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  1. Ghostar_1

    20 Point Captain Bug

  2. So they know that the NTC / RB is only for veterans? Agree, I only use the DCP and Repair premium...and kinda am a potato 😁
  3. Well, nothing says that is because there will be a gap in power between users and no users (of NTC) but merely an economic issue, they are "costly".
  4. Wasnt WG reason to make them free (originally) that like 75% did not use the premium consulmables and they wanted people to use them?
  5. No, no, no. WG sells premium time, the flags are a gift.
  6. Ghostar_1

    Observations on tier 8 MM

    Yes, it works. Played like 5 games yesterday with Massaschusetts, never uptiered. Always top tier.
  7. Unless hidden, I think not. Standard premium camo.
  8. Ghostar_1

    The economy UK grind blues

    I grinded UK with... Implacable with Zulu flag...
  9. Im leaving for vacations so I had yesterday and today to finish it. The best thing to do this is doing múltiple things at the same time, I even finished some campaigns asking to kill planes or damage modules or set fires. Maybe I had luck with the AI CV. P. S I used Implacable for the 3millon grind of UK.
  10. You dont need that the cv sends planes to you, just stay near another ship or in the outer aura of your AA Some battles I killed 15 - 18 airplanes with a non-aa Worcester.
  11. For God's sake!! Im on vacation, the kids at school the wife at work....i started and finished the 4th Directive in a day (yesterday)...i believe that in 15 hours with stops for food, bathroom, nap etc. My eyes are dry, my head aches...i believe i wont play an event in a long time. Finished the fourth with only 2 ships: Massachusetts and Worcester. The 6 misions i did were, almost 80% in coop. 1)100 airplanes (easy with Worcester) 2)100 torps 3)BB Line 4)CL/CA line 5)Set everything on fire. (Massachusetts with man.sec build) 6)40 modules destroyed
  12. I had to use Implacable for the UK grind with econ Flag... Got like 150k per battle.... Im potato.
  13. Ghostar_1

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    Hi!! Captain 2, please.
  14. Im almost at the half of the UK one....using only implacable Almost finished the Japanese one with Aoba-Fuso-Nagato, it is an enjoyable one, maybe 4 or 5 battles. Almost half of the French one, i will buy the JB with Coal and use it on Ranked.....so no problem. US and USSR done. Germany a little less than half, having more success with Eugen than Scharnhorst. if i lñand a good battle with Eugen i get like 170-200+ silver.