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  1. You can either command your ship or command the squadron. One or the other. If you want to take control of the ship, your squadron will return to the CV.
  2. Now wait til you get shot at. Do you attack? Or do you take control of your ship to put out the fire? Or do you just get sunk either way? One thing I would like is for planes when they are returning to take different paths back to the CV. With how they are now, it is obvious where the CV is because the planes will always go in a direct path to it. If this was a 5000 x 5000 mile map, this this sort of gameplay would be okay. Here is a joke: Why did the Captain and his staff board the bombers?
  3. Wait until your CV is attacked.
  4. I feel that while the skill gap was big with the RTS style, it will grow bigger with the new style. We are still at the beginning of testing so there are plenty of potential to go around but right now, if it were to be released, I would find little fun in playing CVs so my Ryujo would end up as a museum ship.
  5. If you did not get an email about the info, you cannot log in. Otherwise you will have to send a ticket.
  6. One thing I have been testing is the feasibility of CV Sniping with DDs and CVs. RTS CV Sniping was annoying but I could fight it because I could move and spot them before they could hit me. With this gameplay, I feel like CV Sniping increased because like I said before. You either attack, attack, attack, or you command the ship. One or the other. Do you focus on the attack while getting attacked or do you return to your ship to move a little bit or put out a fire? Basically if this map was a 5000 x 5000 mile map, then this sort of gameplay would be okay for CVs because you won't have to worry about anything other than submarines. But this game is scaled down so you can't.
  7. If everyone only played CVs, there is potential for longer wait times. Play any other ship type and you will be able to repair them quickly.
  8. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/carriers_rework_starting_pack/ Instructions are all here.
  9. I feel that the skill gap with RTS was big but with direct control, it is even bigger.
  10. I've played only about three games. I don't hate the gameplay, I just don't enjoy much compared to the RTS version. I will eventually learn how to play it but I feel like compared to the RTS, the skill gap just increased even higher and CV Sniping is a much more viable option because players cannot control their ship if they have planes in the air except by the map view. The map view is not enough to turn and dodge enemy ships should they go for only the CV. Right now the only option a CV can take is: Launch bombers Attack Launch Bombers Attack Launch Bombers Get attacked Return Bombers Maneuver the ship Launch Bombers Return Bombers Maneuver the ship Get sunk Players have to choose between either attack, attack, attack, or stop the attack and control the ship. Basically, why is the commander boarding the bombers and not commanding his ship? The main fixes I would add right now are: Ability to control the ship while having planes in the air without the need to switch to map view Having this ability would increase ship survival Ability to abort an attack Having this ability would help with bad attack runs and waste munitions Potential to increase the range and decrease the dispersion of CV secondary guns or direct control This would help ships survive longer against destroyers Bring back ability for planes to auto-pilot with way-points but keep the new style of attack This would help lessen the boredom and the need to fly at full speed to attack enemy shipping It would also help increase the player's observation skill instead of having tunnel vision in attacking a single enemy ship For lower tier CVs, increase the number of planes going on attack runs, using only two torpedoes out of six is... counterproductive and the risk to getting shot down is higher Increasing the amount of attack planes by even one plane would help greatly The "reticle" for attack runs is too basic and not useful, the main guns of other ships can track enemy ships and the torpedo tubes have the grey area that tracks enemy ships, attack planes would benefit from this I will list more fixes I think would benefit this new type of gameplay.
  11. Vangm94

    Lemming Trains Lose Games

    Something like that. Not enough info on the rework to judge it (other than I don't like it but that is because I learned how to play... on Ryujo).
  12. Vangm94

    Lemming Trains Lose Games

    Pretty much. Take the safest route, scout and shadow with my DBs, attack with my TBs, maybe defend with my Fighters depending on the skill of the enemy CV.
  13. Vangm94

    Lemming Trains Lose Games

    The eyes of a good CV player is hard to find (though it may be lost soon).
  14. Vangm94

    Lemming Trains Lose Games

    Lemming trains aren't bad but the main issue is that players either stop pushing or they end up going back to defend cap and thus weakening the lemmings push. I have had some games in my Ryujo where I was able to convince my team to let the enemy take the cap behind us while we took the cap next to us. Unfortunately I have had too many games where in my Ryujo I was able to find the enemy lemmings train but no one did anything about it because what is a minimap? My Lemmings Trains Tactics: Push fast Push hard Absorb the damage Let the enemy take our previous cap and let us focus on the next cap If there is gonna be a defender, there can only be less than two of them
  15. Vangm94

    WG: Passive Gameplay Encouraged!

    Make it a bigger ocean then I think we might be somewhere. We can call the bigger ocean, Lake. I do enjoy and miss the Ocean map.