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  1. I don't blame you.
  2. botes
  3. Depends on how much automation you consider to be integral to being a "robot." It's like that old question of the Ship of Theseus. Anyway, as to my reaction: They should automate them so that they are drones and make it large-scale battle-bots. That way the Paint Cannons are made more effective, because there are no "windshields" to see out of, and also the robots can be deadlier and more spectacular and not nearly as scripted. (For added coolness, put each team inside an office building away from the battle so that they can only see what's happening through the cameras).
  4. I never changed anything. Anything at all. It is you who is incapable of being rational. You are clearly just whining. Go home. I am glad you are, "done" with me. You have proven that you are incapable of keeping an argument straight without turning around and changing what it is you claimed you said or getting confused. I can go ahead and give you an example: When you claimed that clans were excluding people, so I showed you that they weren't, and then you told me that players shouldn't be required to join. Go home and sober up.
  5. So, basically perpetuate the problem. No thanks.
  6. Wrong with me? Nothing is wrong with me, as far as I'm aware. I just don't like to leave non-truth unchallenged. I'm not the one who needs to grow up. I'm not the one being incredibly defensive when someone provides definitions and disproves his argument.
  7. Sorry I didn't say something sooner. I was laughing too hard at the glorious miscommunication.
  8. You are missing something: It's not the Tier X rentals they are talking about. It's the Scharnhorst rentals.
  9. No idea. I just had a message appear, link to a broken shop page, come back, and, there it is!
  10. See that little at the end? That's how I show I'm joking.
  11. Umm... no. Sorry, but Conqueror doesn't get citadelled very often at all due to how low it is below the waterline. RivertheRoyal is a Wiki Editor, LittleWhiteMouse is a CC, and Lert is a Supertester, and they all agree with me.
  12. My parents are de-- oh, sorry. Wrong game.