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  1. Why we Dunk-King our baguettes and loving it.

    Thin deck armour means they are vulnerable to citadels at long range. Close range they are nigh un-citadelable due to turtleback arour layout.
  2. It is near criminal we don’t have a British DD line

    Do you know anything about coding an online game of WoWS's detail level? Obviously not.
  3. Pens from BB AP on DDs MUST STOP...

    Both types of ammo can and should be able to hurt DD's. Historically this was true, just ask the USS Johnston, Hoel and Heerman. Even an over-pen that just goes right through without detonating would still slice through electical wiring and steam lines. Which cuts their speed and manoeuvrability, which is what a DD relies on. Just a thought.
  4. Is the Chinese destroyer line worth going down?

    And Dessert...
  5. Premium Ship Review: Ashitaka

    Alright stupid time. What show is the gif from?
  6. This is the "Roma"??

    So it seems like the range/dispersion, etc is the Italian gimmick? If so, they IDK about buying Roma... I kinda like her, and she looks beautyful, but that range, coupled with what may be squishy armour can make her seem meh. IDk.
  7. Scharnhorst vs buffed Colorado

    Yeah, Colorado, buffed or not, doesn't run away from anything unless it's another t7 or below US BB or CV...
  8. Scharnhorst vs buffed Colorado

    It is, but German BB's are brawlers. He played to your strengths (armor, torps, secondaries, etc) instead of his(range, accuracy, big guns plunging fire, etc). So unless u were really low hp to start you were probably going to win that one.
  9. This is the "Roma"??

    I did. I don't speak a lick of Italian and I'm too lazy to translate. XD
  10. This is the "Roma"??

    English plz...
  11. Is the Chinese destroyer line worth going down?

    Akizuki will eat PADD's for breakfast lunch and dinner.
  12. CV torped out by a Texas...wait...WHAT?

    Same. I wantz torpz plox
  13. You're not the first to ask... A lot of us want her.
  14. Alaska's like the Des Monies, but slightly worse. So t9 sounds reasonable. Maybe a free-xp ship? Like Mo?
  15. My Dad's ship appears in the Pan-Asia pack!

    Similar to my dad. Served o the USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2) in the 70's. Always nice to know you have a personal connection to a ship in-game. o7