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  1. Suggestions for Grinding Credits

    Another source of credits I only recently saw mentioned in this thread but that I want to highlight is going into your inventory and selling off stock modules for ships that you don’t need anymore. When you purchase an upgrade on a ships tech tree, the stock module goes into your inventory. Theoretically you could switch back to that module and use it again but there is often very little point in doing so. So why not sell it and get some credits back? When they introduced Inventory I was able to recoup something like 30-40 million credits via a huge sell off from inventory.
  2. DEV Blog: New Clan base Building

    So we have people complaining it’s too early that that can’t get home from work to play, and others complaining that it’s too late because they have to get up for work the next morning. Obviously they can’t please everyone so they try to shoot for the middle.
  3. New operation suggestion: Perl Harbour

    Wrong. https://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/maritime/japanese-mini-subs/ USS Ward and USS Monaghan both engaged and sunk Japanese mini subs. Granted those aren't in the game, so it's kinda pointless. But anyways...yes there was some combat beyond AA.
  4. Sale Price...good thing

    Yes, and you have played over 11,000 games too. Back when I was new to the game and they used to have the $100 pack of 12k doubloons and 30k credits I bought it twice as I was grinding up several lines and buying lots of new ships and upgrades. I don't mind grinding XP needed to research ships, but I can't STAND grinding for credits too. I don't want to have to hem and haw about whether I can afford the $2.5M credit concealment module, for example. I just buy it. Granted, this was before Missouri was in the game, before Operations were a thing, and it was also before the Inventory was introduced which allowed you to sell off stock modules/camos you don't want to regain a bunch of credits. If I were new to the game now, there would be much less need to purchase credits.
  5. How is Worcester?

    Exactly. I actually find Worcester weirdly resilient. I’ve rarely been nuked, rarely seen one nuked, and been frustrated trying to nuke them.
  6. Best Ship type for Halsey?

    Train him on Worcester, then swap him into Atlanta whenever. Double the fun!
  7. How to pronounce Worcester

    I'll pronounce Wooooooster correctly when you pronounce car correctly FWIW I grew up in Oregon...a state nobody east of the Mississippi can seem to pronounce correctly
  8. Reflecting on Go Navy! ship type balance

    I don't think that's really true. They seem to be a strange random collection to me, with a few exceptions. I tallied up all of the Standard and Heroic achievements I've earned, and I've collected more instances of each Heroic achievement, on average, than the Standard ones. Standard Arsonist 51 CQE 207 Dev Strike 647 Die Hard 3 Double Strike 53 Fireproof 93 First Blood 488 Flesh Wound 168 Liquidator 7 Unsinkable 5 Average 172.2 Heroic Confederate 517 Dreadnought 252 High Caliber 313 Kraken 116 Solo Warrior 0 Witherer 26 Average 204 Confederate, in particular, seems to be pretty poorly classified as a Heroic achievement. It is not really all that uncommon. I'd argue that double strike would be a better Heroic achievement, in it's rarity and difficulty
  9. Reflecting on Go Navy! ship type balance

    So you’re right. Don’t understand why, but thanks for the correction.
  10. Unlocking the Wyoming Battle ship

    I tuned in briefly but you were playing some non USN BB which I can’t recall. False advertising!
  11. Reflecting on Go Navy! ship type balance

    I don’t disagree with the majority of your argument, but I feel like there are heroic achievements for which DDs are more apt to complete, such as first blood and dev strike, particularly on other DDs in initial cap skirmishes. But those are really their only hope outside of the random straight lining battleship/cruiser dev strike.
  12. 2ndary Kraken

    LOL that's awesome. Congrats! Love my Mass too.
  13. Good bye GTX 670 and hellooooo 1080

    Interesting. So the theory is that driver optimization continues for some time after launch on AMD cards, while NVIDIA may be more optimized at launch and don't gain much performance through further tweaks.
  14. Good bye GTX 670 and hellooooo 1080

    Interesting. Can you elaborate on why you feel that's the case? They seem to benchmark fairly closely to each other. I haven't yet done tons of research though...