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  1. Dmal

    nothing but black screen

    I have had a similar issue where the game crashes to a black screen after I logged in via WGC. I recommend trying to restart your computer as that fixed my problem.
  2. It is why I left the option in to leave it automatic. It's a trade off the player will have to make. Do they focus on AA defense or do they let the AI take control so they can focus on surface targets? It creates trade offs that the average player will have to make a decision on. Kinda of along the decision a player makes when facing multiple ships. Which ship is the largest threat to angle against?
  3. Dmal

    Interesting CV stat

    Yeah I wish I could've used more recent stats so that the sample sizes across the different ships would be more consistent and relevant.
  4. See that's why I left the ability to just rely on the current mechanics so that if people don't want to be bothered with it, they can just do everything they do now.
  5. Dmal

    Interesting CV stat

    I understand that K/D doesn't make mean much here but it was an interesting statistic that I thought I would share. I mean it shows just how unique CVs are when compared to the other classes. It is likely a reflection in their survival rate which is important because the longer you can survive, the more influence you can have on a match. However, I can't confirm that reflection as I couldn't find a way to sort survival rate by ship.
  6. Dmal

    Interesting CV stat

    For some reason, I missed the average frags statistic. Thank you for pointing this out. Honestly, that makes the K/D even more intriguing as it is probably a reflection of the high survival rate of CVs compared to other ships.
  7. I had a little bit of an idea for flak. What if we allowed players to manually aim their flak guns at aircraft by using 4 (or 5 if depth charges become a thing). This mechanic would work like this: Before 4 is pressed Flak behaves like it always has, its auto-targeting but it's not that accurate (For balance, sector reinforcement will not affect flak). However, once 4 is pressed and the player switches to flak, they can fire their flak batteries at the incoming planes. Although, like the main battery, they will have to lead the planes and account for shell flight time. Regular continuous AA damage will revert to a non-sector reinforcement state. Defensive Fire will have 2 effects, it will increase continuous damage by 50% for the duration of the consumable. The second effect is that for half the consumable duration time flak reload speed is reduced by 50% (like the main battery reload booster). For CVs, when their planes are within flak range and ship switches to manual control of flak, their attack reticle will no longer be affected by any maneuvers the planes make while under manual flak fire. However, if the Flak batteries are under auto-targeting the reticle for the attack squadron will behave like it always has. Some changes to AA modules and the captain skills will need to be made. I think giving it changes like 7% less dispersion on manual flak for the 3rd module slot and a choice between an upgrade to manual flak range or reload for the 6th slot would be appropriate. AFT and BFT will affect the range and reload respectively. Edit: instead of reload or range either BFT or AFT could effect the size of the flak burst The advantage to this setup it doesn't force players to use it so if they are in a tough spot between surface ships and planes come in, they can still have a little defense from planes while they engage the surface ships. However, the players now have a way to put their own skill into air defense outside of just choosing which 2 sectors to pick. They can put their own skill at aiming into it and predicting what the planes might do. Meanwhile, the CV can counter that aim by changing aircraft speed and direction without the worry of having horrible accuracy from dodging. It also keeps all the hard work Wargaming has already put into the AA mechanics This also puts the mechanics of planes into a similar setting as every ship in the game when they come under fire. They have to try and throw off the aim of whoever is targetting them. I would love if Wargaming would implement this as it gives players better ways to interact with air attacks and for CVs to figure out ways to counter player skill. Anyway, what are your thoughts on this idea? Edit: Another advantage is while planes have relatively low detectability a ship with a lot of flak mounts can now support longer flak ranges that they can use to defend a group of ships.
  8. Dmal

    Interesting CV stat

    If you go to this site https://na.wows-numbers.com/ships/ and sort all the ships in the game by average kill/death ratio and exclude RTS CVs and ships with under 10000 battles. The top 16 ships are all CVs (there are only 26 CVs total in the game with 23 having over 10000 battles). The top 6 have a K/D of over 4.2. For reference, the Imperator Nikolai is the 17th place in K/D and the top surface ship for K/D at 2.81. I don't know what an average K/D is but using my wows-numbers profile as an example, unicum is at least 1.8(I used the wrong statistic here). With that said only 2 CVs have K/D of under 2. Ranger at 1.81 and langely at 1.59. I did notice that a lot of ships that are known for being overpowered have a relatively high K/D. This was just an interesting observation of mine. It very well could be a case of correlation not being causation but it also could be causation. I might look into doing some statistics on it at some point if I'm feeling bored. The probable reason for the high k/d is because CVs can strike anywhere and they tend to target ships that have already been severely beaten up and are trying to escape. Anyway, what are your guys' thoughts on this observation? I think it is a little odd that over 65% of carriers occupy the top 16 slots for K/D. Edit: It was pointed out below that they have low average frags per battle, I think the reason that CVs have that high K/D ratio is that they have the highest survival rate of any class. I, unfortunately, couldn't find a ranking of ship specific survival rate so I can't confirm it.
  9. Dmal

    DDs Torps need to be nerfed in COOP

    I find coop fun with secondary specced ships as the bots will don't just run away with the exception of the cv bot
  10. Dmal

    Bot onslaught

    I forgot about the advanced bots
  11. Dmal

    DDs Torps need to be nerfed in COOP

    It was, I actually went back and looked it up. It was update 0.5.9 public test server. It was 8 v16 and it was setup in a way that encouraged aggressive playstyles.
  12. Dmal

    Bot onslaught

    So a couple of years ago back on the public test server for update 0.5.9 they tried a different type of coop battle. Where you had to defend caps or capture a point against 16 bots. I fondly remember playing this and loving it. Sadly it never made it into the game as scenarios arrived instead. However, due to the lack of scenario redevelopment after the cv rework took out a little under half (right now more since Narai isn't working) I think this would be a good idea to bring back to give players more variety to play. Give it its own separate coop mode like scenarios and maybe play a little with the economics to make it a little less rewarding than randoms but more than coop because it shouldn't be easy. I have honestly been getting tired of the same old battle modes and I think this would be a welcomed fun addition to the game. It really gets your blood pumping as you can charge in and continually slaught the bots but you have to be careful about it because you are outnumbered 2 to 1. Also, wargaming can put cvs in it because the coding for the bots should be the same as coop bots.
  13. One thing that you can also do that helps is to make sure you have the alternate interface enabled in settings under the controls tab on the lower left-hand side of the screen. It gives you so much useful data. There are also some other settings you can play within controls. Including a dynamic crosshair although if you want a good one, get wows modstation and download the monogram dynamic crosshair as that one has proper scaling, unlike the base game crosshair.
  14. Dmal

    DDs Torps need to be nerfed in COOP

    A couple years ago before the scenarios, they tested a coop mode were you faced 25 bots (I think) and it was so much fun. It actually made it a little bit challenging. Unfortunately, it was for only one test server and it never made it to live
  15. Dmal

    PT 0.9.7, balance changes

    I really hope you bring that defensive AA buff to the premium USN DDs because Kidd had that buff before the AA rework and now it doesn't. It's weird to have a ship that is literally a dedicated AA DD, a premise that it was sold on, have a worse AA consumable than it's tech tree counterparts. Maybe 150% is where you should aim because pre-rework the consumable was 3 times as powerful as a standard one but only testing will show the right amount If these buffs to defensive AA do work, could we do something for Atlanta (another ship sold on good AA) because it personally feels like it struggles to shoot down aircraft (honestly a complaint that to a lesser extent applies to some of the USN heavy cruisers like Des Moines, she used to be a no-fly zone capable of protecting ships that had weak AA but now it's AA feels kinda weak and it can barely protect itself)