in 2015 when i started.