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  1. Vangm94

    Ise Likes Me

    One of the main things I've noted with Ise is that I barely get any complaints as when I was in Ryujo or Shokaku. I try to focus as a CV before a BB so I prefer to set my way points and take my slow time going in one direction until I feel the time is right to push (or retreat). It is tempting to shoot her guns too upon first contact. The main issue I have like with Ryujo and Shokaku is if my team is not on my side or unable to hold my side, I will be left alone and eventually surrounded. The only difference is that since Ise is a battleship she can attempt to do something whole Ryujo and Shokaku can only rely on their short range secondaries and non-existent armor.
  2. Vangm94

    Ise Likes Me

    I got lucky. Helena should've just ran off. Though she probably didn't see me since I was being quiet even though I am sure I was spotted by planes.
  3. Vangm94

    Ise Likes Me

    Video is still uploading so it may take a while for the HD.
  4. Vangm94

    Ise Likes Me

    Gotta say, Ise likes me. She fits my aggressive CV playstyle.
  5. I either use Prem Camo or the other two credit purchasable Camo's. Any other Camo I have found to be bad luck no matter how good the gains are.
  6. Vangm94

    Auto Pilot CVs changed???

    To simplify it: Set way points Set speed Fly plane In the map, move you way point if you want to stay at your current speed In the map, set up a new way point if you want to go full speed
  7. Asashio can easily wipe an entire team of BBs but that is assuming MM lets her into a match with the enemy being a majority of BBs. So until I get that, I prefer to use my Asashio in a close support role because at the end of the day she is still an Asashio and just because you are top tier does not mean you are bulletproof. Sorta but double CV's have been in the meta since it began. The only difference is whether or not the CV are unskilled (most are).
  8. Vangm94

    Auto Pilot CVs changed???

    The lines your way points set is the line your ship will move. Adjust accordingly and you will not have many issues with auto pilot.
  9. It just depends on what ship you are good at and whether or not you can support the team. Last night I figured I would play Asashio for some laughs but I focused on supporting my fleet instead of going suicide by attempting to cap or taking the long route to spot and ended up not dying like most players at the start of the game.
  10. Vangm94

    Hill Cits Ranger with HE???

    And you wonder why I am willing to attack an enemy ship when I am attacked in close quarters combat...
  11. Vangm94

    Hill Cits Ranger with HE???

    Ranger has less than 35mm of Armor. This is why I tell people to shoot HE at ships like Ranger and Ryujo.
  12. Vangm94

    WW2 Japanese Destroyers

    Yep and all ship's carried more than 40 torpedoes and reloaded them in battle.
  13. GG but you are also fighting bots. Regardless, the more you move the safe you are and the faster your attacks can be.
  14. I lost my first battle but I didn't know how the map situation was going to be. After I learned that, it was just a normal day of being annoyed at the bots.
  15. Vangm94

    WOW, The children's game.

    Keep in mind, there are more than plenty of kids in any video game. This includes actual kids and adults. Play GTA Online. Play some races. Play some missions. Why can't people drive? Why do they follow the GPS exactly? Wait, I AM playing with kids. Of course, my solution to GTA Online is to never talk to anyone and my solution in WoWS is to complain then forget.