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  1. Capt_Charr

    Missing Indonesian submarine

    Missing Indonesian submarine: US, Australia help search for 53 crew members running low on oxygen. I hope for the best to all on board. Read latest news here
  2. I like playing in the contest even though I'm not that good enough to place. But this is a contest I don't care much about one reason being is it is going to inflate the damage out with other stats to trying and show players the big 3 isn't as bad as some of us think. You put a MISSIOUR for the grand prize which pretty much ensures that every elite player that doesn't have one come and play so this will inflate the damage out, kills, games played ect. I guess when it's all over you have some very happy prize-winning players and a spreadsheet full of inflating stats to show that the big three don't need buffs and are just as good as its peers.
  3. Capt_Charr

    Santa Crates

    I hope not after all they said "We will work on improving the next Santa event with the feedback and concerns you voiced." So with them not fixing it until next event the drops should be same or at lease from the same pool of ships.
  4. Capt_Charr

    Atago B doubloon missions not working

    Let's not forget but based on what the reward is it can also entice the current buyer to purchase the normal non=black version. I have actual done this cause with the doubloons you get from doing the mission it's like you getting a rebate for buying it. Now it wouldn't hurt for WG to add a footnote or a marker on the missions or ships. ( * ) or * Atago* Something to where it draws attention and doing this would help with buyer remorse and help a little with their PR.
  5. Capt_Charr

    Premium Ship Review - ARP Yamato

    Just wondering is this consider to be a reward ship or premium? Yamato with premium credit earning may be worth the money.
  6. I was looking threw some click bait on the cost of military's equipment and found some nice pics. US America, US Gerald Ford, and a 3D model of US Gerald Ford, and I have to add my own little US Shih-poo which I refer to call her my little Poo-shih.
  7. Capt_Charr

    Premium Ship Review: Florida

    Nice review and thank you. I feel this ship is a little different than is bigger sisters Kansas and Minnesota. While Kansas and Minnesota is more or less floating turds with bunch of toothpicks stuck out of them but the Florida feels somewhat different than them but still garbage. At least I know I'm not going to bother grinding for the Vermont until they buff it. It's really sad the way they can make the Russia's super cruiser line op but can't figure out how to make the new US BB line strong enough to where they are fun and competitively, to play.
  8. Capt_Charr

    Dry Dock. Graf Zeppelin

    The video mentioned that the Graf Zeppelin was the lead ship of her series. So why are the rest of CV on game aims so different than Graf Zeppelin? I know that WOWS try to build ships as close to the histories ships and blue print as possible But the way the bomb drops compare to the rest of the nation is more difficult to see. I'm just curios why this is? I really like the Germany CV line but the bomb drops just make it so frustrating. Was this the case in histories ships to follow? I hope that maybe this can be fi change or some one makes a mod that helps you location the in reference too the distance from the actual sight .
  9. Capt_Charr

    Admin who decides

    For the most part I like it but did ran into A couple of battles with 2 CV on each team which makes it unfair for the tier 3 and 4 ships that has very little or no AA. It's sad and very frustrating when you wait a bit in que to be taken out by CVs in just a few second. It's really easy to see why players don't or won't play lower levels.
  10. I've just got back about a month ago and I started playing German CV I can't believe the cross hair for the bomb drops. It may be me or my setting but I don't see them until about a 2/3 into the attack and as far as missile attack is sort-of [edited]backwards to others CV. Did they change CV a year ago to make them more friendly and then turn out a CV that is total different. Was they really a need or even a demand to do so? Anyway back to the main problem does anyone have a mod to make the German bomb cross hairs visible ? Any option in the setting to fix this issues. Why do something like this???/
  11. Yea i get what what your saying but back before I quit they was gather data but never used or really didn't know how to convert to apply it to create a better gaming experience for players. If they are thinking that few may want the CV early missions than that should tell them how people feel about CV and all the changes. I mean if they change the CV for the best then shouldn't a lot of players want them? Back when they change the CV folks was really upset so did the change it back or anything? Nope just cram it down our throats and hope we don't split back up at them. It's the same thing over and over again.
  12. Gratz and you really shouldn't feel lucky cause we have the same chances you spent $5:00 got 1 mission = I spent $ 30:00 no missions.
  13. I walked away from the game back when the PR ship kicked of the docks. I was just total frustrated with all the early access boxes chance to fail at and the mess they cover up about explaining how easy it was for everyone to complete the building stages to earn the ship. So I started playing again back a couple of days ago before rank started and went ahead and made a liar out of myself and buy a month of premium which i said I never do again. But maybe it was worth it cause I love the sound changes and it seems like rank games running much better now at least the games without CV in them. So I was really liking the changes I am experiencing . Until a mission had me progression on hold.I need to buy the Z-35 but i could do the other mission to bypass that one but it all came to a stop where I need to have the Rhain. Same old crap here we go!!!! I bought 1 premium container with what doubloons and I didn't get mission :( So I decided To drop cash in a game i swore I would never spend a penny on again. Got 5 Perineum container and got 0 mission, So all the free container and 6 premium container and go no missions and stuck on the RHAIM. Seem like WG never listen or just doesn't really care. They just keep cramming CV down our throat and give us crap for our cash. So I'll just ride the waves out for next 30 days and fade off into the sunset knowing that if I decide to come back three months from now it will be the same shape as it was when I left it