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  1. 10T0nHammer

    Very happy WG fixed the AA!

    Bots don't dodge flak. They fly straight through it.
  2. 10T0nHammer

    Research Bureau is Awesome

    Because WG wants mo money
  3. 10T0nHammer

    Sort of Confused about the New AA

    To my knowledge, you had to highlight the incoming squadron then hit the AA sector key
  4. 10T0nHammer

    Yet more AA changes.....sigh

    Did you try dodging the planes that move 10x faster than your ship?
  5. 10T0nHammer

    This Ship will Make a Unicum Out of a Noob!

    According to Maple Syrup, top 25% of skilled players (+65% win rate) average 80k and Wows-numbers.com show that the top 5% of skilled players average about 100k.
  6. 10T0nHammer

    CV rocket attacks still OP on DDs

    Remember the 5 D's of Destroyers: Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge
  7. But then you'd see how much they are really screwing you for. Example: recent update to a F2P battle royal released a skin for a character that can only be obtained by first unlocking other skins via gambling loot boxes. In order to get a loot box, one must spend 7 dollars for a single one. Doesn't sound so bad until you do the math and realize that you would need to spend approx 170$ to unlock this skin. If they just sold this skin for $170 on their store, people would riot. But since it's only 7 dollars a loot box, it's easy to obfuscate how much money you're really spending.
  8. Ranked Battle Season Stats in season12 rank players battles battleRate winRate randWR 1 1050 193333 184.13 58.06 57.48 2 33 7594 230.12 54.45 55.57 3 184 36980 200.98 55.46 54.65 4 413 71998 174.33 55.82 54.25 5 1268 196990 155.35 55.57 53.63 6 872 118845 136.29 55.91 52.99 7 854 93766 109.80 56.12 52.33 8 1488 130767 87.88 56.15 51.97 9 2826 186774 66.09 55.70 51.12 10 7695 358892 46.64 54.53 50.14 11 3919 168360 42.96 51.21 49.18 12 3015 111961 37.13 48.74 48.48 13 1331 14905 11.20 56.99 49.88 14 2298 24808 10.80 48.17 49.21 15 3864 43124 11.16 42.13 48.13 16 2737 16848 6.16 44.84 48.09 17 2326 6029 2.59 55.99 48.69 18 2291 3897 1.70 0.44 47.84 total 38464 1785871 46.43 48.74 49.92 Edit: http://maplesyrup.sweet.coocan.jp/wows/season/season12/player_dense_na.html Edit 2: If you mean current rank, I'll dig a bit deeper
  9. 10T0nHammer

    Good luck all, research bureau just made harder.

    Way less then that. I doubt the Forum has 1% of the active player base.
  10. 10T0nHammer

    Rudder and Engine

    Hopefully, this is one of those "sarcasm" things I've read about.
  11. 10T0nHammer

    Quarter Pen on German DD HE?

    For 128s, it takes 20-21mm of armor to arm the AP shells. It boils down to only a handful of DD ships that can arm the AP shells: Gearing, Khab, YY to name a few. Otherwise, it is overpen city. You also have to factor in the fuse time as well. 128s have a 0.01 fuse time so you may be arming the AP but the AP shell exits before the timer can hit 0 for that full pen damage. As for larger ships, I aim above the armor belts/casemates at close range, those shots guarantee arming of the fuse and are wide enough to allow the shell to explode inside the ship. If I'm firing long range and need to use AP, I aim center mass on the superstructure, it's mostly up to RNG at that point. The USN 128s start avoiding the auto bounce angle (for plunging fire) at around 9km for decks but by then, the AP has lost most of its pen capability, to around 50mm. I try to only fire AP at broadsided ships, however, as nosing on will create too many autobounce angles from even 19mm of plate from superstructures and enemy DDs.
  12. 10T0nHammer

    Quarter Pen on German DD HE?

    Agreed. Their HE damage output means that you rarely want to engage another DD unless you've caught them off guard and their AP is too situational to be used as the main armament. I am not sure I entirely with the torpedoes because I'd rather have fast reloading torpedoes for area denial than slow reloading torpedoes with better alpha. Maybe a slight damage bump if they do not touch reload speed, I'd be happy.
  13. 10T0nHammer

    Ranked 1-5 Meta The 5 D's

    Took a Tashkent for one round of Ranked. I regretted it immediately. I was unable to contest maps as everything outspotted me and the guns only had the advantage at range vs enemy DDs. At closer ranges, trading became dangerous since she is slow to turn.
  14. 10T0nHammer

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    No fun needs to be had to do something something repeatedly. See: gambling addicts.
  15. 10T0nHammer

    Ranked 1-5 Meta The 5 D's

    Because T9 has a poor selection of cruisers and a strong selection of BBs. CLs get focused and killed quickly into a game with so little targets.