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  1. dcr66

    Gorizia = Combat missions?

    That is obscure. Thanks for pointing it out to me the idiot. Those directives are more grindy than others before.
  2. dcr66

    Armada: Gorizia

    Where can I do the grind fest to get the Gorizia? In the 2020 directives?
  3. dcr66

    Night Battles

    It will be hard to do with the current spotting logic I guess. Remember the IJN lookouts along with their Nikon optics were better in night vision than USN back then. USN radar was very unreliable as well. Islands block radar. Star shells will give you temporary visibility. Then there are search lights. Also no IFF back then, you could be shooting at ships on your side until someone screams on whatever radios.
  4. dcr66

    Ranked Sprint

    Perfect timing as I am re-grinding thru Baltimore and Cleveland. At least i won't be in bottom tier in ranked.
  5. dcr66

    Yahagi released

    Those wooden planks on the seaplane deck depicts the damage sustained at Battle of Sibuyan Sea from bombs. Agano and Oyodo are my favorite IJN ships, even long before WoWS. For that cheap price I bought it as a personal favor.
  6. What with the seaplane platform damage that was repaired by wooden planks? Unless they are trying to depict the bomb damage from Battle of Sibuyan Sea where the crew space was damaged by bombs. One of the crew space is below the area where the planks are. According to page 599 of "Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War" published by Naval Institute Press there were bomb damaged sustained in #1 torp mount.
  7. You would think by having higher tiers you will get better seasoned players. Not really. But then I think the maps and mode aren't exactly good for ranked either. No Epicenter please!!!! That mode is annoying enough in random games already and worse in the low ship count ranked. Put 1 ring objective in the middle instead.
  8. dcr66

    Submarines are Coming

    Honestly, if CV needs to play the map needs to be at least 3 times bigger and the CVs are spawned way back along the edge while the rest of the ships are up front. Give it couple of bot DDs for escort. I think only IJN ever designed their early CV to go with the main battle fleet. Besides the new CV gameplay takes away the somewhat realistic combined strike group with escorts, and the possibility of running out of planes. I liked CV before but forget this WoWP simulation now. As for submarines attacking surface warships other than DDs, their commanders will need to camp at a spot in the ocean where they think the fleet will pass over. Then hope like hell they are in the right spot to fire a full salvo at them. Submarines do tangle with DDs that are escorting convoys but none will survive too well if getting shot at by guns. The only hope they have is torpedoing the DD. After that dive deep and hide.
  9. dcr66

    Manual Secondaries

    I guess OP has not seen a fully loaded Bismarck going into battle. I have played with a friend driving the Tirpitz. You cover all sides and things get ugly.
  10. dcr66

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    I got to tier 5 for both USN and IJN cruisers. It was the most fun I have last couple of nights for long time. Back then the game was new and I was new to the game, never knew the proper ways to play those ships. Now I have plenty of camos and flags to speed up certain grinds. I need to do the final 33,000 twice for Omaha. Then I will reset the CL line but keep the 4 captains (tier 6 - 10) in reserve until I unlock the CLs back. No training needed.
  11. dcr66

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    3 months is way too short without using free xp to cut corners. I will get to somewhere between tiers 6 - 10 but not finish. 6 months or grandfathering (allow you to finish at your own pace) will be more realistic. As mentioned before, my reason to reset is to re-enjoy those ships from certain tech tree lines now that I know how to play them properly.
  12. dcr66

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    So I did RB on my least use (essentially not use at all) line of IJN cruisers. Skipped to tier 2 by free xp and played to tier 4 now. Probably can get into tier 5 today some time. I didn't know I have few captains that can step in on top of my 16 pt captain. The only "bad thing" is you don't get that 20,000 Research Points until you win with the tier 6 - 10 ships and win. I guess you can rush it with the free xp but I rather save my free xp for the free xp only premium ships. Essentially no quick way to Colbert without plenty of free xp. But then I get to play the lower tier ships with purpose again. XP gained is relevant once again as I need them to research to next module or tier. Not completely ruling out resetting my USN CL line but I know I will miss the Worcester for a while, I guess I can reset my USN CA line first since I don't miss Des Moines at all given I have the Salem. Then I can reset CL line when I am back up in tier 5 for USN cruisers.
  13. dcr66

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    All software companies that have their own products are like that. Did Microsoft ever admit Win 8 and 8.1 are outright stupid idea? How about the Windows Phone? Just because some people don't like it is not a bug. You don't have to do the prestige mode if you don't want to. They are not forcing you to do it.
  14. dcr66

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    To even get the 57000 research pts for Colbert up front, you need to reset more than 2 tech tree lines. I have no idea how much you can earn at tier 6 or whatever. To reset is more for playing some of those good ships in lower tiers with a purpose. Now I only use those USN CLs when certain op call for massive fire starting, citadel hits, or plenty of main gun hits. Usually don't care about outcomes as long as I get enough for the tasks. I never experienced the USN CL line grinds from tier 6 onward, I get them when the tech tree split
  15. Starting a Windows based PC is always a slow thing. Worse when you are using mechanical hard drives or older SSD. SSD always beat HDD. NVME is even better. The biggest difference come when there are updates for Windows. On my NVME SSD event the biggest Win 10 updates are done within 1 hr. Old school HDD will take hours for the same thing.