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  1. skytank_invader

    Facts, Speculation, and Fixes: The USN Battleship Split

    Florida's top speed is 22.16knots post refit so the C hull could upgrade speed as well as add AA guns. She reached that speed while undergoing trials in the 1920's after her refit.
  2. skytank_invader

    Facts, Speculation, and Fixes: The USN Battleship Split

    Battleship HP Formula: (1.1812 X tonnage*) + 10837 Cruiser HP Formula: (1.8631 X tonnage*) + 9859.4 Destroyer HP Formula: (4.4907 X tonnage*) + 3435.5 Aircraft Carrier HP Formula: (0.7311 X tonnage*) + 28253 BC as Cruiser (1.4307 x tonnage*) + 11784 Here are all of the HP formula's I've found on the forum, (if it helps.)
  3. skytank_invader

    Just Another Proposal: USS South Dakota 1920

    Kansas isn't technically a (1920's) South Dakota since she uses the Colorado's 45caliber guns instead of the her historical 50caliber MK2 guns. The biggest difference between the two is that Colorado's "only" go at 768m/s, while the (1920's) South Dakota's go at 853m/s which would make it the fastest 406/410mm shell in the game. Also for me Kansas seems to be the only interesting one, Minnesota's stats don't look very impressive and Vermont is too slow for a Tillman. (If she's based off of 1 and 2 then she should go 26.5knots, and if she's based off of any of the 4's then she should go 25.2knots)
  4. skytank_invader

    USS Florida -- Tier VII Premium BB

    U.S. Battleships: An Illustrated Design History Written by Norman Friedman.
  5. Tier 3 Premium HMS Invincible bundle Description: HMS Invincible is the first Battlecruiser developed in the world and is the first ship in her class. She would partake in the sinking of Admiral Graff Spee's cruiser squadron. She additionally partook in the battle of Jutland where she sank after having her P and Y turrets explode. Ships in class: 3 Ships cancelled: 0 Ships completed: 3 Cost 25$ Survivability: HP formula BB Displacement 20,748tons HP 35,340 Armor: 13mm upper bow 13mm stern 19mm lower bow 13mm bow/stern deck 25.4mm center deck 102mm extended belt 152mm main belt 178mm citadel face 50.8mm citadel deck 63.5mm citadel sides 178mm barbettes 254mm conning tower 178mm turret face 178mm turret side 178mm turret rear 76mm turret roof Main battery: 8 4x2 305mm/45cal Mark X guns AP Shell 305 mm AP Mk VIa AP Shell weight 389.8 kg AP Shell Maximum Damage 8,100 AP Shell Initial velocity 831m/s AP Shell Krupp 2187 AP Shell Broadside DPM 129,600‬ AP Shell auto bounce angle 75 AP Shell armed threshold 51mm AP Shell detonation delay 0.015sec Reload 30sec Turret traverse 60sec Range 14.3km Dispersion R x 10.3 + 51 = 198.29 Secondary battery: 16 16x1 BL 102mm/40cal Mark III guns HE Shell 102mm HE Large 31lbs HE Shell weight 14.1kg HE Shell Initial velocity 701m/s HE Shell maximum damage 1,500 HE Shell fire chance 6% Reload 6sec Range 4.5km Dispersion 22*Rx333.3333+30 Maneuverability: Maximum Speed 25.5knots Turning circle radius 543m Rudder shift time 14.58sec Concealment: Surface detectability range 13.32km Air detectability range 6km Smoke firing detectability range 12.33km Consumables: Slot 1 Damage control party Slot 2 Repair Party 3 Summary: HMS Invincible realistically will probably be a port queen for most players, similar to dreadnought and Mikasa. She doesn't have much going for her besides her speed for a tier 3 BB which is certainly fast, but is still not enough to justify getting her over dreadnought who has an additional gun over Invincible. Her only other positives are probably her very useful shell characteristics and her long secondary battery range for the tier. Tier 3 Premium SMS Blücher Bundle Description: The SMS Blücher was the final armored cruiser built by the German navy. He was designed to counter the British Invincible class battlecruisers. The Blücher was sunk at the battle of Dogger bank by the first battlecruiser squadron. Ships in class: 1 Ships cancelled: 0 Ships completed: 1 Cost 25$ Survivability: HP formula BC Displacement 17,500tons HP 36,350 Armor: 13mm bow/stern 13mm bow/stern deck 50mm center deck 180mm belt 35mm torpedo bulkhead 60mm bow/stern belt 140mm casemates 70mm citadel deck 60mm citadel ends 160mm citadel middle 60mm citadel faces 180mm turret faces 180mm turret sides 60mm turret rear 80mm turret roof 180mm barbettes Main battery: 12 6x2 21cm SK L/45 guns AP Shell 21 cm Psgr. L/2,9 AP Shell weight 107.7kg AP Shell Maximum Damage 6,150 AP Shell Initial velocity 900m/s AP Shell Krupp 2545 AP Shell Broadside DPM 196,800 AP Shell auto bounce angle 60 AP Shell armed threshold 36mm AP Shell detonation delay 0.01sec HE Shell 21 cm Spgr. L/3,1 HE Shell weight 107.7kg HE Shell Maximum Damage 2500 HE Shell Initial Velocity 900m/s HE Shell fire chance 10% Reload 15sec Turret Traverse 51.43sec Range 14.7km Sigma 1.7 Dispersion R x 7.2 + 84 = 189.84 Secondary battery: 8 8x1 15cm SK L/45 guns HE Shell 15cm HE K Gr 18 HE Shell weight 45.3kg HE Shell Initial velocity 835m/s HE Shell maximum damage 1,800 HE Shell fire chance 10% Reload 8.57sec 16 16x1 8.8cm L/45 MPL C/13 guns HE Shell 8.8cm Spr. Gr HE Shell weight 10kg HE Shell Initial velocity 890m/s HE Shell maximum damage 1,000 HE Shell fire chance 4% Reload 4sec Range 3km Dispersion 11*Rx333.3333+30 Maneuverability: Maximum Speed 25.4sec Turning circle Radius 590m Rudder shift time 12.5sec Concealment: Surface Detection range 13.54km Air Detection Range 7.77km Smoke Firing Detection Range 14.99km Consumables: Slot 1 Damage control party Slot 2 Repair party 3 Summary: The Blucher's advantages are his quick rate of fire and his accurate secondary battery. Let's start with the main guns which are pitifully small at only 21cm opposed to ships such as Nassau whom has 28.3cm guns, effectively this gives him heavy cruiser guns on a BB at tier 3, they make up for their short comings with their insane rate of fire of 15sec. This should allow you to burn down any ship you can't straight up pen. The second plus for Blucher is the short ranged yet accurate secondary battery guns, they use the same dispersion formula as Mass however their base range is a pitiful 3km. Sources:
  6. skytank_invader

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    It is when you compare it to the 19inch belt of Tillman IV, which is the ship Vermont closest resembles.
  7. skytank_invader

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    There is a place for these ships, but putting them in a tech tree would (in my opinion) be worse than making them Premium ships. After all if the USN has the tree that your suggesting then they would have. Both North Carolina's, and we would have 3 of the 4 Iowa's in game. Instead we could add a non premium (1930's) South Dakota, a Lexington class CC (which isn't a paper ship), a (1920's) South Dakota, which we're getting in the form of Kansas (though I think it should be renamed to Indiana), as well as all of the hundreds of preliminary designs the USN made. My opinion on the whole thing on "paper" (which has really lost it's meaning if you count ships that were under construction as "paper") and real ships is that the first line of a nation should use as many real ships as possible, as an example the (1920's) South Dakota over a preliminary for the Colorado class. But then again it also come's down to is it too similar to a pre existing ship such as New Mexico and Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania would work better as a tier 6 FXP ship and instead have Nevada as the T6.
  8. skytank_invader

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    Your saying you would rather have lazy clones of already existing ships than have brand new ships.
  9. skytank_invader

    ST 0.9.7, American battleships

    It should be noted that the Tillman's are too slow at 23knots they only had top speeds of 25 and 30, also why make up a Tillman when we could've gotten Tillman 4/1 with it's Wyoming style layout of 13 457's. here is Tillman 4/1 and here is Tillman 1 (aka Minnesota)
  10. skytank_invader

    USN BB Tree split - NEEDS filling out.

    If it doesn't use the MK8 then there's no problem because at higher tiers it'll have trouble penning ships with the shell used on Colorado. Also I just found out that WG deleted my third USN BB split which had a tier 9 BB named Minnesota that had 12 406mm guns the biggest difference between WG's Min and mine are the shells and top speed.
  11. skytank_invader

    USN BB Tree split - NEEDS filling out.

    I only found out about it thanks to your suggestion. As for Kansas if she has the same shells as Colorado than she can easily have a 33sec reload. So what if their similar, their the US standards that's the point, plus with the accuracy, range, and secondary changes you made it's different enough to warrant being different ships.
  12. skytank_invader

    USN BB Tree split - NEEDS filling out.

    I think you need to up tier every ship in your line because there is no way you can balance Nevada at tier 4, or Pensilvania at tier 5. All they would do is completely destroy any and all ships at said tiers regardless of how you try to balance them.
  13. skytank_invader

    A Tier VI American Premium BC suggestion

    A new Mexico Preliminary design if I'm not wrong.
  14. skytank_invader

    USS New Jersey (a ship suggestion)

    You could give her the depleted uranium rounds as either HE or Sap if you wanted to change the main guns a little bit.
  15. skytank_invader

    A Tier VI American Premium BC suggestion

    I know about that design, but for the tier I'm suggesting at, plus the sheer volume of fire it has I believe it'd work better at tier 8 with a WV style refit. (Also here is another attempt made by the US at a 10 16in armed ship.)