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  1. Canadian_Reaper

    Does the Hipper have weak engines?

    Thanks All! Moved on to the Roon tonight, guess it was just a string (a lengthy string) of bad RNG
  2. Canadian_Reaper

    Does the Hipper have weak engines?

    First off I don't seriously play cruisers-just started the German CA line again (at Hipper) after a long time away from playing any kind of cruiser, but- I seem to lose the Engine on the Hipper a lot, anytime a shell lands anywhere near the rear of the ship it seems the engine gets knocked out (I am not running propulsion protection btw) Is this a trait of all cruisers/ All German Cruisers (I may stop the line if Hindenburg loses its engine all the time ) Just the Hipper? Or am I just having a *really* long string (like every game) of bad RNG Love the ship other than this- thing seems to be able to print citadel hits on cruisers- just I keep losing the engine... Thanks!
  3. Hey all I'm curious about the free XP large Cruisers, I don't get the attraction- I"m not questioning those that do like them, I'm just wondering 'Why" and if I'm missing something. LIke the Alaska, I know people have been asking for it since Beta, and it's certainly a great looking ship (which does count for a lot) but the ship itself seems..."meh" from a game standpoint. It's the size of a BB, with the armor of a cruiser, it doesn't have the alpha of a BB, nor the dakka of a cruiser. It's not really fast or maneuverable, nor particularly stealthy. It doesn't (to me, but I'm not really a good, let alone great player) seem to have a particular great blend of all the strengths of cruisers or BBs either. Not trying to trash talk it, as I said I'm really just wondering if I'm missing something about the ship considering how many people seem interested in it (and the IJN T10 one) I even citadelled them both with my Hipper the past weekend, again not claiming anything by that, but paying a million free xp for something that can be citadelled by a hipper from 14Km or so seems odd. Complete honesty says I don't pay a lot of attention to hte game mechanics- it's perfectly possible that people get lucky citadels vs Yamatos and Montana's with T8 203's- so I'm not really bashing the Alaska or the IJN T10. Really just wondering if people want the ships for the history/for the looks/ or if these cruisers are actually incredibly powerful and I'm just not seeing it. Thanks!.
  4. Canadian_Reaper

    When You Select "More Resources"

    Wait, what? I get more coal from containers if I'm in a clan?
  5. Hey All So the new CV rework looks (to me- with the note that I don't play CV's, I tried, I was pathetic in them, for the good of my teams i stopped trying) to make at least the high tier CV's stupidly powerful, I'm wondering what are the best AA ships in the game? I get that AA is being reworked, so things will be a little different, but the ships themselves will be largely similar so I figured I may as well start grinding lines that lead to great AA to deal with the large number of CV's I'm likely to see. I have the Desmoines, and the Montana, but how do the other cruiser/BB lines stack up for shooting down planes? (Obviously the US CL line is good as well, but not sure about any others) Can all the cruisers make great AA ships?
  6. Canadian_Reaper

    Carriers nerfed to the potato

    Yeah I don't think CV players are going to have many issues-if they can get past the low tiers. I don't play CVs(I tried a few times- zero damage games, I stopped for the benefit of the my teams ) but a friend who does play them and was going to quit has changed his mind, yeah huge alpha are mostly gone, but stacking fire/flooding is so easy it's almost a joke, Flamu (obviously a great player, but not really a CV player) shows off the Midway , now maybe the Japanese are better- but the Midway seems powerful enough
  7. Canadian_Reaper

    Possible Concern over CV Rework becoming OP

    I don't play CV's but a friend who does, was going to quit over this change (he liked the RTS) has changed his tune, says they're more powerful now, as (apparently) you can attack multiple times with a flight, so you can flood, wait 20 seconds or so, flood again. He did say the PTS was messed up (a lot of bots) so not sure if it will work the same in live, but sounds like it's going to be fun for CV players, less fun for non CV.
  8. Canadian_Reaper

    Where do you shoot Warspites?

    With a Warspite. Honestly haven't paid that much attention to my Warspite before, but I've been taking it out in ranked and I keep getting my [edited]handed to me by other Warspites, and some (or many) are better players, but some are ttruly terrible. Everyone seems to shoot me through the front so I figured no problem, I'll just shoot them through the bow, but (again) I'm either having a really poor RNG streak, or I'm missing something. (no pun intended) WE'll both approach at head on/mostly head on, but I'm hitting them for *maybe* 5K, and I'm getting smacked for 10-15 K in return.. This usually doesn't last long... Is there a great place to pen through the front?
  9. I know- not trying to start a "WG FIX!!!" thread- but this is my first time really attempting ranked, and it seems like every other game has a player on one of the teams load in, and just go afk. (Or go hide somewhere and go afk) I wanted to try the ranked battles out, as I thought it might be a little more competitive (and thus make me learn more-really I need it) but it honestly seems like half the battle have had more AFK players than I usually see in randoms. It just made me curious, does this happen every ranked season, just lower tier ones, or have I just had my usual "I know it's extremely unlikely that WG programs the game's RNG to hate me, but sometimes...""
  10. Two games, not a big deal. But how the [edited] do I get a TK penalty when a friendly ship with 60HP or so left runs into me and dies? (Yes I am a little stressed from fail teams at ranked)
  11. Hi all I never really thought about picking up the JB, but I did decide to go up the French BB line, have just picked up the Richelieu and...I love this ship. Even though (it seems) I'll curse the dispersion for 3 or 4 straight games, I then get the one where it all works and it' just makes this ship so fun. From what I understand, having read/watched some reviews (and knowing a little history), the JB is an uptiered and improved Richelieu, but does it play/handle pretty much the same or is there some difference in the gameplay? I don't have nearly enough coal yet, but before I start buying more Santa crates, and focus on getting coal, just wanted to know if it plays like a better Richelieu (what it seems to be from the reviews) or if it has a different playstyle ? Thanks!
  12. The "is it worth it" question is completely subjective. If I spent $100 (Canadian) and received the Roma , and no other ships I'd be happy, as it's one that I want. If I spent teh same amount and received 4 or 5 other ships, I'd be irritated because I'm not really interested in any of them,. Honestly I wouldn't be that happy if I got the kronshtadt, despite how amazing that would be for many people, as I have no interest in it. (The Missouri would be another story)
  13. 5 Mega Crate 3 were camo 30 dragon 30 wyvern 20 Big Crates 1 ship (T7 Japanese BB) 4K doubloons, everything else was camo (yeah not happy about that) 20 Small crates 20K freexp 2500 coal, and everything else was papa papa or zulu hotel flags. Complete RNG of course, but last 2 years I received enough ships/doubloons/premium time to at least tempt me into going and buying more crates. After this much camo this year, I'm done.
  14. 5 Mega Crates - 3 camos 30 wyvern 30dragon 20 small crates motly zulu hotel papa papa flags, did get 2500 coals from one 20 medium crates - one ship ( can't remember the name T7 Japanese BB) and a LOT of camo
  15. Canadian_Reaper

    Isn't the Amagi Supposed to be Accurate?

    All ranges, I start firing at targets at 19KM, then try and follow DD's/cruisers in closer.. That's what I meant from the examples above, I just miss with this things, at range or close in. Honestly it reminds me of my old games in the Dunkerque. That being said- it's obviously user error - (and dear god, am I *that* bad with the Massachusetts? That's so embarrassing.. I feel it hits more, I didn't even realize the game tracked those stats..) if the Amagi is (as you both say) an accurate ship. Thanks! I'll just have to keep shooting I guess..