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  1. Where's the Missouri?

    However, do be careful. Two other ships were removed from the store, with much fanfare, only to return this weekend: -Guilio Cesare -König Albert
  2. Where's the Missouri?

    Thread Title: Where's the Missouri? Now, if you look at the title, and the original post, which starts off with the sentences It sounds like your primary concern is wanting to know where the Missouri went, which is what most people will assume. And, seeing as Missouri left in a highly publicized event, people will assume you paid no attention and jump on you because that earns them fake internet points. Now, because I read the whole thing, I know that you also asked: But it is not clear to most of the other answerers, which is why a lot of people are jumping on you. Perhaps leading with this question, and retitling the Thread (if you can, I don't remember if that's possible), would make it much clearer to understand, and people wouldn't jump on you as much because then they couldn't earn the fake internet points. Also, because I'm a writer and it annoys me when people structure things incorrectly . As for if it will return? No one can say. Wargaming hasn't made any sort of decisive official comment, so it's likely that they themselves haven't decided yet. However, one thing that is clear is that Missouri does break the Credit Economy in the game at Tier 9, which the Wargaming Developers have expressed concern over. So it may be unlikely that it does return except in short-term events or with a hefty FXP Markup.
  3. Where's the Missouri?

    Then you should probably phrase it that way. Otherwise, it seems like you... well... haven't a clue.
  4. Caption the profile image above you.

    Cover your eyes with your hat, kids. This won't be pretty
  5. Caption the profile image above you.

    I dunno. This guy seems kinda sketchy.
  6. Caption the profile image above you.

    Hair flatter than a board
  7. Mac Wrapper FPS Drops: Any Workarounds

    Unfortunately, my Mac doesn't really have enough disk space to effectively partition, unless I were to write-over the entire Mac, which I am not sure I am quite willing to do yet. Especially if I get the same problems as before. What really frustrates me is that it's not even the big Engine Change in WoWS that broke it. It was something like 2 or 3 patches ago. Ahh, well. Might as well save my pennies and just not play WoWS for now.
  8. Okay, so I want to preface this by saying I've tried it all. Lower the Graphics. Clean Installs (yes, that's plural). The Studly Utility. Clean Installs with the Studly Utility. Forcing the Wrapper to Update. Making sure my system exceeds the Recommended System Requirements (It does). I also want to preface this with the fact that I know Macs are not the ideal gaming computers. However, a Mac is what I am stuck with, and "just by a Windows" is not an option that is on the table right now. With all of that in mind, I have been suffering extreme FPS drops lately, since the big Update. My game will freeze completely, dropping to 1 frame every 6 seconds, and then speed up, which looks kinda funny as I careen across the water, except it is unplayable in this state, which is why, as of now, I've deleted the game off of my computer, since having a ~50GB game on my computer that I can't play is pointless. The other thing is that World of Tanks, a game which is older, less-well-optimized, and just had a massive engine update works perfectly. I've been playing in Co-Op because I got a 10 game penalty for crashing out of PVP several times (while trying to fix the game, mind you), and even there I get huge FPS drops. And, as always, the Support Center is worthless with Mac, always passing the buck to CodeWeavers, who, in-turn, pass the buck back to Wargaming. So, does anyone know any other workarounds for this kind of problem? Whether it is for the Mac Wrapper or it's a game issue, how do I fix it?
  9. Caption the profile image above you.

    No Karaoke Allowed. You know better.
  10. So I got reported for this

    Captain Canuck!!!!!
  11. No, I'm not exaggerating...

    Man, every time someone shares their face, I feel obligated to share mine.
  12. Just Graduated From High School!

    On the contrary: I had too much fun my first semester, and almost lost my place.
  13. Caption the profile image above you.

    Her hat fits the bill...
  14. Broken Flag

    It was a code to decipher for a Halloween ARG, which gave you another Flag and a mission to earn Halloween Camos while flying the (second) flag.

    Yeesh. It's happened to all of us. My WoWS won't even let me play Randoms. I have something like 11 games to wash off the Pink, and I can't do any of them right now.