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  1. Roma

    That's what might keep me from buying her. I get so frustrated with Scharnhorst's regular overpens on cruisers that I'm not sure I could take another ship like that. Pound for pound, I'd expect my Alabama will continue to be much more fun than Roma. Harder hitting guns, better AA, better manuverability, lower citadel, and with Segal as commander, her turrets move quickly.
  2. I got a SC out of a normal “flags and camo” container today and got 100 Equal Speed Charlie London flags. I’ll take it.
  3. Zao: Why only 40k HP now?

    She’s got amazing concealment, HE, and AP. She plays a sneaky “get in unseen and punish their broadsides” game quite well. She does ok with the HP she’s got.
  4. I bought 3 of the $13 5 crate packs and scored 3 ships: De Grasse, Mutsu, and Perth. I also got a bunch of the icy fir camos, a few packs of the red/blue/green dragon flags and few packs of 1k doubloons. I’m quite satisfied with my haul. De Grasse especially is a blast.
  5. World of DDs... Holy Sh-

    Low tier DD fests are no surprise to me with the new line out. But this match was tier X with only one of the new PADDs, which is why it was so surprising to me.
  6. World of DDs... Holy Sh-

    With 2 min left I think it could have gone either way still.
  7. World of DDs... Holy Sh-

    You might not believe the result! Bismarck almost carried it, but we lost on points at the buzzer. Crazy and frenetic game that I derped a bit in. It was hard to keep focus with all of the torps, planes, DDs and radar!
  8. World of DDs... Holy Sh-

    Our Yueyang was not a happy camper...
  9. Weekend spree

    In prep for the USN Cruiser line split, I've been playing a few ships I haven't played in a long time. Yesterday I focused on Atlanta and Baltimore, and had a blast in both.
  10. Shiratsuyu vs Kagero vs Yugumo

    Yugumo is my favorite IJN DD. Great conceal, 12km torps, decent ROF on the guns, 6 guns = very versatile.
  11. I've had both since each were released. I have almost twice as many games in Scharnhorst than in Tirpitz. She's just a bit more fun to play. Her guns can be pretty troll to you though...lots of perfectly lined up shots on broadside cruisers result in nothing but a few overpens. Luckily she has the ROF to cover this somewhat. She can be tanky as heck, and can even be highly annoying in tier IX matches as her ROF lets her be quite an annoying fire spammer on tier VIII and IX battleships who stay angled to you. That said, I also really enjoy Bismarck and Tirpitz. I find them also a lot of fun to play, though it must be said that since Clan Battles started you're going to get uptiered to Tier X matches A LOT. Their dispersion can be annoying, but I find them fairly agile, fast, tanky, and can surprise pop other BBs more reliably than Scharnhorst. They don't have the accuracy and power of the guns on North Carolina/Alabama, but they do have faster muzzle velocities/better arcs. One fun thing about both Scharnhorst and Tirpitz (and Gneisenau and Bismarck too) is that if the meta ever were to change to heavy CV play, these ships can wreck planes if fully spec'ed for AA due to their heavy large caliber AA suite taking full advantage of the manual AA skill. I have most of my Clear Sky achievements with Scharnhorst while screwing around with an AA build. I had 2 in 3 games, lol.
  12. Why would people think....

    You can pull in non clan players but it won’t let you launch into the queue with them.
  13. Would love to see the OG Indiana-class Battleships, preferably USS Oregon (BB-3) find a home in the game somewhere/somehow.
  14. My FIRST Solo Warrior!

    Congrats! I still haven't had one. Closest I've had was playing in a match where a teammate won one. We had built up a strong points lead and had all of our ships except our DD killed off...he just had to remain undetected to win it, which he did.