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  1. This is the way the real world works, though. If your DevOps team fails to meet a deadline because one of the members wouldn't do his/her share of the work and no one took any initiative to either get rid of him/her or get it taken care-of, the blame falls on the team. If your board of executives has but only one member on it who gets exposed for embezzlement/illegal stock practices, it doesn't matter, the entire board will be under investigation and the company will lose investors and possibly never recover, which means that hundreds or even thousands of people who had nothing to do with the incident will lose their jobs and their livelihoods. This even happens at the high-school level: If a small group of people perform a bad, stupid prank that ends-up costing money, then the entire class may not graduate. Furthermore, if one kid makes an Early Decision application (the one that contractually binds you to not make another Early Desicion application anywhere else and to withdraw any applications you may have already sent) to multiple colleges, it can get the entire school blacklisted. And if a soldier in a fireteam does something stupid and gets people killed, then they won't be the only one to take the blame: their squadmates will take blame for not preventing it, their CO will take blame for not instilling enough discipline, and its possible that the person who cleared them for the mission would take blame for clearing someone who was unfit. Group Punishment may come-across as unfair, but it is often one of the most effective ways to get problems resolved. Of course, there is a limit: the first one or two violations should be punished at an individual level, and gross violations should be investigated, but, for the majority of cases, the message needs to come through. And, if you don't want to be punished for someone else in your clan repeatedly violating the rules, then perhaps you should think seriously about what you want from your clan, and what you are willing to put-up with.
  2. Midway [edited]

    Not at the start of the game. CVs only get good at end-tier, which makes it much more like Hearts of Iron except CVs actually do things whereas Hearts of Iron nukes don't do that much unless you have like 10 of them.
  3. Forum Game - Word Association

    MEDIC! Wrong game
  4. Caption the profile image above you.

    In desperate need of a hairbrush.
  5. Midway [edited]

    Then you aren't doing it right. I can melt Midway squads with Des Moines, and that's not even with my Defensive Fire activated.
  6. Midway [edited]

    Laughs in Defensive Fire AA. Laughs in AA Spec. Come on, the solution is obvious: press the T button.
  7. Clan Battles Cheaters/Manipulators

    You have this weird grey matter between your ears, I suggest you use it. Sub-clans do not share the same rank as the parent clan. By default, each clan starts at Squall. So, if a clan gets to Typhoon and gets the Stalingrad flag, they just send the members to sub-clans (which are still Squall) to farm easy wins. Of course, by farming wins, they are just clubbing the clans who haven't gotten to Typhoon yet and making it take longer for them to get Stalingrad. And don't forget, if they actually do manage to lose to a Squall clan, they don't lose anything, and the enemy clan that just beat a team full of unicums doesn't gain anything extra. They are in a sub-clan which is independent of the parent clan. And, if the sub-clan starts seeing real competition, they just have to throw a few games or move to a new sub-clan. Thinking OP, Please Nerf.
  8. Caption the profile image above you.

    When you realize that you are all the Christmas presents you are getting this year.
  9. Clan Battles Cheaters/Manipulators

    Because some people think its funny to prevent other people from getting Stalingrad. In another instance, a clan on the RU server was caught selling accounts after they'd earned Stalingrad. There is such a thing as manners, and if you're going to get mad when someone treats you with disrespect, then you shouldn't push disrespect onto everyone else. Alternatively, if you really feel the compulsion to say, "Get the F off my screen," then just say it to your friends through voice comms/division chat and have a laugh at it. Don't actually say it all chat; when you go out of your way to tell someone that they're a shitter and need to go uninstall the game and throw their computer against the wall, that's 5-year old behaviour. Hmmm, it's almost like putting people down in a game is a bad thing to do and you're now trying to rationalize it.
  10. Clan Battles Cheaters/Manipulators

    And herein the question lies: At what point are you an "expert" because you're good, and at what point are you an "expert" because you know exploits and don't play fairly? As far as I know, there were 2-3. But I'm not going to name them due to the Naming and Shaming policy.
  11. The Great Paradox

    I call it the "Git Gud" build. It relies on the player learning situational awareness and WASD hacks and not to stray too far from cruisers to survive rather than giving them captain skills and modules that do everything for them.
  12. Well, you're just a so-and-so!
  13. Why are big spenders (whales) hated in video games?

    Oh, well if that's the case, then I'll just make sure to use it as a source on my next college research essay /s. Urban Dictionary is good for getting a basic understanding on slang. It is not a credible source for anything.
  14. Forum Game - Word Association

    Dishonest mistake?
  15. Why are big spenders (whales) hated in video games?

    First of all, the term has been reappropriated. After all, what is it that gives a word meaning, the dictionary or the people who use the words? I hope you can see the fallacy in the argument that the dictionary decides what words mean. And I don't trust Urban Dictionary because it runs on User-Subs, and, as such, are usually incomplete at best, and downright wrong or biased at worst. NEXT!