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  1. Carrier_Lexington

    I miss Submarines

    I wonder how much this has to do with the game mode, and how much has to do with the submarine. Overall, though, random battles tend to be rather grindy in and of themselves
  2. Carrier_Lexington

    Wikipedia article back to normal

    The issue here is that, while WoWS has a lootbox system which has its plusses and minuses, the premium ships available within are rarely anything gamebreaking, and the chances for drawing a premium ship at all tend to be low. I have drawn one super OP ship out of a premium container, which is Kamikaze R, and this is over what is closing on 4-5 years. EA, on the other hand, uses lootboxes as the only way to get easy access to overpowered content. That is why EA is P2W, while WoWS is F2P.
  3. Having just looked at the ships, I should fix this. Most Premium ships come with a 3-point or 10-point captain to boost you up. It seems the Help-I-Accidentally-Turned-My-Brightness-to-Zero ships don't come with captains. Interesting, perhaps WG think they've been a little over the top with handing-out captains.
  4. While I share the sentiment, if you really like a ship, buying a premium version of that same ship does a few things: Allows you to essentially get the Daily Win modifier twice on the same ship Gives you a version of a ship you love that also has premium benefits
  5. Carrier_Lexington

    Warship Economy, Good??? NO! Needs help.

    And you missed the original point, which was that, overall, the amount of FXP signals, FXP Crates, and FXP camos were making it possible for players to grind ludicrous amounts of FXP per hour. It wasn't necessarily that the players were good (though many were). It was that their skill stacked on-top of the massive influx of bonuses was making those earnings so powerful. What Mouse is saying is that Wargaming released ships for Coal and Steel to prevent people from just having buckets of FXP for the next FXP ship that came around, and also scaled-back their FXP rewards to make earning FXP slower. Do I agree with this? I'm not sure. I don't play WoWS much anymore, especially since it just stopped working on my machine following the Halloween Patch. I still follow this forum, because I might get back into the game, but right now, I need a hiatus.
  6. Carrier_Lexington

    If BB's are going to be impotent vs DD's..

    I mean, what the OP is essentially asking is, "Why isn't this a WWII warship simulator?" "Why do battleships even exist at the same tiers as Destroyers?" "Why aren't maps hundreds of kilometers across?" And the answer? It's an arcade game based on Rock-Paper-Scissors. If you want something else, where the larger classes of bote are much stronger than everything else, play WT Naval. If you want intense simulations, play Silent Hunter or Cold Waters. Granted, you can only play a Submarine in those games, but still.
  7. I've had a Tier 3-4 battle where everyone on each team was in a BB, but there were only a few players on each team. Seeing as it was only Tiers 3 and 4, it was odd.
  8. Having been a CV player, that takes some skill. It's one thing if you make the top of the team in a Kaga, but Midway can be tough for that. Also, no. The problem we had with the last CV to be released, Graf Zeppelin, was because they rushed it. Now it's extremely broken OP, and when it dropped, it was broken UP. As in, if you got one on your team, you were basically down a player. Not rushing is a good thing, especially since they're reworking the whole system for how planes work.
  9. Carrier_Lexington

    Karma: Reported - Complimented

    If you have positive Karma for a certain amount of time, they sometimes give-out awards for that. Usually, it's a pack of camos.
  10. Carrier_Lexington

    Do you think that matchmaking is rigged?

    Divisioning with a player is meant to give you an edge via communication, which is why divisions are limited to three players. That being said, it seems to be "working as intended" as much as it can in an arcade game.
  11. Carrier_Lexington

    Vanguard Buffs as per Dev Blog

    Also, let's consider that the Iowa had nuclear Tomahawk missiles which were far superior to any 15" gun. Or are you going to start to tell me that "Optimisation Maths" says that the "fractal problem" of rockets means that a 15" rocket is superior?
  12. Carrier_Lexington

    Vanguard Buffs as per Dev Blog

    Incorrect. Experts have to prove their concepts. Otherwise, we get what happened with pollution in the 40s, 50s, and 60s (DDT is perfectly safe); with doctrines like racial determinism, and with opioids in the modern day (this is 100% expert-certified safe). You get bias. Biased "experts" who sacrifice science to serve their own biases. And this is why I take issue with you acting like everyone else should take your word as law. Experts critique each other's work and contribute the end result to science, without trying to use it to enforce their own biases. If you fail to realize that, you're not an expert, you're a narcissist. Your repeated failure to prove what you are saying, only just restate your claim over and over again, only proves this.
  13. Carrier_Lexington

    New leap forward in technology! Shippost!

    Not to mention, there is practically 0 progression, the tutorial system is awful, and the community is full of griefers.
  14. Carrier_Lexington

    Vanguard Buffs as per Dev Blog

    Is that not what the British did to Tirpitz, what the US did to Yamato? Kill the big, expensive ship before the enemy can figure-out how to mass-produce them?
  15. Carrier_Lexington

    Vanguard Buffs as per Dev Blog

    And herein we have the problem. The "I can never be wrong" fallacy. Well, I mean, there's no way to argue with that. It's essentially tribalism, but with a tribe of one. Either way, the result is the same. We die, return to ash, and no amount of vanity can stop it.