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  1. I must say this is a very good line split, especially the Heavy gun line and Standard line. It makes the progression much better and having more modernized standards is always a good thing. (Though WG might want to sell Idaho instead of buffing New Mexico.) The funniest part to me about the PC USN BB line split is that WOWS console did it better instead going for Nevada, Tennessee, Colorado and, Kansas.
  2. skytank_invader

    Tier 6 Premium German Battleship

    I’m responding to @40902nd not you about your line. In that part anyway, I like your line and it definitely has much more historical ships and has more than just the three Panzershiffe and two different O class designs. But I limited myself to nothing larger than Siegfried and nothing more than 6 guns to remain consistent. Because 406’s and up on something labeled a “Cruiser” that aren’t this seem a bit silly. (that thing might make Jackie Fisher cry seeing it go at top speed, next to Incomparable of course.)
  3. skytank_invader

    Tier 6 Premium German Battleship

    I was always under the impression that’s the P class would receive the improved 11in guns while the D class still carried the older Deutschland class weapons. I couldn’t find anything about quad mounts noir the D class using Scharnhorst guns, (granted as I said above I originally was going to use this as a T7 BC for a Battlecruiser split, then WG announced their line so I moved it to T6 where it wouldn’t seem as out of place next to Scharnhorst.) I hope you don’t mind me saying this but your line doesn’t make much sense. Why are the P class the same tier as the D class and why the 305mm as far as I can tell Germany went from 283’s straight to 380’s. If you wanted you could use the (extremely) questionable design that replaced the 283’s with the Bismark turrets. Feel free to criticize my line too. edit: I would like to point out that both of the 3x3 layout D class pictures used say 28cm C/28 while the Scharnhorst class are 28cm C/34.
  4. skytank_invader

    Tier 6 Premium German Battleship

    I think the armor would be more so if a selling point then if she is a T8. Main reason I was comparing her to Odin was because they both have a very small armament for their tier. Plus doesn’t Odin use the Siegfried’s hull? If it is T8 than realistically just changing its sigma back to 2.0, and extending the secondaries to a reasonable range would probably be the best course of action for it still remaining accurate to the original design. (Plus it can still fight Dunkerque.) 9 minutes ago, black_hull4 said: Prinz Eitel Friedrich & Graf Spee are also on the list of German battlecruisers.* They are prime competition to this being added at the same tier. ♦ *No, we are not going through the pocket BB argument here. Fair enough.
  5. skytank_invader

    Tier 6 Premium German Battleship

    But Germany already has Odin, Aigr, Siegfried, and Pommern. At best you could fit it at T8, where it competes against T10 and T9 super cruisers. With the ship having the Graff Spee guns opposed to Scharnhorst’s I doubt it would do very well. Plus Odin would out compete the Otto von Diederichs with its better guns and having BB commander skills.
  6. skytank_invader

    Tier 6 Premium German Battleship

    But I think having the shortest BB reload at T6 would still mean it should have less than 2.0 sigma, especially since it’s dispersion is still better than everything but close range Izmail and the two QE’s. Plus it seems as though 1.8 is the standard.
  7. skytank_invader

    Tier 6 Premium German Battleship

    it was going to be the T7 for my German BC line but I didn't quite know if it could handle fighting T9 ships with Graff Spee guns and very short range secondary's compared to Scharnhorst. The main reason was that it's very similar to the Dutch Battlecruiser design which Lert said could work best at T6.(I'll just lower the sigma to 1.8.)
  8. Premium Tier 6 KMS Otto von Diederichs (D class Panzershiffe final design) Description: The Otto von Diederichs is the redesigned version of the D class meant to count the Dunkerque class, ultimately they were cancelled before construction started in favor of the much sturdier Scharnhorst class of Battleships. Ships in class: 2 Ships cancelled: 2 Ships completed: 0 XP 560,000 Cost 1 Survivability: HP formula BC Displacement 30,000tons HP 54,700 Armor: 26mm Bow/Stern 26mm Bow/Stern deck 35mm Center deck 220mm Belt 70mm Bow/Stern Citadel deck 80mm Center Citadel deck 50mm Citadel Sides/Faces 360mm Turret face 200mm Turret sides 105mm Turret rear 170mm Turret roof Main battery: 9 3x3 28cm/L/52 Drh LC28 guns AP Shell 283mm P.Spr.Gr L/3.7 AP Shell weight 300kg AP Shell Maximum Damage 8,400 AP Shell Initial velocity 910m/s AP Shell Krupp 2282 AP Shell Broadside DPM 151,200 AP Shell auto bounce angle 60 AP Shell armed threshold 47mm AP Shell detonation delay 0.01sec HE Shell 283mm P.Spr.Gr. L/4.2 Kz HE Shell weight 300kg HE Shell Maximum Damage 3,200 HE Shell Initial Velocity 910m/s HE Shell fire chance 10% Reload 24sec Turret Traverse 25sec Range 19.10km Sigma 1.8 Dispersion R x 7.2 + 84 = 221.52 Secondary battery: 8 4x2 15cm L/55 MPL C/35 HE shell 150mm Spr.Gr. L/4.5 HE shell maximum damage 1,700 Initial HE shell velocity 875m/s HE shell fire chance 8% Reload time 7.5sec 14 7x2 10.5cm L/65 Dop.L.C/31 HE shell 105mm Spr.GrKz. HE shell maximum damage 1,200 Initial HE shell velocity 900m/s HE shell fire chance 5% Reload 3.35sec Firing Range 5.6km Dispersion 11.333*R/333.333+30 Torpedo: 8 2x4 533mm Vierling Rotation speed 25deg./sec 180 Degree Turn Time 7.2sec Torpedo G7 Steinbutt Maximum damage 13,700 Torpedo speed 65knots Torpedo range 8.01km Reload 90sec Anti Air: Amount 14 7x2 10.5cm L/65/ 20 10x2 3.7cm/ 32 8x4 2cm, 12 12x1 2cm Range 4.5km, 3.51km, 2.01km DPS 116.2/ 103‬/ 48‬, 25.2‬ Maneuverability: Maximum speed 30knots Turning circle radius 780m Rudder shift time 14.78sec Concealment: Surface Detection range 14.45km Air Detection Range 8.85km Smoke Firing Detection Range 10.42km Consumables: Slot 1 Damage control party Slot 2 Repair party 4 Slot 3 Hydroacoustic Search 3 Slot 4 DFAA 2 Slot 5 Spotter Plane 4/ Fighter Plane 3 Consumables Stats: Damage control party: Action time 15sec Cooldown 80sec Repair party: Heal rate 0.5sec Citadel Repair 25% Duration 28sec Cooldown 80sec Hydroacoustic Search Duration 120sec Torpedo Detection Range 4km Ship Detection Range 6km Cooldown 120sec Defensive fire: Duration 40sec Effectiveness 50% continuous damage, all ranges. Damage from flak quadrupled. Cooldown 80sec Catapult fighter: Duration 60sec Cooldown 90sec Catapult Spotter: Duration 100sec Cooldown 240sec Summary: The Otto von Deidriechs would work more so as a poor mans Scharnhorst, much like it would have been in real life. The biggest advantage it would gain would be it's longer range torpedoes' (which are the same as the Graff Spee.), as well as better AA, having Hydro to spot torpedoes' and ships, and tighter Dispersion. However the disadvantages of the Otto von Deidriechs are it's slightly longer reload, weaker armor, and it's worse turtle back armor scheme making it more vulnerable to citadel hits.
  9. skytank_invader

    ST 0.10.7, New Test Ships

    I’m excited for Derfflinger, Mackensen, Prinz Heinrich, and Schlieffen. (Heinrich especially because it seems to be a more playable Gneisenau) Rest of the line looks okay, Zeiten might suffer at higher tiers from only 6 406’s but other than that everything else seems alright. All and all I’m excited and can’t wait for any Japanese, British, American, or various other countries battlecruisers after this.
  10. skytank_invader

    Command Center Opening Event & New Ships

    I’m excited to play these battlecruisers, but I don’t know how to feel about them being short range brawlers. On one hand I kinda expected the German BC’s to be a line of Georgia’s, on the other hand I don’t really have a problem with them having the afford mentioned basis for the line. (Granted we don’t have stats yet so they could simply have guns with very little range but exceptional accuracy and penetration.)
  11. I like the line, only problem I have is calling Gneisenau a BC when it’s a fast BB. Also I didn’t know about the 1928 design at all it definitely fits in with the rest of the German lineup.
  12. skytank_invader

    ST 0.10.4, new ships

    Now that the Netherlands have their own tech tree, will Austria be getting its own tech tree and BB line or will it be like the “Pan European” DD line where there’s only one none Swedish DD. Anyways, I’m not entirely sure why the Dutch in particular would have an air support consumable. Especially, considering the fact that in the early stages of WW2 the Dutch had some of the best AA fire control systems in the world, though having AA as your entire lines gimmick isn’t exactly a good thing. To me a Commonwealth line would make more sense to have air support as their gimmick. Alternatively perhaps their gimmick could be that they have the best CL/CA concealment at their tier. (especially near islands) Other than that the line looks interesting since the Dutch are the only nation to get a Large Cruiser through their tech tree.
  13. skytank_invader

    ST 0.10.3, new ships

    On one hand I’m ecstatic that we’re finally getting a Lexington class battlecruiser, on the other hand I’m not exactly enthusiastic at the way WG has been handling the 1920’s era US BBs primarily in that despite evidence to the contrary WG refuses to give any USN BB that predates the Iowa class a 16/50cal gun, especially since these were the guns intended to be used on the South Dakota, Lexington, and Iowa class of Battlewagons. Also why torpedoes? This class of ship is anything, but a brawler. In fact their primary role was that of a scouting squadrons flagship, working alongside the Omaha and Clemson classes to pick away at the enemies Battlecruiser squadrons. Though with her detection range being slightly better than NC, I think it’ll work okay as a scouting BB. As for the radar it’s something that actually fits with the class’s role of scouting ahead, course if this ship does try and get within radar range it’ll be absolutely obliterated by the cruisers it was supposed to counter, let alone the equal or higher tier BB’s. Really my main complaint are the guns, they shouldn’t be “weak” guns of Colorado, and instead should be the superior guns that were intended for the ship. I’m just hoping that the ship will be a free XP/ coal ship because even though I like the Lexington class CC’s I have no reason to get Constellation since I have Alabama who not only has 1 more gun, but also much better shells. (If only there was a historically accurate way of buffing her guns to be better than a Colorado class’s oh well guess I’ll just have to imagine it) P.S. could we get a version of this at T7 for a fast USN BB split/ CC line if not then at least a premium in the original configuration.
  14. They would've had 15in/50cal guns opposed to the G3's 16in guns. So it would essentially be a J3 in an all forward setup, main battery wise.
  15. F2 and F3 Battlecruisers - All the World's Battlecruisers (tapatalk.com) I completely forgot that these were a thing.