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  1. Flying_butt_pliers

    Jean Bart needs a buff - Stat!

    Jean Bart is not playable at all. Dispersion sucks, shells flying every which way, AA is almost useless. Can't believe I used all that coal to get this thing.
  2. Flying_butt_pliers

    Błyskawica Buff When?

    one of my favorite DD's to play and I got her after the invisa firing changes, so post "nerf" Not saying I wouldn't like a buff, butt in no way feel its needed to enjoy the ship and do evil things to other ships with it.
  3. Flying_butt_pliers

    What stat best equates to skill in WoWs

    maybe - take my name. Its more funny than cool and therefor I'm just a good to very good player vs a Unicom.
  4. Flying_butt_pliers

    What stat best equates to skill in WoWs

    I found the best players all have really cool names. All those numbers are just a distraction for the so called educated.
  5. One of the funniest usernames I've seen here! Lolz! +1

  6. Flying_butt_pliers

    So what's with the new BB gun bug?

    I try to stay away from BB guns in general so I don't shoot my eye out
  7. Flying_butt_pliers

    Colorado is garbage

    Colorado is awesome! That John Denver is full of S--t man.
  8. Flying_butt_pliers

    Change to German 203 reload time is [edited]

    not sure why people are arguing that its not going to have an effect. Do I shoot non stop all battle long?? No, but when I'm engaged with a ship at somewhat close range and killing them asap is critical to my survival I will shoot non stop and now it will take longer to kill the target. Also, the win rate spread between CA's is about 1% from best to worst, for T10 BB's its 3% and t10 DDs its 4.5%. Damage spread for T10 CA's 23% from best to worst, 29% for BB's and over 35% on DD's. Find it interesting that the Zao's stats are almost identical to Hindy's and it got buffed with 12km torps. So of any class of ships, it seems CA's are the most balanced and focus should be elsewhere. Numbers from wows.numbers sight - warships today wasn't reading anything I'll still play the ship and I'm sure it will still perform well enough, it just seems this was not needed when bigger variances in performance exist in other lines.