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  1. Krakencarifex

    Firing Delay on Jean Bart + Bourgogne

    I've had this issue happen consistently for me while playing my Jean Bart & Bourgogne. It seems to mainly happen after about 10k damage & while my reload booster is active. It doesn't matter how fast I click or if I'm holding down the fire button, it takes between 2-5s for my guns to fire again. Most of the people I play with have had the same exact issue.
  2. Krakencarifex

    Dev Blog: Massive Yueyang Nerf

    This is an absolutely terrible plan. There is no reason what so ever to nerf this ship. The YY is not overpowered in any way, shape, nor form. If you are going to nerf this ship I want my exp back from grinding the line and I want my doubloons back from buying the perma camo for the YY because all you will be doing is ruining a ship that has absolutely nothing wrong with it. If you want to nerf a ship please go nerf the ones that need to be nerfed like the Worechester, Khaba, Harugumo, etc because those are the real overpowered ships. There is no reason to even think about nerfing the Yueyang. Please don't go through with a nerf like this. All it does is screw those of us that have put in the work to get her.