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  1. You're getting some great advice here. I just wanted to drop in to say that if you're enjoying speed and firepower, you might consider the tier IV IJN battlecruiser Ishizuchi. It's got speed and can hit hard in the right circumstances. Will teach you to angle well and how to hit shots on cruisers and such. It's only $14 in the premium shop.
  2. In one of the Yamamoto mission SCs this past weekend I got an Anshan. The rest have been free XP, flags, premium modules and other less exciting stuffs.
  3. I very much respect your knowledge of the game and don't make a practice of doubting the information you share, but I'm wondering if you can clarify your statement. Having an extensive history in software development/testing, I'm wired to suspect inadvertent bugs/problems with new releases of software. Are you confident, based on knowledge of recent code/configuration changes, that they did not change the det chance? Or is your confidence based on a lack of acknowledged/publicized det chance change? Is it possible there was a change that was unintentional (bug/mistake)? I'm happy to chalk up my observations to RNG, but it seems too widespread lately (both to me, to others in my games, and others' comments on the forums) to be easily chalked to coincidence unless we hear someone with some inside knowledge confirm that no changes have been made.
  4. Wow, so you're such a delicate flower that you couldn't stand having a German ship in your port for 3 whole days, so you submitted a support ticket and wasted their time on such triviality?
  5. I've been seen a lot more detonations lately. I've had 5 in the past two weeks, after only having 23 in the previous 4000+ games. It's starting to feel to me like they upped the det chance in a recent patch.
  6. I use IFA on a lot of my higher tier cruisers. On something like the Charles Martel, Mogami, or Ibuki it makes them almost impossible to hit from beyond ~14km away. See alert, turn ship, shells miss. Repeat. I don't use it on my BBs though because I don't feel they turn fast enough for it to really work the same way. I will say that I rushed up the USN BB line early in my WOWS career to get to the "modern" looking BBs, NC and Iowa. I then proceeded to suck at them. Only after getting the Alabama when it came out and learning how to play them after having a few more thousand games under my belt did I really realize how to play them better. Rather than rushing around at full speed overcommitting and showing my broadside, I learned to position myself in areas of influence better, and adapt to the changing nature of each map. Don't get yourself focused if you can help it. Don't rush out and get torped. Use your stealth to surprise and devastate unsuspecting enemy broadsides in mid/late match. Iowa, to me, feels a bit more accurate than NC/Alabama despite what the WOWS wiki says. Maybe it's better sigma? I'm not sure, but the shots seem to me to have more consistent/tighter groups, especially in the 10-15km range. And the shells hit HARD when you can land a few on a broadside. As others have mentioned, avoid the temptation to get your rear turret in on the action too much...you're showing your side and will likely get punished. Nothing is juicier than a broadside NC/Alabama/Iowa/Missouri at 10-15km range. One video that I found that helped me improve a bit at USN BB play recently was Notser's Missouri review. You can play Iowa similarly, just without the radar play. Iowa can be devastating on inter island combat.
  7. If you have replays enabled, the mxstats app will show you the results of each battle. https://wows.mv-smirnov.org/en/
  8. Had a match with @Pigeon_of_War yesterday. He was on the red team in his Belfast in a tier IX match and got focused pretty fast. Also so had a match with @Femennenly on my team. She was in her Hakuryu and was a great team player, but unfortunately the rest of the team was out to lunch.
  9. I've been getting a lot more detonations lately than I ever have before. 23 in two years, then 4 in the past week. Go figure. I've been seeing them more in matches it feels like as well. Hope it's not a trend.
  10. Ok, this is tinfoil hat time, but another thing to try is to just shut down the game and start it back up. I've stemmed many loss streaks by doing this. Enough that it's entered the rhelm of possibly being a valid approach. I generally believe MM is random, but on quite a few occasions I've had such a string of losses and potato teams turn into the opposite when I've shut down and logged in again that I am willing to entertain the possibility that there may be something to it. Ah heck, who knows, even I think it's crazy. But it can't hurt.
  11. I'd vote for Alabama. I feel like her speed and agility means she can dictate the engagement distance and stay out of secondary range. I feel like her guns do more damage to a bow on Tirpitz than Tirpitz's guns do to a bow on Alabama. I also feel like Tirpitz's dispersion is troll enough to not be able to consistetly punish an Alabama who turns away when the Tirpitz pushes forward. Alabama can kite for days. On Sunday I was able to kite an Amagi and Montana for over half a match while my team took all the caps and killed off the rest of the reds. I was on half health at the start of this and finished with over 15k health remaining.
  12. I'm of the firm belief that radar should only reach to your own detectibility range or less. Giving DDs with 5.5km detectibility radar that can reach to 7.5km removes the risk that one takes getting into position to where your radar can be effective. If you have no fear of being spotted yourself, radar becomes much more powerful. I think radar DDs is an incredibly stupid slippery slope to dooming an active and aggressive play style even further than it already is.
  13. If there's a ship close enough that my secondaries are going off, I'm probably firing my main guns too, which would result in full bloom anyway. So ya, I agree there was not much practical impact of this bug. Still good to get it fixed though.