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  1. Yea i get what what your saying but back before I quit they was gather data but never used or really didn't know how to convert to apply it to create a better gaming experience for players. If they are thinking that few may want the CV early missions than that should tell them how people feel about CV and all the changes. I mean if they change the CV for the best then shouldn't a lot of players want them? Back when they change the CV folks was really upset so did the change it back or anything? Nope just cram it down our throats and hope we don't split back up at them. It's the same thing over and over again.
  2. Gratz and you really shouldn't feel lucky cause we have the same chances you spent $5:00 got 1 mission = I spent $ 30:00 no missions.
  3. I walked away from the game back when the PR ship kicked of the docks. I was just total frustrated with all the early access boxes chance to fail at and the mess they cover up about explaining how easy it was for everyone to complete the building stages to earn the ship. So I started playing again back a couple of days ago before rank started and went ahead and made a liar out of myself and buy a month of premium which i said I never do again. But maybe it was worth it cause I love the sound changes and it seems like rank games running much better now at least the games without CV in them. So I was really liking the changes I am experiencing . Until a mission had me progression on hold.I need to buy the Z-35 but i could do the other mission to bypass that one but it all came to a stop where I need to have the Rhain. Same old crap here we go!!!! I bought 1 premium container with what doubloons and I didn't get mission :( So I decided To drop cash in a game i swore I would never spend a penny on again. Got 5 Perineum container and got 0 mission, So all the free container and 6 premium container and go no missions and stuck on the RHAIM. Seem like WG never listen or just doesn't really care. They just keep cramming CV down our throat and give us crap for our cash. So I'll just ride the waves out for next 30 days and fade off into the sunset knowing that if I decide to come back three months from now it will be the same shape as it was when I left it
  4. Capt_Charr

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    Things that would make this rank season better, No CV, And this season should be mid tier not tier 10.
  5. I don't know if I was the hijacked the topic but yes it is a total a different and shouldn't have mention here.
  6. Free stuff? Sorry mate I pay for my bad karma . And this is not just a one time event, a couple events back I open up 19 I think before I got a ship to do the new ship missions with and I posted that on the forums as well. When I bring this up to to high ups I get the it's all random mate for everyone which again when same things happen to same person every single time you can not call the random. So you can call this complaining but I was just stating the facts of whats happening to me. And honestly I do have very bad luck? in every one of these early ship bundles event.
  7. I feel your pain I just spent 4000 doubloons on bundles and didn't get crap just stuff i'll sale for credits. They don't understand how frustrated this can be on players. They always say it's random but when things happen over and over again to the same person ( like me ) that's not random that is a pattern. 4000 doubloon on bundles and didn't get a non-premium ship. So with my pattern in the doubloons bundles it would makes me feel like I would be wasting my time on token bundles. I was excited and motivated for this patch but starting out with less than 4000 doubloons and really nothing to show for it took the air out on hype pretty quick.
  8. Yes i did but for some reason it did not take my pic but it is easy to explain. When your in the docks click on armory link then click on the Santa gifts link which on is about the 10th link from the top and you should see a screen that looks like the screen shot like CageyBee1954 posted early in this thread. If you don't you may see the screen with a Santa's gift and Santa Big gift and Santa Mega where they selling for doubloons means you are bugged or you may already received them. Holpe this helps
  9. I don't think that number is correct.. I saw several of PR first day of grind could and a lot more the second day.
  10. i didn't watch no CC I read the info straight from the website. I really haven't heard to many players say they got the info from a CC. Most people reads the patch notes the day of the patch. How can someone get a mistaken impression read notes the morning after the patch?? and no it has nothing to do with work in progress, It can straight from black and white text.. If they was no misrepresentation by WG why did they change the notes on the dockyards after they realize what they done. Those notes was not a work in progress those where from the patch note.morning after the patch. Maybe in the past some CC talking about work on progress plans caused some misrepresentation but not this time, I love to hear your theory about those notes that got change that next day, Whats your theory on that? Cause they was not posted as work in progress. Do you work for WG or WOWS or have family that does?
  11. Happen to me as well, may need to do a bug report
  12. Capt_Charr

    Combat Missions in Update 0.8.11

    Could you reduce your text size by 10 to make it easier on the eyes to read.
  13. Capt_Charr

    Upcoming Charity Stream Guide

    Thanks Fem and you too classic. :)