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  1. Apologies for this being late folks!!! Huge congarts to Day 10 - @sir_swagsalot Day 11 - @Foursite Day 12 - @Tar_Eldarion
  2. Sorry this is late guys - Prep for this weekend :) Day 8 od the 12 BOBS and our winner is - @Barronmr
  3. Congrats to @mouldykipper Todays Winner of Day 7 of 12 BOBS of Christmas
  4. Congratulations to @shoot_here Todays BOB of the DAY!!!
  5. Congrats to @Bark_steel You are todayss Lucky Winner!!!
  6. Day 4 of the 12 Days of BOBS is over And we can annouce that @Tomek_Zielarz
  7. Hi All So Just to catch you all Up!! Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
  8. @UssIowaSailor Its ok - we got ya covered - And as Ether says - Beards are not required to join, but do help :) As long as ya have fun and enjoy ya selfin game :)
  9. Now on the Daily Bounce as well - Please note it is EU and NA https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-warships/the-bobs-first-annual-christmas-event/
  10. Hi All - I'm TC, a WoWs CC mainly on the EU Server, but I also dable here as well :) I hope your all having a great time and looking forward to Christmas!! Folks of the World of Warships Forums, Hello and Welcome to the 1st Annual BOBS Christmas Event!! Starting this year, we The Brotherhood of Beards[BOBS] community invite you to mark in your calander's some dates!!! Starting on the 13th of December and running everyday till Christmas Eve - BOBS Members will be out looking for players to nominate to recive a Random Prize!!! 1 Person per day will get a Prize (Picked at Random) Ranging from soem dubloons and prem days all the way up to a Tier 8 Prem Ship!!!! They have strict instructions from me to look for people in game who are fun, made the game a enjoyable experiance and worked well as a Team!!! I'll drop a short video on here the following the Draw for you to see who has won and the Prize they got for that day!!! Our BIG EVENT Starts at 17:00 on the 21st of December!!! The following link will show you, who is taking part, Prizes that are there to be won, and when!!! Click here for the Schedule!!! There will be other things on offer as well and you'll see there are some yet to be decided prizes - You won't know what they are unless your there!!!  We Look Froward to seeing you all there and on the Sea :)