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  1. Vangm94

    Come On WG.. CV are so OP

    Know what is scarier than CVs? Actual CVs.
  2. Vangm94

    Brave CV players

    Too much. Playing Tier IV is torture, more so if you are new to the game and you have to fight bots.
  3. Vangm94

    What are the best CVs at each tier?

    Play the ship, learn the ship, that is the only way you can find what is the best for you. Or change your tactics if that is what is preventing you from playing different CVs. I've been playing only Old Ryujo for 1455 battles. Playing anything else from Old CV's I found impossible either due to the fact that after Tier VII you really do need two Fighter Squadrons to live and that just by having that additional Squadron screwed up how I played. New CVs, Lexington is easier to play but the way she handles is a far cry in comparison to New Ryujo and only recently have I started playing New Shokaku and her planes feel just right to handle compared to New Lexington.
  4. New CVs only increased the skill gap because back in Old CVs you could at least point and click. With New CVs you have to find away to not get shot out the sky before you get to your target and then you have to anticipate where you target is going which is harder to do without an assist that all normal ships have. To me, the real balance that New CVs have is that it made all the CVs playable in that at least you are not a 3-plane Independence fighting a 5-plane Ryujo. That is the only real balance they brought. I've said it before, what I would've done is change the amount of squadrons, the amount of planes in each squadron, and the stats of each plane so that each nation is different yet seemingly balanced. Ryujo One Fighter 4 planes Two Torpedo Bombers 4 planes each Two Dive Bombers 4 planes each Independence One Fighter 6 planes Two Torpedo Bombers 3 planes each Two Dive Bombers 3 planes each Similar but different but this would at least make fighting other nation's CVs more balanced as with Old Ryujo I could near-dominate games up to Tier VIII. With New Ryujo, she can't uptier anymore. While I guess Old CVs did get nerfed, I never noticed many of them in Old Ryujo up til when New CVs came out and I did used to play every day since 2016 when the game went live. My tactics kept me alive and they still keep me alive. Like I say in my signiature, (Almost) no one played like me and (almost) no one plays like me.
  5. Vangm94

    " It's Over "

    Someone has to take initiative. Someone has to rally their allies. Otherwise if the team hesitates, then they are likely to lose. I'm a CV player, I can do everything in my power to help my team but if that team hesitates, then whatever I do is near useless because my team won't make any gains against the enemy team. This battle is an might be an example of that. If my team keeps hesitating, then I will attempt to rally them in anyway possible whether I am sunk or not in the process because at that point the battle has already been lost. Support supports support in supporting support. If one support does not support support, then they are left solo to die. If you want my CV support, ask for it and I will let you know if I can or not. Otherwise never expect it because I am supporting a different support.
  6. Gotcha, so that is who they were. I remember seeing a video of this and I figured it would happen to me eventually but it was not only til this week did I really play Shokaku. I've been using the same CV tactics since the game launched and it has saved me plenty of times and once again it saved me again. Yep, I agree I played pretty bad. I am the worse CV player in the game. Despite that, my team did better than expected and I had a good time as this was not a complete loss as we fought til the end.
  7. Last time I used the Replay, it was weird so I never used it. I just use OBS because you will see exactly what I am doing. That is in addition for the need to use an older version of the game to view the replay assuming that is still a thing.
  8. Play the game for what it is, not what you want it to be. Or stick with single player video games because in the end all online video games get updated. Things get buffs, things get nerfs, new systems are introduced. That is the fate of all online video games and everyone ignores that fact. If the game did not get updated whether that is new content or system based, it would become stale and people would not play it. Video games is like life, things change and you can not do anything about it. At least not without a whole lot of money. If you are annoyed by WoWS or its players, just go on a hiatus and enjoy life. Or don't and get pissed off all of the time.
  9. To overcome adversity.
  10. It's called life.
  11. Vangm94

    Asashio Torps

    IJN DDs are the strongest weakest ship. You just have to know how to play them and at times be willing to take a risk.
  12. Vangm94

    Priority sector AA

    Makes AA stronger on one side.
  13. Vangm94

    I Sank a DD with My CV!

    If you take a chancing at fighting the DD trying to kill you, you have a chance of killing it. If you don't take a chance and just attempt to run from a 30kt DD with a 18kt CV, then you lost your chance and will likely get sunk. I have 28 secondary kills with my Old Ryujo and 9 secondary kills with my New Ryujo. Miracles can happen if you take a chance. Skip to 14:18 to see the secondary kill
  14. Vangm94

    Why do people in random battles run away?

    I'll spot if I can, I'll support you with smoke, I just won't cap immediately. Then again I am using my Fletcher like my Asashio. As quiet as possible.