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  1. Dmal

    Time to put and end to this sad joke CV rework

    You know i think i have to agree with OP as not even defensive fire will work against a cv. Also before a cv could actually support the team now the most a cv can do is drop fighters and hope it kills whatever squadron is nearby.
  2. Dmal

    Something needs changing

    I guess the overall theme about my rant on CVs is that I feel like there is no counter play that I can do as a single player
  3. Dmal

    Spotting reward when sunk

    No its a glitch
  4. I have tried my best to give this cv rework a fair chance. However, I have to say something needs to change. I don't play cvs, personally im just not a fan of their playstyle so I play cruisers, destroyers, and battleships. I have started to notice a similar problem as to before the rework. If you aren't given an attentive friendly cv, you are screwed if they have one that knows what they are doing. doesn't matter if its bottom tier. They can keep dds spotted. Wreck dds and cruisers with rocket planes. They don't care about AA whatsoever. Defensive fire is a joke. I took my kidd out recently, a well known destroyer for its AA abilities, and I was constantly harrased by a same tier cv taking out 4k chunks with rocket planes while my defensive fire was up and my AA directed in the correct direction. AA cruisers feel like a joke because they don't have enough AA range to cover allies and they usually are rather squishy so they don't want to caught out in the open and they probably aren't going to pushing into caps. I don't even want to get started on BBs and trying to counter cvs. Let me rather talk about changes that i think should be implemented to make life better for everyone. The first change i would make is putting a limited range on aircraft. I don't know about other people but i have been in many matches where the cv just sits in the back unspotted the whole match and they managed to win it because no one has seen them in the first place. They simply don't risk their ship. In pre-rework a cv had to be a bit mindful about their planes as they could all be shot down. Now they have practically an infinite number of planes so you can't rely on deplaning them so they have nothing to really lose by losing a whole squadron except for a couple minute wait time while they bring out other planes. They need to risk something and I think it should be their ship just like every other ship in the game. The second thing i would change would be to give defensive fire its dispersion capabilities back. This way it has some value to the team. Right now i would take any other consumable over defensive fire because it simply doesn't do much for me or my allies. Im curious as to what other people think of what i have written and if anyone has any other suggestions
  5. So to start off. I think this will be tier 10 premium. It will use the model of the Missouri. Its basic premise is giving the bb US cruiser AP angles, we will call this New Jersey build. Maybe for balance, it won't have as many heals or maybe it will be balanced as it will have substantially less hp than any other tier 10. The second build called Wisconsin build will take the Missouri model and turn it into a sniper. IE what the original Duke of York was, no heals but insanely accurate bb guns. It would be nice to include these two historical ships. It also makes things easy on wargaming as they already have the model. They just have to make minor adjustments to the camo to distinguish the different iowas. What do you guys think?
  6. Dmal

    Wows Nightly News archive and suggestion box.

    Maybe you could do something on the missing red turret paint on arizona's number 3 gun. One update it was there and the next it was gone
  7. When did they get rid of exchanging the research xp cost of cvs to free xp? I was just wondering because if i end up getting a RN cv i probably won't want it and I wouldn't mind getting some free xp out of it.
  8. Dmal

    New DM player advice

    You are correct, when any bb with 16 inch or higher caliber guns are present you will want to camp islands as they can overmatch your bow. However, if you luck out and they only have 15inch gun bbs they can't pen your bow and you can bow tank them. Use AP when you are within about 12 to 10km of a broadside bb. Sometimes you can get away with AP at further ranges. You have really good ap pen angles so broadside or even well angled cruisers you can sometimes get away with shooting AP at them. I highly recommend the radar mod. Dont show broadside as your citadel is completely above the water line unlike the buffalo which has a lowered forward and aft citadel. Both range and reload mod are good it just depends on your playstyle.
  9. So I was taking a look at the armor layout of the Des Moines compared to the other US Heavy cruisers and I noticed a rather interesting pattern about US Heavy cruisers armor scheme that Des Moines doesn't follow. I'm going to use the Baltimore as my example screenshot and because it has a similar hull and overall layout to the Des Moines However all the other US Heavy cruisers follow this layout including both Pensacola and Indianapolis. So what I'm trying to point out is the fact that the citadel makes a drop on both the bow and aft of the Baltimore, a pattern that is repeated throughout all US Heavy cruisers except for Des Moines which has a single flat line citadel. I'm wondering why Des Moines doesn't continue the obvious armor trend of the US Heavy cruisers. Is it because the Des Moines Model hasn't been updated in a while or is it like this to balance out the ships high rate of fire. I don't know but I was wondering what others thought about this. Should Des Moines continue the armor layout of the US Heavy cruisers or does that risk it becoming overpowered?