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  1. Good to know, thanks all!
  2. Hey all, just coming back to the game from a fairly long break, so maybe I've forgotten something or something has changed, but.. My Fletcher, with all the trappings, has a 5.8KM concealment, which -as I understand- is the best you can make it. Yet in the last two games, I've had opposing red team Fletchers in cap circles outspot me- I get the "detected" message, and it's only 2-3 seconds later that I spot them. Is there some new camo, equipment, or Captain skill that I'm not seeing that increases your concealment? Just wondering what it is I'm missing.
  3. Do you have to activate Matchmaking Monitor like XVM or is there a key to use it? Installed i from today's build, and it doesn't seem to list anything ingame..
  4. Dunkirk the Movie

    It's fantastic. Minimum dialogue, barely any scenes with Germans in them, (barring aircraft), yet not just a great "War" film, but a great film overall. Only thing I think it should have had was an end scene overlay where they explained how many British and French troops were evacuated. (To be fair they may have, our theater lost power just as the credits started to roll)
  5. Op Dynamo containers through Prem shop

    A question because I'm stupid- you get the Dunkirk containers for 2K XP from regular games right? So you can get the commander without having to actually play the event?
  6. Red Alert - Apparently WG lost Jingles

    How will he look spineless? He makes his money off youtube, he pretty much said that he had things all cleared up and was happy to continue to be a CC contributor after WGEU explained their position,and made the promise that they would not use copyright strikes as punishment. Then WGNA came along and very strongly implied that they might decide to use such a thing, and to top it all off they referred to slurs in Fochs video that did not happen. IF WGNA (and EU, Russia, whoever else) comes out and says " look we expect CC vids to maintain a certain standard, but while we may revoke CC status for anyone who fails to meet those standards, we will not issue strikes" I think he'd come back without an issue. As always I could be wrong, but it's my understanding that it is WGNA ambiguous statement about taking action, as well as their referral to slurs and speech that didn't happen, that made him (and PHJ) leave.
  7. Red Alert - Apparently WG lost Jingles

    I'd say yes. Jingles is losing a lot of revenue from not covering WG games (I have no idea how much a youtuber makes, but I guess he makes a decent amount) I think if there was an apology, and more importantly, a single policy so youtubers know what they can and can not do, across all regions,and how infringements would be handled (again, same treatment for all regions) he'd be back.
  8. Red Alert - Apparently WG lost Jingles

    I think this is still entirely fixable. If WGNA comes out and says "very sorry, very drunk, don't know what we were referring to, but it's totally our bad" and then all of WG comes together and releases one set of guidelines to cover what they will and will not punish across all regions, it won't be an issue. As I tried to say (and LWM made far more clear) people like Jingles and PHJ didn't quit because WG came after them , they quit because *after* solving the issue with WGEU, a different region released a letter that said NA might come after you. And as copyright strikes are bad news (I guess, not a youtuber, have no idea) it's just not worth it to try and dance around future WG decisions as to what might constitute a violation. My understanding is that if WG gives someone three strikes, they lose not only WG content, but their entire channel. The fact that WGNA's letter refers to things in Fochs video that didn't happen, doesn't help matters. It's a global market, WG should make a single policy for CC's and youtubers.
  9. Red Alert - Apparently WG lost Jingles

    The issue is with the new WGNA letter, saying (or very strongly implying) that Foch's video was taken down because it contained hate speech or homophobic slurs. Which it absolutely did not. IF someone releases a youtube video, in which they say "f8ck wargaming, this ship is so OP it's stupid" , it's not something that should really be considered hate speech. Really the problem IS at WG's end, and as a few people have mentioned, it's that they have all these different offices who seem to each follow their own policy on how to police things. With sites like youtube being global, there is bound to be confusion. Have no idea why they just don't step up and get a single coherent policy in place for all regions.
  10. Red Alert - Apparently WG lost Jingles

    No, what Jingles has quit over was the threat by WGNA to punish people like Foch who uploaded hate/homophobic speech. As there was nothing of the sort in Foch's video. We can agree that Fochs vid was over teh line, and I have no issues with WG revoking his CC status for the original vid. IF though, WGNA is now threatening to hit youtubers with copyright strikes for videos that contain hate speech, when in fact those videos don't contain anything of teh sort, it could make it more of a question as to what, exactly, will set one of the WG regions off. (Jingles mentions he cleared things up with the EU, but after WGNA's letter, he now has to be worried that someone from NA or Russia could just decide to copyright strike him) Honestly WGNA's letter sounds like it's from someone who didn't even bother to watch the original video, decided it must contain hate speech, and proceeded from there.
  11. Red Alert - Apparently WG lost Jingles

    WGNA pretty clearly suggested that anyone uploading vids like Foch's, that contained hate and/or homophobic speech, would be punished, given that the video from Foch (while inappropriate) contained neither hate nor homophobic speech, it does seem like a bit of an odd threat. There's arguably a case to be made that whoever sent this out from WGNA has slandered Foch.
  12. HMCS Haida, your thoughts

    The Tribal class (and Haida) is the reason I started playing this game, as others have suggested, make the Tribal class half decent and you'll get my money for her. I think it should actually be a British premium- but I'm simply not a fan of teh Commonwealth tree (I understand it, just there aren't going to be that many ships for switching Captains) As patriotic as I am, I don't see Canada having enough ships of effective in game classes.
  13. Missed from 3km

    I don't know hte player, but the idea that he did something wrong isn't necessarily the issue. It's not that common, usually from close range I obliterate targets, but it absolutely does happen that you can miss from basically point blank range.
  14. Missed from 3km

    Its' just part of the WG idea of RNG. My fav moments have included missing a grounded, immobile,Flint from under 3K with my Dunkerque (shots dropped in front of and over, one overpen) of course before the guns reloaded he'd set 3 fires on me. It is what it is in the game, both in this and in WoT. Just take solace in the fact that while it is incredibly annoying, it's also the thing keeping WG from ever becoming a real online competitive game like they want to be.
  15. Seriously? Bismarck secondaries etc can already set 2-3 fires without much difficulty..and they're going to benefit from an even greater rate of fire if the ship is damaged? This seems.... like a stupid [edited]idea.. am I missing something? I mean I'm going to unlock the Bismarck this week..but this still seems.. questionable. Were the German BB's not doing enough damage vs the other 2 lines?