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  1. orchestrasvn090

    Submarine Testing

    While I like the changes and additions that they have made, I would like to add my opinion to the anti-submarine warfare: please add depth charge squadrons to aircraft carriers, and add a feature that is similar to the depth charge plotting on destroyers and battleships for this depth charge squadrons to help them because as of now, aircraft carriers are only able to attack the submarines when they are on the surface. I am making this suggestion to the developers because without the existence of depth charge squadrons from aircraft carriers, not only does it make it difficult to attack enemy submarines in the game, it also currently makes the aircraft carriers in the game historically inaccurate because of how there are no depth charge squadrons on the carriers - especially when it comes to playing British and American aircraft carriers, as these two nations used depth charge squadrons from their aircraft carriers to attack German and Japanese submarines in World War II.
  2. orchestrasvn090

    Premium Ship Suggestion: USS Cod

    Thanks, Talleyrand, for the well-wishes; I hope my wish comes true too.
  3. Ever since I watched the Naval Legends videos of USS Cod, and visiting the submarine in person, I feel the need to suggest putting the Cod as a premium ship once the submarines are fully operational in the game, World of Warships. I would like to see it in the premium shop, and not in the main tech tree for two reasons: 1) the submarine tech tree would have to go into a full overhaul if the sub were to be added to the tech tree with the rest of the American subs and 2) it deserves to be in the premium shop because of its historical achievements, much like how USS Enterprise was put into the premium shop for its grand achievements in World War II. I may be biased about the ship suggestion and its recommended placement because of how I have the honor of being one hour away from this great submarine, but if anyone else agrees with me, please add your comments (positive ones only please) to this topic so that World of Warships will read into this. Thanks.
  4. orchestrasvn090

    Iowa's permanent camouflage should be changed

    I have been using World of Warships ModStation ever since World of Warships mentioned it in their game news window earlier this month. In one category there is one camouflage modifier section with a paint roller icon, where all you have to do is click on the bubble next to the "Blue Master" and you have the historical camouflage to BB-61. I know because I compared the camouflage that I selected from the previously mentioned modifier to the historical picture in the forum, and it matches up with each other.
  5. orchestrasvn090

    Iowa's permanent camouflage should be changed

    I have a post about the suggestion to adjust BB-61's camouflage to make it more historically accurate in the related article. I had it here originally but when I found out that it was placed in the wrong spot, I tried to delete it, but it wouldn't let me, so I put this note in its place, but when I finished posting this message I realized it was on the same topic, so I posted my thoughts a few minutes later about it.