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  1. Dmal

    DDs Torps need to be nerfed in COOP

    I find coop fun with secondary specced ships as the bots will don't just run away with the exception of the cv bot
  2. Dmal

    Bot onslaught

    I forgot about the advanced bots
  3. Dmal

    DDs Torps need to be nerfed in COOP

    It was, I actually went back and looked it up. It was update 0.5.9 public test server. It was 8 v16 and it was setup in a way that encouraged aggressive playstyles.
  4. Dmal

    Bot onslaught

    So a couple of years ago back on the public test server for update 0.5.9 they tried a different type of coop battle. Where you had to defend caps or capture a point against 16 bots. I fondly remember playing this and loving it. Sadly it never made it into the game as scenarios arrived instead. However, due to the lack of scenario redevelopment after the cv rework took out a little under half (right now more since Narai isn't working) I think this would be a good idea to bring back to give players more variety to play. Give it its own separate coop mode like scenarios and maybe play a little with the economics to make it a little less rewarding than randoms but more than coop because it shouldn't be easy. I have honestly been getting tired of the same old battle modes and I think this would be a welcomed fun addition to the game. It really gets your blood pumping as you can charge in and continually slaught the bots but you have to be careful about it because you are outnumbered 2 to 1. Also, wargaming can put cvs in it because the coding for the bots should be the same as coop bots.
  5. One thing that you can also do that helps is to make sure you have the alternate interface enabled in settings under the controls tab on the lower left-hand side of the screen. It gives you so much useful data. There are also some other settings you can play within controls. Including a dynamic crosshair although if you want a good one, get wows modstation and download the monogram dynamic crosshair as that one has proper scaling, unlike the base game crosshair.
  6. Dmal

    DDs Torps need to be nerfed in COOP

    A couple years ago before the scenarios, they tested a coop mode were you faced 25 bots (I think) and it was so much fun. It actually made it a little bit challenging. Unfortunately, it was for only one test server and it never made it to live
  7. Dmal

    PT 0.9.7, balance changes

    I really hope you bring that defensive AA buff to the premium USN DDs because Kidd had that buff before the AA rework and now it doesn't. It's weird to have a ship that is literally a dedicated AA DD, a premise that it was sold on, have a worse AA consumable than it's tech tree counterparts. Maybe 150% is where you should aim because pre-rework the consumable was 3 times as powerful as a standard one but only testing will show the right amount If these buffs to defensive AA do work, could we do something for Atlanta (another ship sold on good AA) because it personally feels like it struggles to shoot down aircraft (honestly a complaint that to a lesser extent applies to some of the USN heavy cruisers like Des Moines, she used to be a no-fly zone capable of protecting ships that had weak AA but now it's AA feels kinda weak and it can barely protect itself)
  8. Dmal

    Something needs changing

    Dependent on the scenario im usually closer to the caps. Simply because ships like DM don't do well in the back. I try my best to support the caps, and with current meta, this will often leave me isolated. I believe strongly in trying to support teammates or the going after the objective, I hate hanging in the back unless if I'm kiting away from a scenario where I'm outnumbered. On a completely different side note, has anyone encountered some problems where you see the bombs of cv drop on you but miss only for it to cause damage about a second later. It happened to me in an akizuki*, gearing*, and DM. It was really weird. *Slight rant on those matches where a cv took out 10k and 9k respectively in one run. The first was a rocket plane attack and the second a HE dive bomber. Just saying that amount of damage was a bit much for losing a little less than 50% hp in one salvo that I could do little about. It felt like a Venezia fell from above. For the record im fine with the Venezia because it can't spot me and keep me spotted on its own.
  9. So one of the most popular and arguably effective clan wars line up is 4 klebers, a regular low detection dd, a radar cruiser and a bb. If you have played clan wars you have probably encountered this type of group and just absolutely hated fighting against it. Therefore I'm going to make this suggestion for future clan wars to eliminate the spam of a single type of ship whether it be klebers, stalingrads, moskvas etc. The goal of this change is to force clans to diversify their line up so it isn't so reliant on a single type of ship. This also wouldn't completely force clans that enjoy the hit and run playstyle that the klebers create because they could run 2 klebers and 2 khabas. I'm curious what the folks at wargaming think and also what the people of the forums think of this suggestion. I appreciate any feedback you can give
  10. Dmal

    Something needs changing

    This is because as of right now defensive AA is a joke as it no longer guarantees that it will disperse the incoming attack which was huge utility pre-rework and it doesn't give enough of a buff to AA to sufficiently deter a cv from attacking. Ships that used to have amazing AA no longer do. I play Des Moines and I have been chunked for 10k by even t8 cvs. They can be using rocket planes or dive bombers. Regardless it hurts and the cv usually doesn't give a crap about my AA. I have also had matches in my Kidd and Atlanta where the cv will just go for me and completely ignore my defensive AA and just hit for at least 15% or more of my hitpoints. Atlanta currently struggles to shoot down aircraft which is hilarious because it is quite literally THE AA CRUISER with how many dual-purpose guns they put on her. My sum up of playing AA cruisers is that you can't defend yourself from a cv if it wants you dead because they will be able to get through your AA and there is nothing you can do about it*. *I have had a decent game in my Alaska against a cv where I felt my AA was actually effective. The sad part was it was against a ranger because of a fail div. Admittedly I don't want AA to be like that Alaska game though because 1) It would definitely make the life of a cv extremely hard and 2) I wasn't the one in control of my AA, it was almost completely the AI gunners, I had almost zero input. I like what someone stated previously that cvs are basically playing PVE** with the AI gunners while the surface ships are playing PVP ** I will admit that players do have a little input as to how hard the AI works and they can sometimes throw off the aim of a cv by maneuvering (insert just dodge meme). Anyway, I once again appreciate the input from the flip side of the coin and I hope that answers your question as to why people don't play AA cruisers anymore.
  11. Dmal

    Something needs changing

    You are completely right, I don't know the challenge of playing high tier cvs and I appreciate you sharing your experience with them. I also really like your idea of lesser strikes and the operational range
  12. Dmal

    Something needs changing

    I'm not going to be ignorant and say I'm an amazing player but with that said I'm definitely well above average as seen in my stats below. As for my reference to infinite planes, I phrased it as practically infinite. Meaning that you won't ever completely run out of planes. Same way as all the ships in the game have practically infinite ammo. Also, I stated that I don't play cvs so I could establish my viewpoint as a surface ship player. I probably won't be grinding to a t10 CV because I don't find their gameplay enjoyable. I play this game for fun so I'm not going to waste my time playing a ship class that I don't enjoy. With that said I can not completely claim to now how life is for T8 and T10 cvs as I have only ever been on the receiving end. I created this thread partly to understand the thoughts of current cv players so I am less ignorant about the struggles of cvs.
  13. Dmal

    Let's get our priorities straight!

    The reason im pissed at wargaming is not because they introduced a ship that is ludicrously hard to get. Its because they blantatly lied to the player base in the patch notes. "Don’t want to spend any doubloons on boosters to finish building Puerto Rico on time? It’s entirely possible to build Puerto Rico using only the boosters available for Shipbuilding Tokens." THey frame it as though it is possible but once you read the directives, it isn't possible. This is what is pissing me off. If they decided to hide puerto rico behind the Research Beurau and said you had to reset lines to get it, id be fine with that. But they didn't and they have ended up just lying to us. It makes me really question a company that will just flat out lie to its customers. I really do like this game and i would hate to see it torn apart by lies.
  14. Dmal

    Time to put and end to this sad joke CV rework

    You know i think i have to agree with OP as not even defensive fire will work against a cv. Also before a cv could actually support the team now the most a cv can do is drop fighters and hope it kills whatever squadron is nearby.
  15. Dmal

    Something needs changing

    I guess the overall theme about my rant on CVs is that I feel like there is no counter play that I can do as a single player