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  1. p38_Lightningz

    Kitakaze - Upgrades and Captain Skills Advice

    Thanks for all of the replies. She seems to have more than one enjoyable build.
  2. I don't play the IJN gunboat line (mostly play torpedo boats) too often and just unlocked the Kitakaze. I would appreciate any advice regarding Upgrades and Captain Skills. Thanks!
  3. p38_Lightningz

    Testing the Shortlist theory.

    Bought a pack of 8 Bigs. Crate Number / Ship 3. Santa Crate w Orkhan 4. Santa Crate w Makarov 7. Super Container w Viribus Unitus
  4. p38_Lightningz

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    I recommend Nelson if you have her. She is good for a Dreadnought every game that you survive. If you let fires burn before your heals you can also get Fireproof.
  5. p38_Lightningz

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    I was adding in the 15 tokens for completing the mission chain into my path to 75 tokens. Sorry,. should have mentioned that. Mission chain 15 tokens $9.99 Daily Token Stock 50 tokens $2.40 Small Token Stock 10 Tokens
  6. p38_Lightningz

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    So Konig Albert for ~ $12.40. Does that sound worth it?
  7. p38_Lightningz

    Reminder: KOTS today, get your Tier VII

    Will watching the Zath re-broadcast drop a KotS crate? I only have 7. Totally forgot about today.
  8. p38_Lightningz

    PSA: Free Goodies

    Thanks for the tip!
  9. p38_Lightningz

    Post your SC loot here

    1,000 Dubs
  10. p38_Lightningz

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    I am in today. Slow at the log in screen but no drops yet.
  11. p38_Lightningz

    "Waiting for Authorization"

    The game is still down for me today. I was able to log right in and play a Co-Op, Then on the 2nd game it kicked me out an ultimately added to my matches of being pink. Any update from WG on this?
  12. I want to make sure I understand this correctly before I put out a Christmas list to family. A WoWs gift card only redeems for doubloons. A gift card to CVS Pharmacy could be used to make purchases that would otherwise take cash such as Santa Crates. Let me know if that's correct. Thanks in advance.
  13. p38_Lightningz

    Genova from free token bundles...how many?

    Mine was dead last.
  14. p38_Lightningz

    Rogue Wave Directives

    Thank you!
  15. p38_Lightningz

    Rogue Wave Directives

    I don't see these in port but I see the progress on the game results screen. Is there a way to see them under Combat Missions or other?