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  1. 406 or 420 in Grosser Kurfurst

    406’s. 24 second or so reload with 12 guns is pretty nice. As for penetration, got 4 cits on a Montana at 17km in one salvo this morning, who said German dispersion sucks!? Anyway, never hear myself say, “ stupid shells never do any damage”
  2. Błyskawica

    got this during the holiday sales, so never played it during the stealth fire days. I really enjoy playing it and its treated me very well. Great guns, real fun to annoy the other teams BBs if you get on their flank. Being a gun boat I don't worry about radar or CV's as I'm typically spotted the majority of time anyway from shooting everything in sight. Torps are ok, only 6, but come in handy every now and again. Highly recommend this boat
  3. Where's all the premium ships?

    Avocado shortage!! crap, be right back...thx for heads up.
  4. use the Force when shooting, if you have your eyes open then smoke, islands, water splashing, ur dog humping your leg, wife/husband/partner complaining about u playing "those darn computer games" and any other number of distractions will just make you miss. or you can do what Grizley said and zoom in, no more smoke, but what fun is that.
  5. GZ working as intended?

    My issue with AP bombs and CV's in general is how they counter nations instead of ship class/types. USN BB's have great AA and I don't have to sacrifice their strengths to get good AA. German BBs can have good AA, but to have good AA means I have to compromise that nations strengths, AA build means I greatly reduce secondary build power and possibly give up the aiming mod, leaving me with a ship that has a chance not to get AP bombed into oblivion, but less able to support the team - so I become a liability vs an asset. A DD that relies on concealment(JPN) isn't happy to see a CV, if I'm sailing a gunboat DD(Russian) CVs are not a big deal, I'm not worried about being spotted since i'm shooting my guns pretty much nonstop. So once again, CV is countering a nation and not a class. CA's are probably the only class across the board that isn't affected as much - believe most if not all above T6 or so can equip DFAA. That may make them less effective vs DD's since you give up hydro, but now we are talking ship class counters vs nation. And yes, I know some CAs have much better AA than others, but the overall effect isn't as dramatic compared to BBs and DDs. So if there are a lot of CV's being played I'm less likely to choose a poor AA ship or a DD that needs concealment. Since most of the game play is Random, relying on "teammates" to provide AA cover is a gamble and I would prefer to limit my risk in the face of a known threat. Ultimately if CVs become common place, the diversity of ships being sailed will be reduced. Which in theory becomes a catch 22, a whole lot of AA ships will make playing CVs not so much fun. So this system easily gets out of balance. Not sure there is an easy fix. As it stands today, CVs are pretty rare so not a big issue, but that doesn't change the fact that the current system is unbalanced/broken
  6. Blyskawica needs some major buffs

    very good point, I'm good with that as long as I get my disco lights in the smoke
  7. Blyskawica needs some major buffs

    Very bad ship, after 53 battles, all after the invisa firing change, and I only managed 62% win rate, 50,000+ ave damage and 1.1 kills This ship desperately needs some buffs Thinking front turrets (3 guns total) should be swapped out for a single triple turret - one from Des Moines, 203's with kick [edited] AP Smoke screen should have disco lights going, cuz there's always a party happening in there. And last, but not least chat seeking torps - meaning, if I don't like someone's comments in chat, I "mark" them and the torps will seek them out and sink their salty butt.
  8. Z-46 or Z-52?

    run and love them both - slight edge to the 52 - 5.8km hydro is silly fun and with the hydro mod ridiculously long lasting
  9. CW : Hindenburg impression

    Hindy Rocks!** **this statement was made by an actual user and not a paid actor. Anyone who disagrees will be crushed with flying butt pliers
  10. Mane Batteries - Lion Review

    I'm a bit confused on the "Pro: Gunnery is laser accurate" I have yet to experience what I would consider "laser accurate" I must be doing something wrong. Good ship overall, just need new batteries in my lasers I guess.
  11. Marat Butt is Best Butt

    Did someone say "Butt"??
  12. I must be doing something wrong as mine says Mostly sucks in all ship types Deals most of his damage thru friendly collisions or ramming islands Key vehicle - whichever one he can pull his head out of his butt (good thing I have butt pliers) Cheers!
  13. 0.6.0 - Commander skills

    mixed bag - some builds will be easier to get to with less skills (secondary build for BB) others will take more skill pts. So a wash in that sense, and will make you plan out things a bit more. The Radio detection thing doesn't seem like its needed. I don't play a ton of DD, and that being said don't feel the DDs have an unfair advantage, so no need to make it harder on them. Only thing on the Radio deal would be to make it active for only the last 3 minutes or so, I personally don't like it when its a close game and people run and hide and hope for time out. Not 100% sure this would be a good idea, but would reduce that aspect of the game. Overall not sure the changes being tested are needed or will make the game better, seems like a lateral move.