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  1. Vangm94

    Time to move on

    Even without stealthfire, I still enjoyed the challenge.
  2. Vangm94

    Time to move on

    Now imagine if movies had balance. Pearl Harbor IJN lets USN know they are attacking Lord of the Rings Remove the gates to the castle Cuts the size of the army by 90% Any Bank Robber Movie Tells the police they are robbing a bank Marvel Franchise Thanos fights without the Infinite Stones 007 James Bond has the SAS with him DC Franchise Superman gives everyone a piece of kryptonite
  3. Vangm94

    Time to move on

    Everyone wants a trophy
  4. Vangm94

    Time to move on

    I miss the days of having a properly unbalanced balanced game... One side has more DDs One side has island advantage DDs that could stealth fire Those were good days but people wanted balance. I prefer a challenge and working my way up but everyone "wants a trophy". It's not like the Imperial Japan could petition the United States to not use its 20 Aircraft Carries when they had one or two because of "balance". The Allies could not petition the Germans to not man their Atlantic Wall for the D-Day landings. But hey, I'm a hypocrite. I also think that two people should compete for the same job instead of the boss giving that job to one of those people because he knows them and not the other one who is more qualified. I bought Star Craft 2, played some games, noticed they were small, noticed EVERY MAP is a mirror of each other. I got a refund.
  5. Vangm94

    So we've been beta testing for 6 months.

    This is an issue that ALL online games are gonna face. Been like that since forever so it cannot be helped no matter how "static" you want the game to be there will always be people who want something new, something new, something new, and if there is nothing new they move onto a different game. If this was an offline game, then you don't need to worry about any of that. In the end, much like life, there will ALWAYS be someone crying. There will ALWAYS be a winner or an loser. Honestly, it's not a game issue. It's a people issue.
  6. Squadrons (not planes) are numb There is no altitude, you are either cruising or attacking It's a "poor-mans" flight simulator despite having World of Warplanes People called CVs OP, now they call CVs OP Current CVs OP ain't OP, not compared to what they used to be able to do CVs used to be able to do anything and everything but not many players ever did that There is a lot more to what I want to say but I cannot but them into words. I hate current CVs but I will still play them because I still enjoy playing CVs. My RTS tactic's overall allowed me to transition to this horrible style of gameplay so I can still do pretty good but this "good" is not the same "good" as the RTS format. I have always felt a very great sense of achievement shadowing the enemy ships, watching a DD attempt to outrun my torpedoes, and watching all eight of my torpedoes ram broadside into a BB. I guess you could say that my favorite thing about old CVs is "the view". In a lot of my videos, I am pretty sure you will see me zoom in to watch my torpedoes hit while sometimes ignoring other things. Navel warfare is amazing but Hollywood has been very poor in showing it. There are almost no movies about the many navel battles around Guadalcanal or that many good movies about the hundreds of miles battle of CVs attacking each other. Watching the sky light up with flak, watching the ships maneuver, stuff like that is nearly unseen in a Hollywood movie. You could blame the amount of resources needed to do that back in the early days but we have CG nowadays and we have yet to see any of that. You may see space battles, you may see submarines attack each other, you may even get to see an F18 takeoff of an CV or even a missile launch form a DD but you will NOT see navel warships shooting at each other. You will NOT see a spread of torpedoes get launched and hit their target. The only time I see this is in some foreign productions, anime, and just Japanese cinema overall. World of Warships at least lets me see that. I feel like I have seen more WW2 era navel action in High School Fleet than Hollywood combined. (This is a playlist)
  7. Vangm94

    Open challenge, CVs.

    AA hurts more but honestly for me it is not different from before. First battle the enemy was grouped up so my planes got shredded. Second battle I was eventually able to single out some ships. It is what it is. There is gonna be crying either way.
  8. Vangm94

    Open challenge, CVs.

    My Ryujo had that issue before this update so that does not surprise me.
  9. Vangm94

    Open challenge, CVs.

    I'll run Ryujo and watch my planes get shredded per the rumors. Have not played yet.
  10. Vangm94

    Best Ship for Missions

    Your best ship(s)
  11. Just like the rest of planes, just gotta anticipate where your ally will go. In front of him by one circle is usually sufficient. (Drop here)<-(Ally is here) ( )<-(Don't drop here, ally is here) Not supporting you allies is okay... because you literally can't. I had someone ask my Hosho for air support... what do you expect me to send? If you can support them, try to but if you are on the other side of the map, don't. I find that mid or end game is when you can support your allies.
  12. Vangm94

    Open challenge, CVs.

    No one else posted anything so I added something.
  13. The key is to drop the fighters in front and in the path of your allied ship on the second enemy attack run because you will not save them on the first attack run. At least not easily.
  14. Vangm94

    Tactics & Maps

    Generally speaking, lemmings trains or taking the mid point can work... the issue is that once players get shot at they runaway... I don't know most of the map strategy but enemy intel can tell you what to do... issue is what the team does with that info... Some players will stick with you, some won't, at the very least two of us can die together while engaging the enemy while the rest of the team hides behind an island while the enemy surrounds them. If no one leads, take the lead. If no one listens, they you've done all you can do. Some players will work together, just gotta be lucky to get them.