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  1. Canadian_Reaper

    Harekaze is back- worth it?

    Hey all So Harekaze is back, a ship I was thinking about getting before- but didn't end up picking it up. Just curious as to how people feel it performs with the current state of the game. (also did it get the buff to the 100mm guns? I seem to remember someone telling me it didn't..but I have no idea) Thanks!
  2. 10 Containers No missions. No doubloons No Type 59 Camo Nice bunch of flags.
  3. Canadian_Reaper

    Not Stat shaming

    We are never going to be able to fix it, because WG doesn't care about it. They used to sell premiums that were mostly about as good as the tech tree ships. Then the premium ships started to have hugely inflated abilities, and they sold well. IF WG didn't want new/unskilled players to be able to buy their way to the top, they wouldn't be able to. Like it or not, it is what it is. Not blaming WG perse, they're a company, the idea is to increase profits every year, now that the "super" premiums are available, they can't reign them back in , yes there will still be players who buy well balanced premiums they like, but not nearly as many. Plus I find some of them funny when tey try and defend stuff. (There's at least one on here, or on the EU forums, who was all like "The Smolensk is perfectly balanced just learn to play against it". Some players don't realize they suck, they lose and lose and blame the teams (like I do) or the fact that "If only I was in a T10 I'd be better", not realizing that everyone else in a T10 makes for some challenging fights.
  4. Canadian_Reaper

    Friedrich der Große — German Tier IX battleship.

    Yeah I played this before the buff, hated it (and was useless in it) Rerunning the line now for the RB , and it still seems....weak. Yes if you build for secondaries and if you get into range it kind of works ( my completely subjective opinion though was somehow I did far more damage with Bismarcks secondaries even in T10 battles) THe guns have such terrible firing angles that you have to give up broadside to use them all, otherwise you're using 4 guns vs 6 or 8 And while you're almost impossible to citadel, everyone seems to have realized by now you're also fairly difficult to overpen if you aim for the deck. So it eats pen damage. And fire damage.. I really think they could buff the dispersion of the whole German BB line and it wouldn't move them above another line in "power"
  5. Canadian_Reaper


    Fires are random, but there definitely seem to be alot more of them, I'm guessing due to the large number of quick firing guns with even low-decentish fire chance. Frieslands, Smolensk, etc all seem to print arsonist badges , ~ I played exactly two games on a smolensk using a friends account, and had no issues keeping 2 or 3 fires going on BB's and an Alaska, (I managed to keep 4 on a GK, but obviously he wasn't using FP so..) That being said I played a game where I had 40 some odd main battery hits with My Conquerer and zero fires, so RNG is something to consider. Still overall I don't think any one class is worse off than others, I just think fire damage is far to easy to get and arguable overpowered right now. ( It really makes far more sense to build a tank build with a BB than secondaries) Of course I have no idea how, or even if it would be possible to rebalance the game, given the huge number of ships they've introduced that basically rely on fire to inflict damage.
  6. I'm very much not a DD player, but I'd agree with the sentiment that they're great for gunning down DD's, fantastic for AA, mediocre at everything else. While it is incredibly annoying to come under that stream of fire in my BB (or CA) if you're anywhere close, it's about the easiest DD to charge, especially in smoke. I've never managed to pull it off myself , but Ive seen numerous Friesland's run down in smoke by BB's, and a few even rammed. (oddly most of these have been the Frieslands on my team...) The volume of fire is annoying, but if you know it's the only DD, it lacks the threat damage of torps to keep anyone away. That being said, if you're fantastic already at hunting DD's, I don't know that there's a better ship in the game for it,
  7. Canadian_Reaper

    PSA: Anniversary 2019 Directives, Start and End Dates.

    Yep thanks! (And I saw those) but aren't they usually listed in game as well? Am I completely misremembering how directives were done before? (I'm very old so this is possible..)
  8. Canadian_Reaper

    PSA: Anniversary 2019 Directives, Start and End Dates.

    Ok incredibly stupid and embarrassing question- but where are these listed? I've looked through all the Combat Missions and Events- I can see the "Anniversary" listed under events, but not the mission breakdowns..
  9. Probably a stupid question- I'm almost certain they wouldn't- but after a few months away I've noticed the dynamic crosshair seems much (much) less accurate than it used to. Not a huge problem- I do mostly aim without it, but I thought I remembered it being fairly accurate- but have now had a couple of games where I just glanced at it to lazily plan a shot and the shots weren't even close- (target at 7km range and all the shots landed behind the target) Really just more of a "did they change it in some way I'm not understanding" or am I just completely failing at remembering how useful it used to be..
  10. Canadian_Reaper

    What's the Point of the 203mm Cruisers?

    Well that's it- I love the ZAO and Hindy (I'm indifferent to the DM, but that's entirely because I suck with her arcs- I haven't tried the Worchester, but imagine I'd be worse..) but played a number of games on a friends account, with.. Smolensk and Colbert- and I melted both Zao's and Hindenburg- (and I'm not great) the Hindenburg especially was just a mess, just kept firing into his superstructure and it was just brutal. Now these are two of the newest cruisers added- but teh rapid fire HE -even with the worse ballistics- seems so much better. Maybe I am so out of touch I'm building mY captains wrong- so while a CL basically uses 4pts for IFHE- what do most of you spend the points on for your big gun cruisers that you find more useful?
  11. Hey All Not really a whine- I've used both 152 IFHE Ca's as well as the 203's, but every time I come back to the game there seem to be more IFHE spammers, (including me) and after more games- I'm curious as to people's thoughts on the role of the 203mm armed cruisers. 152's-with or without IFHE seem to be far more useful vs DD"s, BB's and other CA's- now if a 203 gets me broadside, yes I'll take a bigger hit from the alpha damage he can put out, but if he doesn't kill me I can either also citadel him (with a faster reload) or if he angles I can usually just either burn him down or just IFHE him while I angle against his return fire. Again, I like both of them, not calling for a nerf, as I said, just curious about what I'm missing as far as 203mm cruisers go- because it seems the smaller gun ones do everything equally well, if not better. Thanks!
  12. Canadian_Reaper

    Having trouble with Soyuz

    Yeah I still don't know what's going on with this ship. HAs the same guns as Vlad, but with Vlad if I was under 12km it almost seemed to print citadel hits for me, the Soyuz just misses. And misses. Just found an AFK Bismarck, 36 shots at just under 10km against a stationary target and had 14 hits. I'm definitely eyeing my FXP stash to just say "screw it" and buying the Kremlin.
  13. Canadian_Reaper

    Having trouble with Soyuz

    Just pikced it up today, have only played 4 games in her, but it does *seem* that the dispersion kicks in around 8km, whereas the Vlads seemed to work at 10km. I've gutted a couple of ships around 8km, and out of 27 shots fired, had 1 citadel, 2 penetrations and a bounce on a perfectly broadside Kreml at 10.1 km. Everything else straddled it. Very small sample size though.
  14. Canadian_Reaper

    Gem of the RU BB line?

    Honestly I think WG has done a pretty good job with the line. I've liked them all, favorite is Vlad (which is as far as I've gone) but they've balanced 'fun to play" without seeming overpowered. I'm having a blast in the Vlad, even in T10 games, but there aren't any them that I'm worried about if I see them on the other team . ~ Except for the T10 still in supertest (Slava?)