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  1. The "is it worth it" question is completely subjective. If I spent $100 (Canadian) and received the Roma , and no other ships I'd be happy, as it's one that I want. If I spent teh same amount and received 4 or 5 other ships, I'd be irritated because I'm not really interested in any of them,. Honestly I wouldn't be that happy if I got the kronshtadt, despite how amazing that would be for many people, as I have no interest in it. (The Missouri would be another story)
  2. 5 Mega Crate 3 were camo 30 dragon 30 wyvern 20 Big Crates 1 ship (T7 Japanese BB) 4K doubloons, everything else was camo (yeah not happy about that) 20 Small crates 20K freexp 2500 coal, and everything else was papa papa or zulu hotel flags. Complete RNG of course, but last 2 years I received enough ships/doubloons/premium time to at least tempt me into going and buying more crates. After this much camo this year, I'm done.
  3. 5 Mega Crates - 3 camos 30 wyvern 30dragon 20 small crates motly zulu hotel papa papa flags, did get 2500 coals from one 20 medium crates - one ship ( can't remember the name T7 Japanese BB) and a LOT of camo
  4. Canadian_Reaper

    Isn't the Amagi Supposed to be Accurate?

    All ranges, I start firing at targets at 19KM, then try and follow DD's/cruisers in closer.. That's what I meant from the examples above, I just miss with this things, at range or close in. Honestly it reminds me of my old games in the Dunkerque. That being said- it's obviously user error - (and dear god, am I *that* bad with the Massachusetts? That's so embarrassing.. I feel it hits more, I didn't even realize the game tracked those stats..) if the Amagi is (as you both say) an accurate ship. Thanks! I'll just have to keep shooting I guess..
  5. I played the Amagi for a few games a year or so ago, didn't like it, sold it, and stopped playing the game for a while. Recently returned , decided I liked BB's and picked up the Massachusetts, reviews said it had poor dispersion, but it seems to work for me. Same thing with the Musashi, Tirpitz, even the FdG (and I was terrible in that ship) I manged to hit things. Figured I might as well finish the grind to the Yamato, so I bought the Amagi back.... and I can't hit anything in it. Game after game I miss not only long range shots, but stuff at point blank range, a Yamato appears at 8km in a storm, bow on- I fire 10 guns and watch half the shells land to the right of him, half to teh left, NC drives out from behind an island at 10KM, shot is lined up, I'm pretty sure I would have deleted him in my Massachusetts, the Amagi? 10 shots fired, one overpen . Montana full broadside at 7.5 KM, 10 shots fired, 3 hits . Minotaur in smoke at 3KM 10 shots fired no hits. Am I just having a ridiculous streak of games with incredibly poor RNG or am I wrong about the Amagis guns? I know I'm not the best player, trust me, but I have no issues hitting targets in the Massachusetts. Tirpitz, Musashi, Montana , as I said, I think my hit percentage was higher in the FdG and I hated that gunnery so much I free XPd the last 100K XP or so. IS there a trick to hitting things with the Amagi or is this just a cursed ship for me?
  6. Over 9600 players online and..
  7. Canadian_Reaper

    How do you fight the British BB's?

    Hey all I unlocked the FdG before I stopped playing some time ago, back at it now and having enough fun with the Tirpitz that I'm thinking of finishing off the line. But- How do the FdG and GK fight the British BB's? I haven't seen that many games,where the two match up, but aside from a few it seems to be The Brits have very accurate long range fire, with a high fire chance, they're as fast if not faster, and have far better concealment, so it's easy to disengage. The Germans seem to win if the Brit screws up and lets them get close where their secondaries can go to work. Don't mean this to sound like a whine, -I haven't bought,let alone played the FdG yet,(and honestly I'll probably go down the British BB line at some point) I'm just wondering what the best way to fight the British is, (or any other long range HE spammer I guess) Most of the games I've seen the top tier German BB's don't seem to do well, yet I know there's a large number of you who do very well in them, so there has to be a way...
  8. Canadian_Reaper

    Iowa- Overpens and Bounces..

    It's been a while since I played the NC, just started playing again and grabbed the Iowa. And...I don't get the guns. I know the Americans have the Super Heavy shells, but it seems everything I hit I either overpen or it bounces- in the same volley. I understand the shots I take at a distance will tend to do this- and honestly I take far too many longer ranged shots, but even the ones I take close up VS other BB's are doing the same thing. Just had a game where I fired 9 guns at a Jean Bart broadside at 9km, fired at the waterline, had 5 overpens and 3 bounces. FIred again , he had angled a bit more, had 5 bounces and 2 overpens. I'm trying to aim at waterlines, at (give or take) 12-15km, but it's really just not working out. I've had multiple games with 30 hits, 35Kish damage, 40 hits, 48kish damage, starting to get annoyed. . Do you not aim at the waterline vs non German BB's ? Again, I'm still figuring out how to play the Iowa, so my gameplay isn't anywhere near competent,let alone good,, but is this normal for these shells at close range? Thanks for any advice!