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  1. Rusty_Python

    Armada: Atlântico

    25 knots Howl_At_The_Moon NA server
  2. Rusty_Python

    Why did/do players leave?

    I have to go learn how to work on the real things now.... The USN owns me for the next 6 years. That keeps me way too busy to play much at all now.
  3. Rusty_Python

    Maass-ive disappointment

    I've usually tried something along the lines of this, but I either can't get close enough to use the torps or have to get so close that I'll just get spotted and killed outright. I can have a bugout plan but that'll mean I never get to do any damage....tempted to just give up on KM DD's
  4. Rusty_Python

    Maass-ive disappointment

    So I've been struggling though the Maass off and on for close to a year now if I remember right...and I just cannot figure out what makes her tick. Is this pile at all competitive nowadays? The guns do no damage to anything, turrets turn painfully slow, concealment is bad, handling is meh at best, torpedoes are too situational to use as a torpedo boat, but she also doesn't have the range or handling to be a gunboat. T7 is crawling with cruisers and DD's that just outperform Maass in every way. Never hated a ship for this long....
  5. Rusty_Python

    Iowa captain build

    I have been trying to hang back but the shells hang in the air so badly that hitting stuff is dodgy at best. Even at 16-18km, the ship just falls apart under any kind of HE spam or moderately heavy AP shells. The guns are better than GK''s, but otherwise GK just feels more solid. When the shells hit, they really hurt, but the armor just doesn't feel like it can save her.
  6. Rusty_Python

    Iowa captain build

    I'm just finding her sluggish and flimsy...she just soaks un HE damage and chews on any AP thrown her way as well, as turning too slowly t avoid torps as well
  7. Rusty_Python

    Iowa captain build

    Hey all, just got Montana, and after a rough first couple matches I've begun to enjoy her 12 gun broadside. I have a 17 point captain now, but I'm not sure how to spend more after the core build I have now. What should I go for next? Also, could use some critiques on my replays. 20220108_144519_PASB017-Montana-1945_47_Sleeping_Giant.wowsreplay 20220108_142341_PASB017-Montana-1945_18_NE_ice_islands.wowsreplay
  8. Rusty_Python

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Werewolves of Armenia
  9. Rusty_Python

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Reminds me of that song, "where the wild wolves have gone"
  10. Rusty_Python

    Iowa woes

    It's what I've heard, oddly though I loved all the US BB's up till her. I know she's different from the rest tho, and that's maybe why
  11. Rusty_Python

    Iowa woes

    I have the C hull, should have mentioned that
  12. Rusty_Python

    Caption the profile image above you.

    "So long, light of dawn...."
  13. Rusty_Python

    Iowa woes

    So I apparently do pretty good damage in my Iowa, but she just feels so lackluster in every way compared to pretty much any other T9 BB. FDG has great armor, hydro, secondaries, etc. Soyuz has Stalinium everything and railguns. Jean Bart has speed boost and MBRB, We don't talk about Minni-slow-ta, etc Her armor doesn't seem to hold up (I've had cruisers take off 10k when I'm bow in), and citadels from the dumbest angles. Yes I know it's not as bad as it once was, but she still feels so flimsy. Not to mention how much SAP and HE hurts. The maneuverability is downright tragic, forget dodging torps; if you do; it's purely down to luck. Yes I do have the C hull. She can go fast but can't turn or get moving/slow down within a postal code, and struggles to be able to didge anything or get out of sticky situations The guns are supposed to be great, but almost every time I pull the trigger they either all miss, or just shatter and bounce. No, I'm not sitting at 17km+, yes I'm running the dispersion mod, yes I'm trying to shoot what's broadside if I can. Still doesn't pay off. I've had so many 70-80k games that easily could have been 100k+ if the guns weren't so horribly unreliable...she feels like Littorio, without the stealth or great shell velocity. I've watched several videos to try to figure Iowa out, I'll usually try to go to a flank and stay at mid range. Focus cruisers and broadside BB's. But there's nothing like lining up the perfect shot so many times just to have the guns utterly fail in every way. The shells are so slow to get downrange that they're easy af to dodge. I was slow to warm to NC, but I did end up liking her after a while. Iowa I just can't come to terms with. No matter what I try to do differently, I can't can't make this thing work for me....
  14. Rusty_Python

    Premium Ship Review - Belfast & Belfast '43

    WG still salty over June 1941
  15. Rusty_Python

    Premium Ship Review - Belfast & Belfast '43

    Last time I was this early, Ferrari had a good F1 team...