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  1. must....decipher....fine....print.....
  2. Heretic
  3. Grumpy that isn't Gunzo
  4. Here's a video of what would happen in this game if you put a DD on hydrofoils:
  5. The reference is to Thrawn in the URL. Not to Bellephoron, the Greek Hero.
  6. At least it's not like Great Britain. In order to make their navy more respectable following the recent technical faults of their latest supercarrier, they've gone to modifying some older designs. As you can see, the result is quite... Glorious... (Don't kill me please) @Jnobsir @LittleWhiteMouse @Lert @Doomlock
  7. The tables have turned!
  8. Waifus
  9. I must bear the weight of... THIS STARFISH!
  10. Just as planned
  11. I would like the ability to choose what kind of special mod I get should I get one. I keep getting flags, but I want a Radar mod.
  12. Oh, are we doing ourselves as legendary commanders? Here we go! Carrier_Lexington: "Power of German Engineering"- A ship with Carrier_Lexington as its commander is not allowed to citadel any German cruisers except for Roon, Konigsberg, and Nurnberg. On these select ships, Carrier Lexington cannot overpenetrate and every shell that hits is a citadel. "Need bigger Numbers"- For every percent of your health you lose, your shells' maximum damage increases by 100 and their penetration increases by 3% Automatic Chat feature corrects any scientific or historical errors in other people's chat responses. May randomly turn and charge into the nearest division mate.
  13. *Screaming externally*
  14. Still my best friend and my secret crush
  15. Not as pretty as Arleigh Burke