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  1. Sir, you do not expand community engagement by removing community engagement. Content in this forum, and any forum, is already sorted by date, so arguments that "old" posts or threads are some how detracting from current discussion is spurious. Unless they're searching for it directly, the only way to find "dead" posts that haven't been active for six months is to make the conscious decision to skip over pages worth of current discussion...if there is any. You've made it clear you're not deleting these posts and threads to somehow conserve diskspace or optimize a database or anything of that nature, all you're doing is preventing the community from accessing old content...and to those in the community who've become skeptical of WG's engagement of the community, it gives off incredibly bad vibes of trying to hide inconvenient discussion or ability to compare how the game and it's community interacted in the past to how it's being run in the present. But I'll give a benefit of the doubt and take what you and Hapa have said, in that you saw this as simply a measure to "tidy" the forums and make it more accessible. I think numerous people have demonstrated that whatever benefits you think you'll reap from this process is outweighed by the image it's giving off, and the practical loss of valuable past discussion and community interaction. Admit it was a bad idea done with good intentions, and make a commitment to restoring the old content, without trying to force individual authors to request individual threads. Some authors may no longer be active, some threads may simply be forgotten by those authors.
  2. ShinRaActual

    Is it just me?

    uh....Enterprise? Half the tech tree CVs?
  3. ShinRaActual

    CV Rework Feedback

    Same. Got tired of the red error window I couldn't get rid of, tried uninistalling and reinstalling....except TST is no longer an option, so it's all gone now.
  4. ShinRaActual

    Black ships... No thanks!

    I don't see that the vast majority of objections and criticism have anything to do with lack of understanding - If I want a black Tirptiz, there's no reason not to just put a black permacamo on my existing Tirpitz. We don't want to have a pointless duplicate clogging up our inventory just for a coat of paint. And we don't want to be gouged and forced into gambling for it on top of that. I'd much rather see the L and R variants merged to clear up inventory room than see you flood even more of them into the game.
  5. ShinRaActual

    Feedback and Thoughts Directly to Pigeon_of_War

    Can we get an option on the Ship Carousel for non-elite, non-premium ships? Premium and fully researched out ships are options, but there's no shortcut to just display the tech-tree ships you're working on leveling. It vexes me.