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  1. Lt_Newcastle

    Why? For the love of god WHY?

    Remain vociferous with complaints about WG decisions. They have a history of responding favorably to players' concerns regarding game issues. They will be on changing this back in no time.
  2. Divisions are one of the issues contributing to stomps.
  3. Lt_Newcastle

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    It already started. They took a poll. Can you read? Like someone else said, whether those 56 clans follow through on the boycott is a separate question. Yes, I hate CVs. Passionately so. Signing up to play DD four nights a week for four hours with an almost guaranteed CV in each match does not sound palatable to me. It's why I sat out last season and am mulling over playing the upcoming season. If you've visited their complete mess of a server and have read the numbers posted above, then you can see why I feel it's over. In fact, you don't even need to visit their server to know. The numbers above speak for themselves. I'm sure they are scrambling at this point given the low number of clans signed up. They just really don't have any room to maneuver here given what WG has already said. And thanks for the insult. Classy.
  4. Lt_Newcastle

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    One of the original demands in their draft manifesto was the removal of CVs. If they have backtracked from that position they are already displaying weakness and caving to WG. They have no choice regardless, as WG has indicated CVs are in CBs moving forward. Maybe WG will give ground on one of their lesser demands, but I highly doubt any real changes are implemented. I am including the recent token non-moves by WG therein. The whole thing sucks because CV play ruins it for too many. It's over.
  5. Lt_Newcastle

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Just to reiterate what I said earlier, I will add some documentation. You had 56 NA clans say they would boycott. Based on that number representing approximately half of all clans worldwide boycotting, you have approximately 800 people in NA clans boycotting. Out of those 800, you probably have quite a few who don't even play because they're inactive, don't play clan battles, etc. So you might be looking at 500 people on NA who are boycotting. According to maplesyrup, approximately 900 clans played CBs last season. So you have approximately 6% of all NA clans which participate in CBs signing up for the boycott. The 6% likely represents less than 1% of the total NA player base. Look at all the clans which ended up Storm or lower last season. It's approximately 800 clans. You guys should seriously think about scaling back the haughtiness with respect to your purpleness and think like a businessman. Why should WG, which has a history of ignoring the community, and which has made no real move towards the community since this boycott started, make concessions to appease less than 1% of the NA player base when 94% of the rest of NA clans appear to be participating in the next season? Because you guys are the "best?" It's done. WG will continue to do whatever they want irrespective of what the community wants. They have demonstrated this time and again. This is a business decision for them. The numbers support continuing in the same direction they have. The boycott has absolutely ZERO traction and ZERO leverage given the numbers. Look at it from a facts standpoint rather than a totally visceral standpoint. Here are last season's NA CB numbers per maplesyrup: 2020/06/07 League Stats League ClanCount Battle avg.Rate Hurricane.1 22 3629 2294 Typhoon.1 6 1077 2134 Typhoon.2 19 4201 2034 Typhoon.3 57 11840 1936 Storm.1 58 10145 1842 Storm.2 84 15218 1749 Storm.3 148 24571 1642 Gale.1 97 13496 1552 Gale.2 102 18173 1453 Gale.3 102 13180 1354 Squall.1 67 3951 1264 Squall.2 51 1417 1147 Squall.3 121 1569 1035 NotPlayed 15992 0 1100 Total 934 122467 ---
  6. Lt_Newcastle

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Let's put it this way. WG has a history of ignoring the concerns of the community. WG has brought CVs into every battle mode now, including CVs for at least two consecutive seasons. WG indicated CVs have a place in the game and will remain in all modes moving forward. The boycott is weak support and message wise. WG will not remove CVs from CBs. This is crystal clear. So since CVs will be in CBs moving forward where do people on board with the boycott go from here when WG gives zero ground? It seems over to me.
  7. Lt_Newcastle

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    I sure did. I quit the channel because it was clear to me it was a completely disjointed mess with conversations all over the place in 15 different threads--all on the same topic, notwithstanding a mesmerizing discussion regarding...anime. It's a waste of time, and I told them as much. They don't have the people. They don't have any leverage whatsoever. And it's going nowhere. The end.
  8. Lt_Newcastle

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    It would be impossible to have a world wide agreement to not run CVs. It's just silly to even make such a proposition. You cannot control what ships clans play in CBs. Period. According to maplesyrup, approximately 900 clans played on the NA server last season. Those are their numbers--not mine. According to the boycott people, 66 clans worldwide agreed to boycott. Half of the responses were from NA clans. So we're talking about maybe 35 NA clans out of 900 boycotting if maplesyrup's numbers are to be believed. This boycott is going nowhere. I'd also stop talking about how "unicums" and "superunicums" want the changes. Unicums and superunicums do not mean unicum and superunicum money spent or games played. We're talking about WG here. And spreadsheets. Talking about unicums and superunicums wanting the changes is MOOT. It's also other things.
  9. Lt_Newcastle

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Sadly, I agree for the most part. The T6 announcement is a joke. "Hey, look guys, we've moved in response to your concerns, and here is a new T6 season on the fly to alleviate all your concerns. Look, no radar! Look at all the ground we've given in response to your concerns!" They're either tone deaf or just don't care. The latter is likely. A more clear indication of their position could not have been made.
  10. Lt_Newcastle

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    I've basically seen enough to know it's not going to change. The implementation of CVs into CBs was the most clear indication it would not change. The T6 season with CVs further reinforced it. WG will not budge other than token non-moves. That's just all she wrote.
  11. Lt_Newcastle

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Good grief. These guys. I agree with the sentiment. I hate CVs. CVs are completely unbalanced. And WG has brought them into every battle mode. But after being on their server for a handful of days or maybe a week, I could see that this whole thing is going nowhere. Their server is a completely disjointed and jumbled mess. It's a disaster. Fifteen threads all about CVs and weeb-ies. Go have a look. But you had better LOVE anime. Wow. Disturbing. They have no cohesive message. None. They want CVs out of CBs. That's the gist. Of course, some weeb will come tell me I'm wrong. I don't care. I want CVs out of CBs too. But, as we all know, WG does not listen. And WG's two moves made to appear to be giving ground of the T6 season, the nerf to AP bombs and the air detection relative to DDs are non-moves. That's not negotiation. Those are non-moves dressed up to appear as if they are moves. What a joke. It's just over. WG holds all the cards. CVs are here and in every mode. It sucks but this is the fact of the matter. Clans will play CBs in the upcoming season. 1600 people worldwide supposedly boycotting is a drop in a bucket. I may not play either, as was the case last season, but I give up on changing CVs being in every mode and I certainly do not support the anime lovers over on their discord and the tween fit they are throwing. It's over. Forget it.
  12. Lt_Newcastle

    Clan Scrim open to all today

    Did you get anyone to sign up?
  13. Lt_Newcastle

    Wargaming Divisions need to be 4 people

    Things killing random play at the moment: 40-45%ers New players playing T9-T10 with 200 battles, including premium ships Divisions CVs Lemming trains Constant stomps. And they are all interrelated. Divisions contribute to constant stomps. I'd rather see no divisions. That way it's more of a level playing field. As someone else said, a three man div of purple likely draws a lesser div on the other side. Unfair. Kind of like how you can get 5 radars to 1. Eh. Nothing will stop the death spiral at this point. WG will just keep saying more are playing.
  14. Lt_Newcastle

    DD vs CV Change to be tested from Dev Blog

    What game are you playing and on what planet?
  15. Surely, the boycott did result in WG's announcement of T6 CBs. It is only going to be a six week gap between seasons, with only two weeks of notice for the upcoming season. WG also did not disclose the upcoming CBs season in a new patch as they have every other season. So this announcement is 100% their response to the boycott. They want to make it appear they have given ground to the community by doing this. Hilarious. And not to be believed. It's fake appeasement. Period. Based on their announcement, CVs are going to be in every game mode moving forward, including CBs. It's just over. It was never not over really. It's take it or leave it at this point. And I have a hard time seeing WG give any real ground to address the boycott concerns. Not sure what plays out from here, but I would expect more of the top clan people to leave, as they have been doing since the rework.