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  1. Looking for a clan

    Hi, I am looking for a clan which has players playing during off hours as well- Late nights and during the day. I am looking for daily divisions and occasional clan wars. I am a new player, started early but lots of gaps. Would love a clan that I fit into stat-wise and timewise. I have the Montana and the Moskva. https://na.warships.today/player/1012322078/evildoctor
  2. I am from India and i am interested in the fact that you are from AUS-NZ Better time zones for divisional play I lack stats :(
  3. What are the stat requirements to join I am fairly a new player, 1200 games
  4. 54% overall or recent? Still at 1.2K games and I think i have figured some stuff out.
  5. You guys are serious business. I may be low on that 56%. Still at 1.2K games and learning.
  6. I guess i am still new for that level of clan meta. Need to learn a lot. Top 50 clan
  7. Returning player looking for a clan

    I The clan is really good. Maybe I met the wrong group of players. I never disrespected anyone sir, I still talk to seajones and some other guys from the 5D4, they were so matured and welcoming to the fact that I left. I just wonder where they were before i left, I was still a seaman- prospect on TS. I would appreciate a talk sometime. ( I used to be online multiple times throughtout the day except evenings as per EST. 9 am est to 2 pm est and 10pm est to 4 am est. I still think some people in the clan are rude and/or hostile in TS.)
  8. Returning player looking for a clan

    Ok I used to come to TS daily, i used to ask guys for division. Most of them seemed passive/hostile towards new casual clan members. I thought this may be a thing since I am an Indian player but the problem seemed common. One of the guys also posted on the clan's ingame channel regarding "players being non-accepting towards new/casual players" Even i wrote a 5-7 line text supporting what he said on the clan's channel. There was no reply from any officers on the clan's channel.(the 5D common channel) If you were active daily sir, you should have read those complaints I made on the clan channel, well nobody replied.(I left 24 hours after posting it) I got to division with a guy once, others blatantly refused, some even refused saying "you don't have a tier 10", " Where you from dude?".
  9. Returning player looking for a clan

    Yes i used to come in TS daily
  10. Hello, I am a looking for a clan with a lot of active players to division. I am back in the game after a gap of about 1 year. I was in 5D4 for about 2 weeks but nobody bothered when i joined the clan and i was not introduced to clan members as well and no one would division so i left. These are my stats. I am still at 1000 battles, I have the USS Iowa and I am very close to the USS Montana. I use Teamspeak (can install discord if needed) I am active on all days for completing daily 50% exp bonus on ships and some grinding games. ps- ( I am from India and I am a working Doctor professionally, I am 25 years old and would like a clan with players of similar age group )