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  1. welcome mate. Fair winds and following seas!
  2. Hi

    Welcome! I also play WOTB, under the same IGN. GL and Have fun!
  3. If so, then those three BB's were stupid, dumb or both. Do not expect to solo more than 2 cruisers with any kind of regularity. HE will burn you down. If not fires, just the sheer amount of HE sent your way...
  4. First new RU BB. Haven't paid that much attention to them at all. Focus on KMM BB's
  5. Still-It is the first RU BB. Probably why there are everywhere rn...
  6. Nassau is great. German BB's are brawlers, so dispersion shouldn't be too much an issue if you play to there strengths (secondaries, turtleback armour, and punchy guns) USN BB's seem more survivalble now that their citadels have been lowered, and they are very accurate, but the meh secondaries are the drawback for me...
  7. Bah. Kaiser Roll>Orion. My vote was 4 Nassau 2 though...
  8. I've see replays of her; she seems pretty strong. Want. Even though I'm not a US BB main...
  9. Agree on Texas. While I do not have a N. York, the ones i have fought both with and against do not seem to do as well. As for the Best T 4 T, I am suprised that the Kaiser Roll did not win at t4, as is one of my favorites. Nassau got my vote though, as i just really liked her, she was noob friendly and handled well enough.
  10. He obviously doesnt see himself as a troll. He seems to hate trolls, yet he's acting just like one...
  11. Why does it matter. No one is guaranteed freedom from offense in this country, ingame, or anywhere.
  12. Finally. Sanity prevails! +1
  13. Or maybe just accept that you will not get what you originally asked for, and so give it a rest.
  14. well than why are you still trying to get something from LWM? And if I remember right, you DID start this thread. LWM made her review, like she does for any premium. You are the one who got all bent out of shape over it. Obviously not.