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  1. RightYouAreKen

    USS Fanning and the U-58

    I think he said he has. WG has sponsored at least one of this videos in the past.
  2. RightYouAreKen

    #562 - REPLAY ANALYSIS 11/3

    Ha, I think that was the first game I tried Thunderer on. I learned it dies quickly when focused lol We've been having good success with it since though.
  3. Frankly, I'm glad this forum doesn't have 10+ pinned topics on every channel. Some of the forums I'm on do, and it's super annoying to have to scroll past every time. Pin stuff, but remove it when it's past its sell by date.
  4. RightYouAreKen

    How is your Re-grinding going?

    It isn't going, and probably never will. I don't play this game nearly as much as would be required to have either a) enough time to regrind a line that many times, or b) enough freeXP to be able to whale it (not to mention that effectively makes these RB ships cost ~2.5M freeXP...ouch!). I do, however, enjoy playing ships of all tiers, and will do so regardless of the RB.
  5. RightYouAreKen

    PSA LIVE Q&A with Sub Octavian on Reddit, NOW!

    I'm not saying I believe or don't believe they will nerf Smolensk. I have no idea. What I am glad about is that in their mind, they categorize purchased premiums vs premiums obtained via in game resources as different from the perspective of being able to adjust them post release. And yes, I've been here a while.
  6. RightYouAreKen

    PSA LIVE Q&A with Sub Octavian on Reddit, NOW!

    That's great news IMHO, and it's a lot easier for WG to refund some ingame currency if need be than real cold hard cash. I could easily see a situation where they might have to hard nerf a ship and just offer a coal refund for said ship. Easy peasey. With ships purchased with real $, refunds affect the company bottom line much more directly, making it a different thing.
  7. RightYouAreKen

    Steel Dilemma

    I have Bourgogne and Stalin, and tested Somers. Of the three, if I could have only one, I'd choose Bourgogne. She's just what I look for most in a battleship. Fast, agile, good guns (especially with MBRB), looks good, etc. Stalin is fun in certain circumstances, but can also be a real bore to play most of the time. And it actually doesn't get a lot of play (maybe 1 slot) on most Typhoon/Hurricane clan battles lineups. I always prefer to drive a Henri or Zao if comp allows, due to their playstyle being much more fun (IMHO) Somers is a pretty fair DD, although I think there are better choices at tier X (Daring, Shimakaze, and Kleber would be preferred for me)
  8. Normal cruiser vs BB discussion isn't really relevant here because Venezia and other Italian cruisers in test don't use HE and don't have to rely on standard AP...they also have the new Semi Armor Piercing shells that is still being tuned. It has some "interesting" effects on some ships currently. Whether it's an issue with the shells or strange "holes" in ships armor we've never had a way to see before is something that'll have to come through further testing. For now, she's a beast, and her full throttle "fuel smoke" consumable also gives her a get out of jail free card.
  9. RightYouAreKen

    California HYPE

    So I called up the Captain,'Please bring me my wine'He said, 'we haven't had that spirit here since nineteen sixty-nine'
  10. RightYouAreKen

    Dont let ranked burn you out. Heres some ideas on how.

    My solution: don't play ranked. Seriously, I don't know why people do it to themselves. Ranked feels like this 95% of the time:
  11. RightYouAreKen

    Games Like This

    Your teammates were too busy huffing paint to notice your efforts.
  12. RightYouAreKen


    They nerfed Henri because of it's (over)use in CBs most likely. It may be rarely played in randoms, but it was a MUST HAVE ship in competitive because of its ability to strongly counter Moskva/Stalin spam, and generally be the most dominant all around flanker. It's ability to sit on a flank, throttle juke, and be almost impossible to kill unless heavily focused drove the nerf, and it was justified IMHO.
  13. RightYouAreKen

    Emerald is being buffed?!!??

    Good! More E-Team please!
  14. RightYouAreKen

    Fiji for Narai

    Helena, Atlanta, Belfast, and Fiji are my favorite ships for Narai. Fiji's torps are a great add, but if you're on CV killing duty, it's AP only means you have to approach the Lexington a bit differently since you're AP won't do much to the Lex's bow while it comes through the little channel at the map edge. An IFHE HE cruiser makes quicker work of it, unless you wait to get side shots on it with the Fiji.