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  1. Why do they blame the DD?

    Communicating is part of the game. I will do my best to say what I am doing but I will do it better in Ryujo.
  2. Why do they blame the DD?

    Matchmaker Aircraft Carriers Destroyers Hacks (aim-assist) Battleships Players (lack of support) Radar RNG Fire HE Spam Torpedoes Deepwater Torpedoes AP Step 3 Themselves I'm a hypocrite, so I might be angry at you or I might understand what you are doing. It just depends on what I see on the minimap. For me personally, I like to get close to a Cap but not take it. Rather I coarse the enemy by making myself known so that they shoot me and get themselves spotted.
  3. My Atago T-10 CA

    WoT is WoT. Have not played that because I can't last more than 2 minutes. I consider now okay because it was bad before and changing it in a "simple" way can make it worse. I would not know until something does happen. That is all I have to look forward to. When it happens, it will happen. I would prefer it to not happen but it can't be helped.
  4. Sniper Loss

    Gotta live Tier IX and its passive BBs. Richelieu does better when uptiered than Iowa does when playing in the same tier. I don't judge by the stats, I judge by performance in game. You can get better stats than me, you can get more kills than me, you can survive longer than me but in the end, I will still consider you useless if I see you huddled in a corner behind a island alone.
  5. My Atago T-10 CA

    Same salt either way. If I Division my Ryujo, Fubki, and a Arizona, I will be in a Tier VIII battle. Difference is that I do enjoy it. But one phrase I like to use, "no one knows bad MM when only one side has a CV at the start of the battle".
  6. My Atago T-10 CA

    That's why I mostly play Tier VI and I still hear people complaining about matchmaker.
  7. My Atago T-10 CA

    Yep, just gotta deal with the Tier IX players instead. Same salt, different Tier. ARP Takao hasn't failed me, I failed her. I don't blame the ship, I blame myself for not commanding her right. There is no bad ship, only bad COs.
  8. I've been told plenty of times that I am horrible with Ryujo so it can't be helped. All of my CV Tactics are in my signiature. I scout I move I shadow I attack I recover I attack again I cap I fight It is always hard to find a good CV. It is also just as hard for a good CV to find a good team that is willing to look at their minimap and say "hey, are east side is defenseless and the entire enemy fleet is there".
  9. My Atago T-10 CA

    Darn, I guess my ARP Takao is not the same thing
  10. Story of my life in a Ryujo
  11. You can ignore me. You can do the opposite of what I would like you to do. It's up to you. I will simply just do what the CV can do that no ship can do and punish everyone for it. My own fault if I do it. My own fault in the end.
  12. My Atago T-10 CA

    The main thing I try to do is just accept the game for what it is and not for what it isn't. I don't look at the specifics, I just play.
  13. My Atago T-10 CA

    For ever negative there is a positive. I enjoy the game because I learned how to adapt some of my ships to fight against Tier X battle. I enjoy a battle that is a challenge. I hate one sided losses and I also dislike one sided wins. If there is no challenge, it is no fun. I can take a loss if it was fun. I can take a win if it was hard fought. We won't agree no matter what each of us says.
  14. Same. Mine was semi-directed at him. I've had too many situations where I scouted the entire map, found the enemy in one corner, and still had 2 of the slowest BBs take the longest route where there was no enemy.
  15. Given that voice comms are division only, it doesn't matter much. Chat itself is all is needed for a random game like this.