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  1. Coming back and seeing all these iChase threads be like


    1. Rolkatsuki


      Yep that seem about right />_\\

    2. Chobittsu


      Well when you represent a company, you can't exactly expect to say craplike that and get away with it...

    3. Reymu


      Thing is iChase is correct, if WG wants to have a competitive edge, they have to be aiming to make the game fun. This unfinished GZ has the makings of a frustrating ship rushed out. If looking to retain customers, this just hurt their chances.


      Haven't forgotten their showing it takes incredible 150+ hours per ship, but seriously, a delay in DB like that? Fundamentally stupid without a justification for the extra difficulty.  Wonder if it's a repeat of management not listening to important feedback or concerns because unable or unwilling to care? Seem to remember this being one of the problems for why the shuttle Challenger got destroyed before they ever knew something was wrong.