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  1. There are many books out there with fairly detailed plans of Yamato. Namely the US Naval Institute press "Anatomy of the ship" series.
  2. dcr66

    ANNOUNCING: Anchors Away Tour 2019

    Problem is I cannot tell you what I will be doing on Aug 31st almost 5 months in advance. I'll get tickets closer to the time. What is there to do anyway other than touring the ship? I was at HMCS Haida on the last day it was opened last year. It will take me an hour or so to get there so I like to know what are the activities? Is it just WoWS PC people or WoWS Legends staffs also?
  3. dcr66

    Exeter - 7 achievement mission

    It looked hopeless in the beginning but I got it done using the Gallant and Icarus. YOLO into an objective or hot spot. Lay smoke and try torpedoing the DD(s). Got First Blood and Devastating Strike few times. I also survive once in the KG5 for a dreadnought, that was more work. 2nd part was again easier in co-op with DDs, the 2 mentioned and the Lightning. Bots like to maintain courses even when torps are coming. Torpedoes do good damages. 3rd part (3 kills 1 game) is again a co-op thing. DDs could be easier to do it. 4th part (20 citadels) is better in random match since you may get top tier if you are lucky. Belfast got 8 in 1 game and Leander got 8 in another, bullied the cruisers 2 tiers down and a CV. Shot nothing but AP in both game. Only 1 citadel is needed now, it will be done tonight. For all parts, ignore the game outcomes. Do what is needed to complete the requirements.
  4. dcr66

    players losing interest

    Wait til they see some of the captains over in WoWS Legends.
  5. At least the Dutch ships were real, as compared to many "paper ships" we have in the game.
  6. dcr66

    Other naval ww2 games

    SSG Started Carriers at War but Matrix games took over: http://www.matrixgames.com/products/337/details/Carriers.at.War WiTP is easier if you play the smaller campaigns first. And even those (other than Guadalcanal) can be really drawn out and you tend to run out of fighting power along the way. You cannot stop Japan in the beginning with AI playing, no way. You maybe able to bring some troops and equipment out of the besieged area if you can find enough transports. Then you have to deal with the meager supplies from Middle East and deal with the convoy mess to India and Australia, never mastered that properly. It takes very long time for allies to have enough to fight back. WiTP as Japan is a bit easier if you control the 1st move. Let AI control the troops in China. Send all that SE Asia troop ships to either Central pacific and maybe Alaska. You will Indonesia captured also so leave some for that. Don't retreat after Pearl Harbor strike and wait for the troop convoys. You should be able to grab Hawaii with that mob, then go south to set up blockades to Australia. Grab Alaska or at least the Aleutians. Unfortunately not even the Japanese planes can fly out there from Japan. Airplane transports are needed. I have time to play games but I doubt I will try WiTP again. Still have the install somewhere, last used in Win 7 days. I heard some special configs are needed to play in a modern PC in Win 10 in windowed mode. I may want to get Steel Panthers going again if I have that much time.
  7. 100K fire damage may be easier if you have BB or CA. Just fire all HE until you get it. Winning is not important.
  8. dcr66

    Other naval ww2 games

    Matrix games won't give you the control of per ship. I have played few of them (Uncommon Valor, War in the Pacific, War Plan Orange) and also SSG Carriers at War in the past. You can form your task forces, air forces, etc to fight in the Pacific War the way you want. Different type of game play. You need to be guru / grognard to play those. If old school war games (hex map with small counters) is not your thing, don't bother. I have tried to invade Hawaii and USA in War in the Pacific before. Managed to occupy Hawaii and a smaller objectives south of Alaska in the west coast. Supply line is way too long.
  9. dcr66

    Other naval ww2 games

    When WoWS first came out I was hoping it will be somewhat like Great Naval Battles with updated game play. Guess not. But then there is no other modern computer games with the details of WoWS, play on.
  10. The original order of battle will make a good scenario. Force us to play as Allies, the underdogs.
  11. If they admitted the oversight then they should either update the wordings or change the requirements before it comes live. I play random but for this earn op, co-op mode is easier for certain requirements with all those target tugs.
  12. dcr66

    Other naval ww2 games

    "Great Naval Battles". Even if you can find the disks from back then I am not sure they will run on a modern Windows. You maybe able to find a downloadable version. You many need virtual machines (VM) or emulators with Windows versions from that era. I doubt you will find an old computer from 20 yrs ago with the proper specs to handle it, gaming back then already demanded unusual graphics card configurations. I cannot remember whether it was CD or 3.5" floppy the games came in. Good luck.
  13. Just check the news, all can be play in Co-op. What is this random only thing? https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/java-sea/ Personally I think all earn ops of higher tiers ships should be in random mode only. Certain requirements are way too easy in co-op.
  14. Nerfing premium ships never makes customers happy. Not here and not in World of Tanks. Other than the collectors, the rest of us buy them for whatever "OP" (in our eyes) characteristics they have. Taking those away or nerfing them makes people upset unless a full refund in premium currency is offered. Atlanta was way better when it first came out, less so after the nerfing.
  15. dcr66

    Other naval ww2 games

    I am old enough to have played the Great Naval Battles series back in the dinosaur era. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Naval_Battles Unfortunately the gameplay could be too hardcore for some in the current WoWS crowd.