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  1. Canadian_Reaper

    Soo how do I use SAP?

    Thanks All! Obviously my bad for not doing any research, just thought they worked like AP, except they didn't overpen. Next time I'll aim a little higher.
  2. Canadian_Reaper

    Soo how do I use SAP?

    Was lucky enough to get the Lepanto in a drop, and took it out for my first game I've never used SAP before, and the game was pretty much a disaster (spawned on a side where our DD hid and the CA committed suicide, spent the next 8 minutes running to the other side of the map) DIdn't really play well this game, (this isn't one of those "I tried to carrt but the team was so bad.." stories) but..I did guess where the enemy Minotaur was going to appear. Sure enough the Mino pope out behind an island near broadside at like 4KM, I had all guns loaded with SAP, fired.. ANd I had 7 shots bounce and 2 pen. This was on a nearly broadside Mino, he was angled a bit, but nothing remotely extreme, If I'd had my Roma and AP loaded, I've have dev struck it. (barring poor RNG of course) Never used SAP before, I had thought it was super punchy vs cruisers, but now I'm curious..is it really just for superstructure or angled ships? IE I shouldn't try to pen cruiser citadels with it? I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped when I saw 7 ricochets on the Mino.. Thanks!
  3. Canadian_Reaper

    Roma with new skills

    I found it didn't work for me- yes your accuracy seems a bit better in the sub 15km range, but even more of the other team's BB's are sitting at the back sniping. And their accuracy got buffed as well. And your long range doesn't seem even remotely comparable to the US/Brit/ Japanese/Soviet/ French BB's with the same skill. If you can spend a game staying hidden somehow, and pop up at the 12-15Km mark it works
  4. I know some people do. I have no issues paying for it if the price was something reasonable ( opinions as to reasonable vary of course) I never understand why companies don't do "introductury" prices where because of teh change, the XP conversion would be far cheaper . Then bump the price later. Still, I'm not employed in Wargaming's Finance Department. so..
  5. Yep, the "get XP from dismissing commanders" is a great idea, but they absolutely decided to gouge us for it.
  6. I ,mean I actually know why But of all the UI settings, this is the only one that switches back after every big patch. Everything else stays how I set it up, how I like it. It's not a huge thing, but it's a pain, especially if you forget to check the setting I think this is the only game I play that just happens to reset my default choices to "Oh all our players want to spent gold , so let's make it easy for them.."
  7. So I get the "deadeye" skill, give something to teh players who want to snipe. I'm still waiting on the secondaries change- tried them briefly on my Mass and Pomm today, it seemed much worse but it was only a couple of games, I'm more than willing to consider the jury still being out. But.. did I miss something (always possible) or do BB"s not have access to Superintendent -and therefore one less potential heal? I know not everyone took it- but some of us did, -this (with the other changes) is seeming like they don't want BB's to tank anymore? Or quite possibly I missed where the skill is, if someone sees it please just let me know and I'll pretend I wasn't serious... Thanks!
  8. Canadian_Reaper

    Wujing Sale Date?

    Hey All Curious if anyone knows when teh Wujing might go on sale- I know it can drop out of the "Journey to the West" containers, but it's listed as one of the ships with special mission for the third (iirc) new mission series, and you can't get a "Journey" container until you complete that series, so figure they'll be selling it before then. Supposed to be an Alsace clone, and I really liked the Alsace, so I'd like to pick it up.
  9. Maybe it's time to forget the SAP on BB's idea, give them HE and the smoke generators. I compltely admit I was looking forward to Marco Polo , but a large part of that was I really like the model, I'd rather have AP and HE along with giving it smoke than SAP and what's going to end up being a 40 second reload and even less armor by the time the "balancing" is done. If the only way you can make SAP work on a BB without being overpowered is by gutting the BB's...might be time to just forget the idea.
  10. Now that I think about it I'm probably going to get a chat ban or two for my ... excessive cheering of my team during those battles..
  11. Do you need the replays or timestamps during the replays? I went and removed all my mods (now have fog back..yay) and had it happen with the JB, I have teh replay but it didn't happen every shot, so do i need to tell you guys which shots they were or will you be able to find it otherwise? I just can't imagine watching 18 minutes of replay for funny stuff will be fun...
  12. HOw does this keep getting used as an argument? CV's can be countered-if you use a division (assuming you have decent A ships) or have a team that's willing to move in mutually supporting position. No other class even comes close to "yeah you can counter it ..as long as you bring two other ships" CV's are OP compared to every other class in the game. That being said- WG does seem perfectly happy with how CV's are performing, maybe CV players spend more money, maybe they all play CVs themselves. Maybe they secretly realize they were a stupid addition to the game in either iteration, but they can hardly remove and entire class (and premium ships) at this point. The reason is largely irrelevant. They're far more powerful and game influencing than any other class. But they're not going anywhere. So enjoy the games that don't have a CV presence , hope teh CV player is terrible or ignores you in the ones that do. Pretty much all you can do at this point.
  13. Canadian_Reaper

    JB's Guns not firing?

    I've seen other people post about this, noticed it more and more myself the last few games. But has WG said anything or has anyone found a solution for why JB's guns don't seem to fire until after I've mashed the mouse button a dozen or so times?
  14. Canadian_Reaper

    Florida Not Worth It for the Average Player?

    I'm going to go with the "needs division, a great player, or great RNG" to work. I find the accuracy is notably better than most BB's- even with the 1.7 sigma- although there are a LOT of times as the OP mentioned that that sigma seems to screw up an almost perfect shot. The issue I seem to have is- even though more of my shells are hitting, a good chunk of them bounce or shatter, pretty much on any target. So Yes, I fire 12 guns and get 7 hits, but 2 will ricochet, and 3 or 4 will shatter. I think a lot of people read "battlecruiser accuracy" and think "OMG Georgia has that, and I love that ship" yes , but it has big guns that overmatch quite a few armor profiles. The Florida does not . The number of times I've lined up a shot at 18km, fired, and had +/-9 bounces/shatters is ..disheartening . The ship can absolutely hit targets ,damaging them is sometimes another matter. The armor is another thing to beware of, this is so easy to citadel it's like sailing a BB size Neptune. YOu will be blapped if you give someone your side, (which happens to every other BB so I'm not sure why reviewers mention it) You'll also be citadeled through the nose by pretty much any size of gun you face in T8 or T9 matchups. You'll read comments like "you have to stay at range and maneuver " which helps- but I find a pretty decent chunk of the hits you take from BB's-- even at range, manage to find the citadel. Just had a game where a Bismarck tagged me once at 18km ,citadel, then he repeated it 30 seconds later. Basically the Florida is a mid-long range sniper than NEEDS a perfectly broadside (not angled even a little) target (within reason, I have dev struck a full health angled Neptune in it...but I'm not sure a Neptune has armor..) in order to deal damage. ANd don't get shot at. Even long range. All that being said the guns do absolutely work wonders sometimes, the AA is fantastic (as fantastic as T7 AA can be) and the concealment lets you pull off some great ambushes as well as making it easy to go dark- as long as there are no CV's. I also think as more and more people learn about it's armor, it's going to become more and more of a target. Already I've addedthem to my "shoot British Cruisers for fun and profit" list, and given the amount of people in randoms I have firing at me, I think a number of other people have as well. It can be a fun ship, but I'm pretty convinced the number of "OMG this thing is so awesome" reviews I've seen, are people who hope other people will buy them so they can shoot at them.
  15. Canadian_Reaper

    Halland AA?

    Do you specifically have to build Halland for AA in order for it to be an AA beast? Or am I misremembering and it's AA is only "good" I FreeXp'd a number of ships in the EU line, and it was (oddly) one of those lines where I just never seemed to get CV's in games. (The Friesland I kinda expected as it gets a lot of T9) So I don't have a lot of XP vs them in the line. But I thought Halland was pretty decent AA, even without any points or equipment invested in it. Just had a game with an Indomitable though, he didn't focus me, but over the game launched 3 attacks at me , first one popped Def AA at 4km, he lost one plane on the way in, dropped torps, missed lost one of the way out. Second time he lost one on the way in, two on the way out. Last time (I got dev struck by a Slava) but he lost 4 planes- I was engaged with a Gearing at the time, so not sure how many killed when. But all together, a T8 CV, flying through my sector with Def AA going on, only lost 9 planes. (again overt three attacks) DId I just have terribly bad RNG, or is the Hallands AA something I have to build for to make good? *** Totally not going for a "CV's OP" thing here, that ship has sailed as far as I'm concerned, I just really thought the AA was supposed to be amazing out of the box, but this was vs a T8 CV, so I'd do pretty much nothing to a T10. Really just curious if I'm wrong (which seems to happen occasionally ) or if it was just really bad RNG. Thanks!