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  1. theskull251

    Dirigible is just an xp farm for non meta ships.

    Maybe it's a sign WG needs to make a good balancing pass on old lines. Hardly see older ships in battles anymore yet everything is fine nothing to see here. The spreadsheets say the game is balanced.
  2. theskull251

    What happened to 6vs6

    Subs are already ruining the game. I thought I hated CVs, but OMG I absolutely hate subs. I'm blacklisting every person I see playing one. Enjoy your negative karma. Should never have been added, and WG should have stuck to word when they said years ago subs weren't going to added. There's enough things already on their plate they need fix or balance, and they certainly didn't need yet another class that is either going to need a complete rework or a heavy nerfing to balance.
  3. theskull251

    AFK players and WG not doing anything about it!

    It's honestly not that big of an issue.From experience I might see one AFK player either side 1 out of 100 games. Even if that one player was uber dubber super unicorn unicum more often that not it's not going to have that much if any impact on the outcome of it. If it would have a big impact say like a CV being AFK then that just shows how OP that class or ship is. If the game was properly balanced one afk player would never affect the outcome of a match nor ever be a problem.
  4. theskull251

    Stats mods

    It's probably the opposite. Those with low stats get focused down almost immediately. Makes it next to impossible to improve when you're suddenly everyone's favorite target. Yeah they probably should be focusing the unicum player but he's harder to deal with, and best avoided so they focus average too below average players first. IMHO the mods should be banned because as you said they only lead to toxicity and people becoming priority targets.
  5. theskull251

    How to Dodge Homing Torpedoes

    How about remove them from the game.
  6. If you think the game has taken a turn for the worse recently you missed the boat awhile ago. It's been a taking a turn for the worse for a while now. WG is more concerned about releasing new lines and ships than they are about balancing it. Which has lead to a game where making a play has lead to being back in port post haste, It's no wonder playing passively has essentially became the only to play especially tier 9 and 10. The first team to push is usually the first to lose. Games where half your team is dead 7 mins in is more common than ever. Why? Oh they pushed first, and paid for it.
  7. theskull251

    What happened to the Atlanta?

    As with pretty much all the main tech lines available on the Atlanta's release it's been power crept to death just about. The original lines need a good balancing pass to bring them up to snuff.
  8. theskull251

    POV: You are a BB and you See this. What do you do?

    Make sure to have HE loaded, and prepare to aim into where the DD is turning and slap the ever living hell out of it. Plus keep on eye on the mini map for a DD trying to be sneaky and bum rush me having my rear turrets turned where I expect them to come from. Surprise! Here's a face full of BB HE enjoy nearly every module on your ship being disabled, on fire, and left on the tiniest sliver of HP if not being dev struck. I've had plenty of practice dealing with DDs in a BB. I have become rather adept at dealing with, and punishing DDs especially the cocky ones who think lol RNG BBs can't hit DDs.
  9. theskull251

    North Carolina: soul-sucking experience

    Ever dev strike a carrier with a pot shot? Yeah the North Carolina is the only ship I have done that with. Close to max range with nothing else to shoot at I about shallowed my tongue when I saw how many citadels I got not even trying. She is a ship that RNG just loves to troll on a regular basis. That said I sold it as soon as I had an Iowa.
  10. theskull251

    Getting almost no damage with the USS New York

    Aim somewhere between the deck line and half way up the side. If you aim waterline more often than not half or better off your shells will hit the water. The more shells that actually hit the ship the better your chances at scoring a citadel or full pens. It's a hard habit to break, but worth the effort especially with ships that have a tendency to be trolled by RNG as part of the gameplay experience. Bonus tip: Learn to check your aim with the mini map as well. Make sure where you're aiming lines up center with your targets direction of travel.
  11. theskull251

    Montana should have a 33 knot top speed

    Trust me once you reach tier 8 on the main line you will quickly realize that while the 30+ knot speeds are great, but it's really easy to quickly find yourself in bad position you can't get yourself out of. More often than not you won't to be going full speed ahead. Especially T10 overextended BBs there get focused to oblivion, and often die before they can get off more than half a dozen salvos.
  12. theskull251

    US hybrid BB

    Because it seems WG is DETERMINED to kill this game. Most of player base wouldn't just like but love to see CVs removed entirely and permanently. Most of the player base didn't want subs in fact many vehemently opposed the notion from day one. This is a game about surface combat ships not floating airports that hide all match. Just now the floating airport will have large caliber guns and add to the HE spam in the game because WG refuses to either nerf HE or buff AP. The only thing WG does well, even if they don't listen, is community engagement. If it wasn't for that WG would have failed a long time ago. Seen many great games fail due to little to no community engagement, and many subpar but not terrible games survive and thrive thanks to it. Oh and they have great art department.
  13. theskull251

    You bunch of liars! The Kansas actually is good.

    Well that could be a good thing. Less [edited] overpens on broadsiding cruisers. I know from experience the Kansas hits super hard. Nearly dev struck me in my Cleveland.
  14. theskull251

    Why are BB's so ridiculously popular these days?

    I would say because of CVs. At least with a BB you can survive if not laugh off the damage from a CV focusing you. I lost 3/4 of my Cleveland's health in the first 3 minutes of a match because the enemy CV decided I was it. Had I been in a BB I would have had a much better match, and not have died with a whopping 13K damage done. So yeah bame CVs for the lack of CL/CA and DDs in matches. Those are the ships they always go for first. Blame CVs for the excessive passive play because you get punished hard trying anything remotely agressive.
  15. theskull251

    Kansas or North Carolina(BB line split debate)

    After seeing Flamu's review of the Vermont the new ships aren't worth the grind. Vermont is squishy glass cannon of a BB. Sure the guns are absolutely devastating, but you'll take pens and citadels regardless of angle. The new line will be DOA.