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  1. Don't encourage him!!! XD
  2. +1 to you my good sir. Each to their own. I have an old pic of my dad with his '66 Chevelle. Had the 396 i believe
  3. Fine by me. More a truck guy than muscle cars but I welcome all gearheads
  4. When the OP reverts to shaming/calling out, then you know he's out of other options. Just because I haven't played them doesn't mean I don't know what would ruin different aspects of the game. When you are mature enough to accept that what you proposed isn't liked and you need to move on then we can talk.
  5. And it can kill that DD easily as well. Any ship can be burned down, not just Mo. Much harder for CV's to kill DD's regularly, right @Avenge_December_7? And all that proves is that Radar doesn't help a BB counter DD's any better, so why would it help CV's?
  6. I will concur. My dad's 5.4 did a piston at 69k. Weird. 6.8 has no issues, only AWFUL mpg, but who buys a big block for gas mileage?
  7. Dude. If that was one or two people then I MIGHT agree somewhat. But no one agrees with you. That shows something else-it's not wanted/needed. We are not cowards, and don't call us that. You'll loose any support u did have, if any. @LittleWhiteMouse, @Lert, can you two offer some help? WG is reworking CV's for a reason after all...
  8. Then it's no fault of the engine-only the owner. Proper fluid changes and maintenance will see any engine (bar 6.blow and 6.4's) live for quite some time
  9. 7.3's? Only major issues with them are age-related-rusted oil pans and camshaft position sensors. They'll go 2-300k easy if cared for...
  10. And radar won't either. CV's are so far removed from the battle that even if they are spotted there's nothing around to help kill them. CV secondaries? Oh please. (unless GZ, but no one talks about that)
  11. Ha. Ha. All's fair in love and war. (What do u like? Keep it civil plox)
  12. But you obviously didn't pay attention. DD mains nearly rioted.
  13. Uh, what? Only in the low tiers... Not in high tier matches. Most DD's don't get more than 15km from the cap, or just yolo a cap without support.
  14. You just don't get it do you? We need radar on cruisers cuz their job is to support cap DIRECTLY by spotting in smoke with radar or hydro. Only Missouri has radar, and that was to make it different from Iowa. Very few people have it, so it's not a much of a treat.