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    I love WoWs and all of the other games made by WG. I have been a Beta tester since WoWP was first released but have stopped playing that I will rarely play WoT but I am very avid with WoWs.

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  1. Battleship_Tirpitz_Kai

    Mission for the Texas

    No that's wrong, if we got the full doubloon value for Texas then he would've gotten far more credits for owning her due to her doubloon cost exchange rate but either that or I just got far fewer credits than everyone else
  2. I apologize for the terrible quality and other things but I may have found something unique in the 0.7.9 patch notes on the New Years 2017 Camouflage. Showing below is the HMS Conqueror and the HMS Iconc....? I know about the HMS Thunderer that is being tested and other things but what is this? Is it a T10 British battleship with no heal and only able to fire AP for once? I don't know, I felt curious and intrigued by it and I want to know the community's opinion on this HMS Iconc(?) and what it might be.