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  1. _8V92_Detroit_

    Premium Ship Review - Belfast & Belfast '43

    WG still salty over June 1941
  2. _8V92_Detroit_

    Premium Ship Review - Belfast & Belfast '43

    Last time I was this early, Ferrari had a good F1 team...
  3. _8V92_Detroit_

    Roma/Littorio fails

    That's what a clan member told me too, RNG was balancing me out...ugh. Thing is, I did. I went to play other nation's ships, different tiers, even walked away from the game entirely for a week. No change.
  4. _8V92_Detroit_

    Roma/Littorio fails

    I got Littorio a few weeks ago, and initially loved it. First dozen games I was averaging 106k and 72% WR. Now with 38 games I'm suddenly down to 79k average and 46% WR...and I don't feel like I'm playing any different than I was at the start. The guns just fail to perform, and i can't seem to aim anymore either. I don't consider myself a great player, but I'd like to think I'm above the average 49% potato. But now I go from being able to manage 90-100k pretty easily to struggling to manage 40-50k a match. What am I doing wrong? I've got a stealth build, since the isn't much else to build her for. With a 12 point captain, I have PT, AR, superintendent, CE, and high alert. Doesn't help that all but 2 matches I've played in the past almost 2 weeks have been total blowout games... 20200906_213748_PISB708-AZUR-Littorio_46_Estuary.wowsreplay 20200906_212139_PISB708-AZUR-Littorio_15_NE_north.wowsreplay 20200906_205743_PISB708-AZUR-Littorio_14_Atlantic.wowsreplay
  5. _8V92_Detroit_

    Americans bb are worth it?

    Why try to change your mind when you're right?
  6. _8V92_Detroit_

    Americans bb are worth it?

    It happens. Just your aim and German (in)accuracy
  7. _8V92_Detroit_

    Americans bb are worth it?

    Citadeling German BB's is difficult due to their turtle back armor preventing shells from reaching the citadel in most cases. It is possible, just not likely. Usually at longer ranges, where the shells come in at a steeper angle and go thru the turtleback rather than bouncing off it
  8. _8V92_Detroit_

    Americans bb are worth it?

    Bayern is the wurst. Gneisenau can be better, but they're not accurate ships. They're tanking ships. USN BB's, the line in the game now, is a soild line for the most part. I'm at NC, and I'm finding her somewhat annoying to use, but once you get past New York, the USN BB's are quite soild.
  9. _8V92_Detroit_

    105th Anniversary of USS Arizona's Launch

    Well written
  10. _8V92_Detroit_

    If you only had 1 BB line, any reason not to do Russian?

    If you like real ships that have stories and histories.
  11. _8V92_Detroit_

    Caption the profile image above you.

    The face you make when you get your tax returns
  12. _8V92_Detroit_

    Holy Batfish

    I saw. I bought the bundle. If I had more money I'd donate directly.
  13. _8V92_Detroit_

    battle outcomes predetermined?

    Oh lord... How do you get this far into the game and not get how spotting works?
  14. _8V92_Detroit_

    B-17 Nine-Oh-Nine

    From what I could deduce, she couldn't gain altitude, tried to return and land, and clipped the ground. Fuel fed the fire.
  15. _8V92_Detroit_

    B-17 Nine-Oh-Nine

    Got it. Not surprised. Glad people are aware